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  • Is It Possible to Use Fractals to Understand and Improve on Heat Transfer?

    Researchers for the first time have applied a modern theory of heat transport in experiments with semiconductors used in computers and lasers, with implications for the...
  • Novel Electronics Cooling Solution Improves Power Handling of Small Packages

    As telecommunication and RF power electronics applications continue to push the envelope of waste heat dissipation, more and more, we see a need for active thermal control...
  • The Peltier Cooling and Mass Airflow Based Laptop Cooling Device

    Researchers at SRM University have taken a different and more efficient approach to cooling laptop computers. The team is proposing the use of peltier cooling for laptops.

GlacialTech Announces Igloo FS125S 30W Cold Forged Pin Fin Heatsink and Knock Down Kit

GlacialTech, the diversified LED technology provider, announces a new square heatsink using cold forging technology rated for 30W LED thermal management. The Igloo FS125S measures 125mm square and 25mm in depth, is made out of anodized AL1070 aluminum and uses a pin fin design for optimal heat dissipation. details>>

Mentor Graphics Releases FloEFD: A CFD Product

The latest version of the FloEFD product offers new capabilities for minimizing user time and effort spent on meshing. The FloEFD tool can automatically fill gaps of specified size to quickly make the model watertight, thereby eliminating the time and necessity to adjust the original geometry. details>>

Dana Holding Corporation Named Best Battery Solution Provider of the Year

Dana Holding Corporation has been named the Best Battery Solution Provider of the Year by the China Decision Makers Consultancy (CDMC)The honor is in recognition of Dana's research and contributions to thermal-management technologies for hybrid-electric vehicles and battery-electric vehicles. details>>

Compulab Introduces Fanless Passively-Cooled Airtop Systems

Compulab, a maker of miniature and small form-factor computers, is introducing its first desktop system called Airtop today. The new computer can be equipped with rather high-performance components, but is completely fanless and only uses the company's proprietary natural air-flow (NAF) cooling technology. details>>

Chillers Include Water Fittings in Front & Back

TECA Corporation's Rack Mounted Liquid Chillers, Models RLC-900 and RLC-1800 are newly redesigned. The water fittings are now in the front as well as the back with the convenience of the end user in mind. Whether the chillers are mounted internally or externally, the user can access water inlet and outlet hoses from either end of the chiller. details>>

Alphabet Energy Demonstrates Performance & Scalability with Thermoelectric Module: The PowerCard

Alphabet Energy, the global leader in thermoelectrics for waste heat to power (WHP), today announced characterization from the reputable Fraunhofer Institute for Physical Measurement Techniques IPM of heat flow and thermal resistance (in air) of the Alphabet Energy PowerCard , the company's core thermoelectric device ("module") for power generation. The PowerCard has shipped to... details>>

SANYO DENKI Launches Highest Static Pressure 60 x 60 x 38 mm High Static Pressure Fan

SANYO DENKI has developed and released the 60 x 60 x 38 mm high static pressure fan "San Ace 60" 9HV type. This cooling fan features the industry's highest static pressure. details>>

Feel the Wraith: AMD Cooler for MIcroprocessors

AMD equips its boxed FX-series central processing units (CPUs) with a rather small air cooler called the AMD D3. The latter is made of aluminum, is equipped with four heat-pipes as well as a 70-mm fan. The thermal solution can remove up to 125W of heat. details>>

ThermoAuro Start-up Receives Investment from Angels

The Eastern New York Angels are making a second $250,000 investment in Colonie, New York, thermoelectrics company ThermoAura. The latest investment will help ThermoAura get to full-scale production. The company is currently raising a round between $1 million and $1.5 million. details>>

FLOW-3D Release Scales CFD up to 512 Cores

LOW-3D is an all-inclusive package from setup to simulation to post-processing. No additional modules are necessary. Meshing is simple to perform and it is advanced. It has the simplicity of a Cartesian structure yet conforms to complex geometries automatically for localized resolution and computational efficiency. details>>

Nujay Technologies - A Growing Demand for PCB Cavities

Nujay Technologies, is eager to take on different types of PCB technology. We are starting to see a greater demand for PCB Cavities. The main driver behind this is the fact that the electronics industry is looking for smaller, more miniature products. There has been a large growing demand for smaller products, the limitations mostly due to the PCB layer count and material thickness. details>>

Emerson adds Thermal Management to DCIM Platform

Emerson Network Power has added visualization, scalability and thermal management capabilities to its DCIM platform, Trellis. details>>

Global Tech LED Launches the Gemini, a 1000W LED Replacement

Global Tech LED announces their new Low Cost, USA made, versatile 260W LED High Bay fixture, the Gemini. Available in both clear and white acrylic fixture housing, this stylish LED fixture can save energy costs of up to 75% and an ROI of less than one year for a typical store LED conversion. details>>

Rogers Offers Design Support on Power and Thermal Management

To assist engineers in achieving optimum performance and cost-effective results with these materials, Rogers PES hosts an information-packed Design Support Hub at www.rogerscorp.com/designhub. This free design and application technology center is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for visitors to the Rogers Corp. website. details>>

ANSYS Unveils Release 17.0

Next generation of leading engineering simulation solutions offers 10x improvements in productivity, insight and performance. details>>

Aspen Systems Releases New Laser Chiller Options at Photonics West

Active thermal management of laser systems plays an integral role in laser performance, long term stability, and reliability. Aspen Systems, Inc. (Marlborough, MA), the inventor of the miniature rotary compressor will be demonstrating their technology at the SPIE Photonics West. details>>

Aavid Thermalloy LLC has acquired Niagara Thermal Products

Aavid Thermalloy LLC has acquired Niagara Thermal Products LLC of Niagara Falls, NY, which has developed an extensive portfolio of thermal management solutions for customers in aerospace, defense, marine, industrial and alternative energy markets during the past 30 years details>>

Siemens to Acquire Simulation Software Supplier CD-adapco

Siemens and CD-adapco have entered into a stock purchase agreement for the acquisition of CD-adapco by Siemens. The purchase price is $970 million. CD-adapco is a global engineering simulation company with software solutions covering a wide range of engineering disciplines, including Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Solid Mechanics (CSM), heat transfer, particle dynamics, reactant flow, electrochemistry,... details>>

Fujipoly Introduces Sarcon Pg80a, Its Newest High-Performance, Low Compression Force Putty-Like Thermal Interface Material

Fujipoly introduces Sarcon PG80A, its newest high-performance, low compression force putty like thermal interface material. The 13 W/m K gap filler pad gently conforms to most component shapes and uneven surfaces to transfer heat from its source to a nearby heat sink or spreader while exhibiting a thermal resistance as low as 0.08 Cin2/W at 14 PSI. details>>

Easy IGBT Compares IGBT's for Applications

ezIGBT.com is pleased to launch a groundbreaking toolkit to help designers quickly compare from among hundreds of IGBTs for their application. The tool allows designers to save time and create more robust products with higher efficiencies and lower costs. Engineers can compare parts from different manufacturers under application-specific conditions. details>>

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