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  • Heat Transfer Enhancement by Finned Heat Sinks with Micro-structured Roughness

    Researchers at the Polytechnic Univeristy of Turin Italy investigated the benefits of micro-structured roughness on heat transfer performance of heat sinks, cooled by forced...
  • The Future Of Data Center Cooling?

    With a focus on energy management in green data centers, Rutgers University in New Jersey builds a ground-breaking solar-powered data center named Parasol with Dantherm Free...

Cole-Parmer Releases New Digi-Sense Line Of Temperature Measurement Instruments Offers The Cost And Time Savings Of Precalibration [Video]

The selection includes the Digi-Sense Infrared Thermometer with 12:1 Distance-to-Sight Ratio and Temperature Alarm to safely and easily locate hot and cold spots, which can save costs by preventing ongoing problems. The IR meter includes a trigger lock for continuous scanning. The Digi-Sense Data Logging Thermocouple Thermometer with Two Inputs is a professional type K thermometer with a rugged... details>>

Pointwise v17.2 Released for CFD Meshing [Video]

Pointwise announces the latest release of its Pointwise computational fluid dynamics (CFD) meshing software featuring an extension of the company's advanced T-Rex hybrid meshing technique to generate near-wall layers of hexahedral cells. details>>

Oven Industries Releases New Open Board Tempeature Controller with Proportional Integral Control Algorithm

This open board temperature controller is specifically designed with a proportional integral control algorithm to provide the most precise control to thermoelectric (Peltier effect) modules at the most economical price. The H bridge control provides a seamless transition between heating and cooling, eliminating dead spots. A red LED for heat and green LED for cooling indicate mode. Pulse Width... details>>

Free Sizing Software for Thermoelectric Air Conditioners

TECA Corporation (Chicago, IL) has launched the newest sizing software to estimate thermoelectric air conditioner requirements. Available as a free download from TECA's website the new sizing software features an intuitive and user-friendly interface. details>>

New Line of Heat Exchangers Use Energy-Efficient Thermodynamics to Cool Electrical and Electronic Enclosures

EIC Solutions has announced the release of its HE Series Heat Exchangers which provide energy efficient cooling for electrical and electronic enclosures. HE units are used to draw heated air from the cabinet, thermodynamically cool it, and then return the cooled air to the cabinet. details>>

GCoreLab Harnesses a Decade's Worth of R and D Technology with Introduction of XtremeChill Liquid Cold Plates for Power Electronics

GCoreLab, a leading thermal management company, recently announced the launch of its next generation of cold plates for the cooling of power electronics. The plates are designed to significantly increase the performance and reliability of current power electronics by advancing a novel and unique solution in heat dissipation. The cold plates provide up to 100% increase in performance over current... details>>

CoolIT Systems and Penguin Computing Introduce the Liquid Cooled Relion 2808GT at NVIDIA GTC Conference 2014

The Relion 2808GT with CoolIT's Rack DCLC Solution provides direct-to-chip liquid cooling to both of the Intel Xeon Processors along with eight NVIDIA K40 GPUs. This translates into CoolIT's Rack DCLC Solution addressing 86% of total server heat while facility air cooling requirement is substantially reduced to 14%. details>>

Thermally Conductive Adhesive: 3M 8904 Twice the Thermal Conductivity at Half the Price

3m releases new thermally conductive adhesive attachment tape in several thicknesses that offers incomparable performance at half the cost vs. the existing industry standard. Features Include: Good Thermal Conductivity (less than 1.5W/m K), Excellent Dielectric Performance, Low Thermal Impedance, Good Adhesion Performance Vibration Damping details>>

Microchip Releases Integrated Fan Speed Sensor That Predicts and Detects Fan Failure

The TC670 is an integrated fan speed sensor that predicts and detects fan failure, preventing thermal damage to systems with cooling fans. When the fan speed falls below a user specified level, the TC670 asserts an ALERT signal. With this design, a critical minimum fan speed is determined by the user. The fan alert level is then set with a resistor divider on the THRESHOLD pin of the TC670. When... details>>

Avnet and CTS Announce the Release of a Comprehensive Thermal Solutions Guide for Xilinx All Programmable

CTS Electronic Components, Inc., and Avnet Electronics Marketing, announce the release of a comprehensive thermal solutions guide for Xilinx All Programmablle FPGAs, 3D ICs and SoCs. The guide is a tool that enables thermal design experts to quickly identify heat sink solutions for their Xilinx All Programmable design. details>>

