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  • The Peltier Cooling and Mass Airflow Based Laptop Cooling Device

    Researchers at SRM University have taken a different and more efficient approach to cooling laptop computers. The team is proposing the use of peltier cooling for laptops.
  • Synergetic Effect between Lighting Efficiency Enhancement and Building Energy Reduction Using Alternative Thermal Operating System of Indoor LED Lighting

    Through the use of new software and LED, researchers have discovered that annual total energy use of an office building could be reduced by 5.9%; energy use in cooling and...
  • Landed on a Comet! How Does The Electronics Cooling Work for Spacecraft like the Rosetta Philae

    As many of our reader's may know, the European Space Agency's robotic spacecraft, Rosetta, has just landed a probe name Philae on the surface of comet...

Lessons and Applications from the DARPA ICEcool Project at Stanford

Dr. Mehdi Asheghi, Ph.D., Short Course Presenter Standford is involved with 4 different projects all relating to the DARPA ICECool program (Intrachip/Interchip Enhanced Cooling). In this technical presentation, Dr. Asheghi will talk about the lessons and applications so far from these projects. details>>

Predictive Analytics for Data Center Thermal Risk and Reliability Management

Dr. Cliff Federspiel, Ph.D., Speaker This presentation will describe a means of precisely determining the functional cooling redundancy of a facility, show statistical analysis that correlates poor redundancy with high temperature events, and share tools that identify and suggest remediation for rooms and facilities at risk. Use of cooling analytics is an important aspect of operational excellence, and is a competitive... details>>

Recent Developments in Passive 2-Phase Immersion Cooling of Computer

Phil Tuma, Speaker Passive 2-phase immersion cooling (P2PIC) is being explored by 3M and partners as a means of meeting the energy efficiency and power density needs of the computing industry. This presentation will review the comparative merits and operating principles of 2PI. Its application for Bitcoin mining gives a glimpse of what may be possible when x86 hardware evolves to take advantage of the technology's... details>>

Heat Pipe Selection, Bending and Application Strategies

Dr. Rahul Mulinti, Ph.D., Speaker Heat pipes are heat transferring devices that rely on phase change phenomenon to efficiently manage heat transfer between a heat source and a heat sink. Their high effective thermal conductivity makes them ideal for applications where heat needs to be moved across a certain distance with least thermal resistance. Heat pipes offer flexibility in terms of functionality across a wide range of heat... details>>

Flexible Thermal Ground Planes for Smartphones and Wearable Electronics

Dr. Y.C. Lee, Ph.D., Speaker A well-known challenge for mobile systems, e.g. smartphones, tablets and wearable electronics, is the control of their skin temperatures, i.e. the temperatures of the case exterior surface touched by fingers, ears or other part of a human body. It is essential to keep the skin temperatures lower than 45-50oC for smartphones and 38oC for wearable electronics. Vapor chamber, copper and graphite are... details>>

Thermosyphons: How to Properly Size, Choose and Deploy in Electronics Cooling

Vineet Barot, Short Course Presenter Thermosyphons and heat pipes are used to transport large amounts of heat over a particular distance by using a two-phase fluid inside a hollow pipe. The more widely used heat pipe uses a wicking structure to transport the liquid back to the hot end whereas a thermosyphon is a simple hollow tube that uses gravity. The lack of a wicking structgure make the thermosyphon much less expensive than... details>>

Liquid Cooling Types for Data Center Computing: Choosing and Deploying

Phil Hughes, Speaker Abstract in process details>>

Analytical Modeling in Thermal Management Design

Dr. Kaveh Azar, Ph.D., Short Course Presenter Modeling and simulations are the cornerstone of any successful product launch of electronics products. Engineers are faced with three modeling options, Analytical, Computational and Experimental. In this short course, these modeling options are reviewed and their application to a problem domain is discussed. Emphasis is on the use of analytical modeling and how it can help with faster decisions... details>>

Cooling 10Kw in a Rack With Water and Other Fluids

Henry Coles, Speaker Abstract being written details>>

How to Perform and Understand Temperature Measurement Within Electronic Systems

Dr. Kaveh Azar, Ph.D., Speaker Attendees will become familiar with the importance of temperature measurement in electronic systems, the instruments that are necessary and the location within a systems where testing should be conducted. Further, salient features of each measurement system and technique will be highlighted, and the most ideal sensors and their placement for accurate temperature measurement will be presented. details>>

