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  • Effective Thermal Management with Different Thermal Interface Materials for Different Applications

    Proper and effective thermal management and heat dissipation for electronic devices from computers to LED lighting to solar panels are critical for its performance and...
  • Heat Pipes: Review, Opportunities And Challenges

    A detailed overview of heat pipes is presented in this paper, including a historical perspective, principles of operations, types of heat pipes, heat pipe performance...
  • Microstructure Dependence Of Heat Sink Constructed By Carbon Nanotubes For Chip Cooling

    Heat sinks based on carbon nanotube (CNT) arrays or sponge CNT were found to have a strong impact on the heat sinks thermal performance by changing their coefficient of air...

Fujipoly Highlights Sarcon SPG-30A Ultra Low Compression Thermal Gap Filler

Sarcon SPG-30A is an easy to handle, high viscosity thermal silicone that is ideal for filing large gaps between delicate circuit board components and a heat sink. Requires minimal compression force. details>>

Jaro Launches Low Noise, Fluid Bearing Air Movers for Thermal Management

Due to a variety of potential mounting options, JARO's frame-less bracket fans offer an amazing level of design flexibility. They are ideal for IC, CPU or embedded heat sink designs, and can also be directly mounted onto circuit boards. The blade diameter ranges in size from 20mm (on the small end) up to 88mm blade diameter (on the large end). Height ranges from 7mm (low profile) to 15mm. Airflow... details>>

NASA High Temperature Thermoelectric Material Called Skutterudite Commercialized by Evident Technologies

NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, California, has licensed patents on high-temperature thermoelectric materials to Evident Technologies, Troy, New York, which provides these kinds of materials and related power systems. Evident Technologies will use technological advances from JPL in this area to develop commercial, high-temperature thermoelectric modules for terrestrial applications. details>>

Low Profile Full Brick Baseplate Cooled AC/DC Supplies Need No External Components

XP Power's ASB110 series provides a complete AC/DC power supply module requiring no external components. The full-brick sized power supplies offer high efficiency and a low profile for PCB pin-mounted designs. Aimed at ITE and industrial customers looking for a base-plate cooled power supply solution, the ASB110 provides 110W of DC output power from a universal AC input. Its high efficiency of... details>>

Indium Corp. Features Its Reinforced Indium and Solder Alloy Fabrications [VIDEO]

InFORMS are patented fabrications in which braided, woven, or random-fiber metal substrate materials are embedded into a solder preform. This technology is ideally suited for IGBT assembly of the DBC to the baseplate. details>>

Laird Tech Releases Coolzorb 400 Series- A Thermal Conductive Absorber

This hybrid materials product provides EMI mitigation while moving heat away from sensitive electronics; Laird has introduced the dual-function, board level material that simultaneously improves signal integrity and temperature stability of electronic circuits. details>>

Himalay Engineering Co. Offers Die Cast Aluminum Heat-sinks for Low-cost Cooling [VIDEO]

Made from high quality raw materials Himalay Engineering Company's custom designing of aluminum heat-sinks increases the efficiency life of devices and are known for their optimum efficiency and performance level. Our products are available in various sizes and are reckoned for their robust construction, high tensile strength and corrosion and abrasion resistance. details>>

Versarien Technologies' Launches First Range of 10 Low Profile Air Cooled Heat Sinks

Versarien plc's subsidiary, Versarien Technologies Limited, has launched a brand new range of 10 low profile air cooled heat sinks using the material VersarienCu. This is the first 'off the shelf' thermal management solution released by Versarien Technologies and offers added performance in low profile applications for passive cooling environments. details>>

DHCAE- Tools Releases CastNet V4 with extended functionality for OpenFOAM and a revised GUI

CastNet is an essential element of DHCAE Tools' modelling environment that supports the complete workflow for CFD and FEA applications from CAD import via mesh generation and case setup, run-time control and monitoring of the simulation job up to final post-processing. details>>

Sensirion Introduces The SLS-1500 Compact Liquid Flow Meter

Delivering measurements for 0-40 ml/min flow rates, SLS-1500 has 20 msec typ response time and can monitor highly dynamic dispensing processes. Modular approach, combining sensor and interface cable, ensures optimal match and accelerated results. Flow channel inside sensor is completely straight and open and has no moving parts, while inert wetted materials provide chemical resistance and... details>>

Innovations In Optics, Inc. Sources for Ultrafast Line Scan Applications Deliver Megalux Illuminance with Passive Cooling

Innovations in Optics, Inc. offers the Aurora Classic LED Line Source Illuminators that offer Megalux illuminance using passive cooling. Other line lights for machine vision require water-cooling to achieve equivalent Megalux levels that the Aurora Classic LED Line Sources can provide while cooling with natural convection. details>>

LIA Laboratories Ltd tests Show Nanotherm Thermal Management Substrates Running up to 47c Cooler than Competing Solutions

Tests by The LIA Laboratories show Cambridge Nanotherm's solution offered best-in-class thermal management solution for LEDs across comparative products tested at the same time. details>>

Data Translation Releases The DT9828, A Low-cost USB Thermacouple Measurement

The DT9828 design sets the accuracy benchmark for thermocouple measurements. Combined with the included QuickDAQ ready-to-measure application software, the DT9828 is a powerful temperature data logger. details>>

AI Technology, Inc (AIT) Introduces 3D-TSV Ultra-Thin Wafer Processing Temporary Bonding Adhesive Film

AIT high temperature capable WPA removes easily with laser assisted and solvent assisted release separation de-bonding besides traditional heat-sliding processes. details>>

ATS offers Heat Sinks that Cool LEDs with High-density, Lighter-weight Zipper Fins[VIDEO]

Zipper fin heat sinks allow the combined use of copper and aluminum materials. In these designs, the copper base allows for optimal heat spreading while the aluminum fins ensure the heat sink will be lightweight. details>>

Tate Air Flow Releases The SmartAire MZ, The Next Generation in Airflow Management

The new SmartAire MZ offers four independent control zones, a simplified user interface on the unit and on screen, and greater integration with existing DCIM and BAS systems. details>>

AW-LAKE COMPANY Release Its Next Generation Line of Flow Meters[VIDEO]

This new generation of the Lake VA meters employs an improved calibration process with an integrated laser engraving system, providing precise scale locations and increments directly tied to calibration points on each individual meter. details>>

Wahl Instruments Releases New Heat Spy Thermal Imaging Camera [VIDEO]

The 150 Series Heat Spy models have a 160 x 120 detector for 19,200 individually calibrated pixels with a thermal sensitivity of 0.05c to highlight even minimal temperature differences. details>>

Vulcan Electric Launches Expanded Line of Application Specific Temperature Sensors

Vulcan Electric has recently released an expanded offering of application specific precision Temperature Sensors for use in many critical temperature processes. The new sensor products are presented on in a wide range of configurations, standard features and customization options. details>>

Itron Introduces The ITROM AXONIC, Intelligent Static Flow Meter for Thermal Energy C&I Applications

The Itron Axonic meter features the highest temperature and pressure ratings available and helps protect the revenue of district heating and cooling companies with exceptional performance, in combination with a connected Itron thermal energy calculator, the ultrasonic static flow meter features intelligent diagnostic functions to control and optimize the entire thermal energy system. details>>

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