AMEC Thermasol - Micro Porous Ceramic Heat Sink Range

AMEC Thermasol introduces a range of Micro Porous Ceramic Heat Sinks (MPCHS). Due to the open irregular structure of the Micro Porous Ceramic the heat sinks provide a 30% greater surface area to contact with the air compared to metal. Due to this structure the heat sinks have excellent heat dissipation and heat convection properties. Low profiles from 2mm, pricing comparable to copper and... details>>

Fuji-Poly Releases High Thermal Conductivity Film

Fujipoly's new Sarcon 30-YR-a Thin Film is a high performance thermal interface solution. At 0.3mm thick this material exhibits a thermal conductivity of 2.2 W/m degree K with a thermal resistance of .28 degree Cin2/W. details>>

MC-21 Shipping Tonnage Quantities of Al-SiC Sheet and Al-SiC Ingot

MC-21, Inc. (Metallic Composites for the 21st Century) recently announced that it is producing tonnage quantities of hot-rolled Al-SiC sheet and Al-SiC ingot containing up to 45 vol. % SiC. The Al-SiC sheet is being hot-rolled down to thicknesses of 0.5mm and even thinner in some formulations. details>>

IP68 Splash Proof Fans with Industry Leading Air Flow and Lifespan

SANYO DENKI CO., LTD. has developed and introduced three models of splash proof fan. These cooling fans deliver IP68 rated water and dust resistance, and the longest lifespan and highest air flow in the industry. PWM control function is included. These fans are a perfect cooling solution for PV inverters, quick chargers for electric vehicles and LED panels. details>>

CTS Electronics Releases Fansinks for High Temperature Applications

CTS Electronic Components announces the addition of fansinks for high temperature applications to its Electronic Components Solutions product portfolio, which already includes an extensive line of heat sinks and thermal management solutions. These new fansinks can maintain superior thermal dissipation for devices that emit high amount of heat. CTS' fansinks are available in a wide range of... details>>

Laird Technologies Features 67 Different Thermoelectric Assemblies For Thermal Management Applications

Laird Technologies is an industry leader in high-performance, high-quality and highly-efficient thermoelectric assemblies (TEAs), Laird Technologies designs and manufacturers 67 different thermoelectric assemblies including: PowerCool Series Air-to-Air Thermoelectric Assembly, PowerCool Series Direct-to-Air Thermoelectric Assembly, Cascade Series Thermoelectric Assemblies, Tunnel Series... details>>

Thermacore Highlight on Heat Pipe Assemblies

Heat pipe assemblies from Thermacore mean that thermal engineers can count on innovative, best-in-class thermal management solutions that offer industry-leading thermal performance, help control energy costs and maximize system life and reliability even under harsh conditions. Efficient, cost-effective cooling from compact-size thermal solutions - even where space is limited - can be realized... details>>

Cooling Source Highlights Push-Pin Family of Black Anodized Aluminum Pin Fin Heat Sinks

Cooling sources CS867 series of black anodized aluminum pin fin heat sinks offer 162 different choices in the family. Heights from 9.5mm to 20mm with a base ranges from 17mm x 17mm to 45mm x 45mm. The spring load of the push-pin heat sink attachment system maintains even pressure onto the chip without cracking the package. details>>

ANSYS and NVIDIA Deliver First Commercial GPU-Accelerated Fluid Dynamics Solver

ANSYS users can now leverage NVIDIA graphics processing units (GPUs) to speed up fluid dynamics simulation and quickly handle large, complex simulation models. Available for the first time with ANSYS Fluent 15.0, the jointly developed GPU-accelerated commercial computational fluid dynamics (CFD) solver broadens support for NVIDIA GPUs across the ANSYS simulation portfolio, building upon the... details>>

Emerson Network Power Introduces Liebert HPC S Freecooling Chiller to Provide Efficient Thermal Management for Small to Medium Data Centers

Emerson Network Power, a business of Emerson (NYSE: EMR) and a global leader in maximizing availability, capacity and efficiency of critical infrastructure, today introduced the Liebert® HPC-S Chiller in the United States and Canada, now making it available around the globe. The unique, freecooling chiller enables small to medium size data centers to achieve breakthrough efficiency by creating... details>>

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