World's First Integrated Thermocouple Electromotive Force to Degrees Celsius Converter From Microchip Saves Design Effort, Space and Cost

Microchip Technology today announced the MCP9600, the world's first thermocouple conditioning integrated circuit to combine precision instrumentation, a precision temperature sensor and a precision, high resolution analog to digital converter (ADC), in addition to a math engine preprogrammed with the firmware to support a broad range of standard thermocouple types (K, J, T, N, S, E, B and R). details>>

WesTherm Product Highlight Complete Line of Thermal Interface Material [video]

WesTherm, thermal management product line consists of multiple product families that include thermal pads, phase change materials and thermal interface materials. The thermal management materials have been engineered to provide an effective thermal interface between heat sinks and electronic devices. WesTherm's materials are thicker, thermally conductive, gap filling materials are available in... details>>

1000 Channel, Low Cost, Modular Data System Measures Temperature Using Thermocouples, Thermistors and RTD

The iNET-400 system is a low cost card cage that attaches to Windows computers via USB 2.0. The advantage of a card cage is that engineers can select which I/O modules to install as needed to build a customized system. The instruNet card cage typically has one A/D measurement module and additional modules provide signal conditioning. The conditioned analog signal is routed to the A/D module via... details>>

Oki Develops Mass-Production Technology For Multi-Layer Copper-Coin Printed Circuit Boards To Support High Speeds And High Frequencies

OKI Circuit Technology, an OKI group company responsible for printed circuit board business, has successfully developed design and mass production technologies for multi-layer printed circuit boards that support high speeds and high frequencies(*1) based on copper coin(*2) insertion. The new technology achieves a 20-fold improvement in heat dissipation over existing technologies. Mass production... details>>

Aavid Thermalloy Announces New High Performance Thermal Interface Materials

Aavid announces the release of the most thermally conductive gap fillers on the market today by introducing three new lines of premium thermal interface materials. Utilizing Aavids decades of thermal management expertise these new product lines, SuperThermal, SoftFlex and WaveBlocker offer extremely high thermal conductivity without sacrificing compliancy or workability. details>>

Self-Contained Intelligent Thermal Management System Debuts Expanding Scope of Liquid Cooling

Thermacore's iTMS (intelligent thermalmanagement system) is based on the liquid cooling system technology developed by Thermacore for challenging military applications, such as embedded military computing, radar and image processing applications, laser diodes and power converters. The iTMS extends the capabilities of Thermacore's Ruggedized Liquid Cooling System (rLCS™) technology, which is a... details>>

GlacialTech Announces 120W LED Flood Light Heatsink Kit for High Output LED Lighting

GlacialTech, the diversified LED technology provider, announces a new 120W heatsink kit for outdoor flood lights. The Igloo SS120 features an efficient heatsink with thermal resistance of just 0.34 C/W and includes a mounting bracket with 90 degree adjustability. A glass lens accommodates CoB LEDs and a waterproof LED cover is available for outdoor applications. Besides the default single unit... details>>

New Solid State CPU Cooler Fits in mini-ITX Packages and Tested to TDP Levels Greater Than 175 Watts [video]

Phononic model HEX 1.0 is the first in a series of CPU coolers and is now available for pre-order. Unlike traditional heatsink/fan CPU coolers that continue to grow in size, the HEX 1.0 is built to meet today's high-performance computing needs in a much smaller form factor ranging from mini-ITX to full size EATX towers. The Phononic CPU Cooler comes equipped with a dedicated control board that... details>>

Thermal Interface Material Is First to Feature Low Stress, 1.0 W per m K Thermal Conductivity and EMI Absorbtion for Frquencies Above 1GHz

Henkel today announced that it has developed the market's first-ever extremely low stress thermal interface material that unites thermal conductivity with EMI absorption capabilities. The latest in its line of BERGQUIST GAP PAD products, Henkel's GAP PAD EMI 1.0 offers electronic specialists critical heat and electromagnetic energy control in a flexible, gap filling product designed to exhibit... details>>

Fujipoly Sarcon GR-ae Series is a Silicone Thermal Interface Material for Cooling LED

Cost-effective silicone based material is available in nine thicknesses that deliver a thermal conductivity of 1.3 W/m K with a thermal resistance as low as 0.50 degree C cm2/W. Sarcon® GR-ae is available in pre-cut sheets up to 200mm x 300mm or can be die-cut to fit the exact application specifications. details>>

Panasonic Highlights Ultra-Thin, Lightweight, Graphite Film With Thermal Conductivity 700 to 1750 W/(m-K) [video]

Panasonic's Pyrolitic Graphite Sheet (PGS) has a themal conductivity four times greater than copper, is extremely pliable and can be applied to CPU's., Amplifiers, DSP's and more. The graphite material is Lightweight: specific gravity of 0.85 to 2.1 g/cm3. It can be easily cut and formed for a wide variety of applications. details>>

Fujitsus New Liquid Cooling for PRIMERGY Servers Halves Cooling Costs

Fujitsu extends its high performing, reliable and energy efficient server solutions for large scale out environments including High Performance Computing (HPC), with the introduction of the award winning Cool-Central Liquid Cooling Solution that reduces cooling costs by up to 50 percent. In a world of rising energy costs and higher rack densities, Fujitsus new solution enables data center... details>>

Aavid Thermalloy Releases Heat Pipe Exploration and Discovery Kit

Aavids Heat Pipe Exploration and Discovery Kits are designed for engineers experiment with heat pipes to get a feel for how they work, what they do, and try them in various electronics cooling applications. The new Discovery kit is a smaller version of Aavid's popular exploration kit and is appropriate for a small team working on a few projects. The larger exploration kit can be used by larger... details>>

TECA Releases New PWM Temperature Controller for AHP-1200CPV Cold/Hot Plate

TECA has released a new PWM Temperature Controller for AHP-1200CPV Cold/Hot Plate. The new temperature controller is a Pulse Width Modulating (PWM) controller. It includes fan speed control which enables AHP-1200CPV / AHP-1200CAS to slow the fan automatically, reducing noise, as the unit reaches its set point. Another added benefit is that there are now four independent PID settings for... details>>

ACT Receives Lockheed Martin Contract To Support Missile Development

Advanced Cooling Technologies, Inc. has announced that it has been awarded a contract from Lockheed Martin to help develop, test and ultimately field the Long Range Anti-Ship Missile, LRASM, a joint program of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, DARPA, the U.S. Navy and the U.S. Air Force. LRASM is designed to feature a variety of highly sophisticated technologies that will allow it to... details>>

Pentair acquires Pigeon Point Systems to expand its Schroff product portfolio for monitoring systems including shelf thermal management

Pentair announces the acquisition of Pigeon Point Systems, a producer of management components, focusing on open modular platforms as AdvancedTCA, MicroTCA, CompactPCI and VPX. By combining Pigeon Point Systems products with Pentair's broad range of Schroff products. Pigeon Point Systems management components provide exception thermal management control of open systems. details>>

PowerAmerica and Lockheed Martin Partner to Accelerate the Development of Energy Efficient Electronics

PowerAmerica, the Next Generation Power Electronics Manufacturing Innovation Institute, and Lockheed Martin are partnering to develop a new generation of power-efficient microelectronic devices that will reduce energy loss across the power grid and enhance the performance of future aerospace systems. details>>

Iceotope Announces Total Liquid Cooled Mellanox-Based Switches

Liquid cooling company, Iceotope, has today announced that it has developed the first fan-less Mellanox-based InfiniBand and Ethernet high-performance network and interconnect switch for HPC (High Performance Computing). Combined with Iceotope's technology, Mellanox's high-performance, low latency switches can now be cooled with hot water (of up to 45C), enabling chiller-less operation in all... details>>

coolingZONE-15 Speaker, Henry Coles MSME -- Cooling 10Kw in a Rack With Water and Other Fluids

coolingZONE 2015 Thermal Management Summit, A Live Webcast! Is proud to announce that Henry Coles MSME will be speaking on "Energy Efficiency of Rack Level Liquid Cooling in Data Centers". details>>

coolingZONE-15 Speaker Vineet Barot, MSc -- Thermosyphons: How to Properly Size, Choose and Deploy in Electronics Cooling

coolingZONE 2015 Thermal Management Summit, A Live Webcast! Is happy to announce that Vineet Barot, MSc of Advanced Thermal Solutions will be speaking on "Thermosyphons: How to Properly Size, Choose and Deploy in Electronics Cooling" details>>

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