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  • Researchers develop capacitors that work even at extreme temperatures

    Researchers from the Fraunhofer Institute for Microelectric Circuits and Systems IMS have created a capacitor that can withstand temperatures as high as 300 Celsius.
  • New method uses heat not vibrations to get graphene to make sounds

    Researchers at the University of Exeter have made a breakthrough using graphene that could have wide-ranging effects on the audio and telecommunications industries.
  • Georgia Tech researchers use high temps to create graphene from ethene

    Researchers from Georgia Tech University have developed a new process for creating single-layer graphene from ethene (also known as ethylene), which contains just two atoms...
  • Article explores the impact of heat sink material on thermal performance

    Advanced Thermal Solutions, Inc. (ATS) recently posted an article exploring the impact that the choice of heat sink material, in particular aluminum, copper, and graphite...
  • New research details composition of complex nanomaterials in superconductors

    A new study conducted by scientists has demonstrated a novel technique combining atomic-force microscopy with near-field spectroscopy showing that even subtle forces can...
  • Article argues against using effective thermal conductivity in PCB thermal modeling

    Electronics Cooling Magazine recently posted an article, which argues against the use of volume-weighted, effective thermal conductivity in thermal modeling of a PCB because...
  • Rice research describes enhanced voltage in nanogaps in plasmonic gold wires

    A team of researcher at Rice University (Houston, Texas) discovered that hot electrons tunneling through a nanogap into neighboring metal can create a photovoltage that is...
  • Thin layers of water hold promise for future of energy storage

    Researchers at North Carolina State University have discovered that a material with atomically think layers of water was capable of storing and delivering energy much quicker...
  • University of Nebraska researchers harness heat to power computers

    Engineers at the University of Nebraska - Lincoln have created a nano-thermal-mechanical device, a thermal diode, which provides an alternative energy source for computing at...

New Mentor FloTHERM XT release simulates complex geometries with ease, speed and accuracy

Mentor, a Siemens business, announced the latest release of the FloTHERM XT electronics cooling software product with advanced thermal management capabilities. details>>

ATS iQ-200 measures temperature, velocity and pressure in one instrument

The iQ-200 from Advanced Thermal Solutions, Inc. (ATS) is designed to be used wherever Temperature, Pressure and Velocity measurements are required. details>>

FSP Launches Windale CPU Coolers to Keep the Hottest CPUs Cool and Quiet

Global power and cooling specialist, FSP, is pleased to announce the new Windale series of supremely effective, ultra-quiet, heat pipe equipped fan-cooled PC heatsinks. details>>

Advanced Cooling Technologies Sealed Enclosure Coolers Achieve UL Certification

Advanced Cooling Technologies, Inc. (ACT) announced that UL Recognition and UL Listing testing have been successfully completed for its Heat Sink Cooler (HSC) and Heat Pipe Cooler (HPC) Series products. details>>

EXAIR New Small Type 316 Stainless Steel Cabinet Coolers Resist Heat and Corrosion

EXAIR new Small 316 Stainless Steel Cabinet Cooler Systems with ETC (Electronic Temperature Control) keeps small electrical enclosures at a safe operating temperature for sensitive electronic controls. details>>

Koolance Launches New Modular ALX Cooling Systems

Koolance ALX series are powerful liquid cooling systems with expandable thermal capacities and software logging. details>>

Covestro polycarbonates keep the lights on in industrial environments

Shat-R-Shield, Inc. selected thermally conductive Makrolon polycarbonate from Covestro LLC for use in the main luminaire housing of the Incoplas LED Hybrid. details>>

Aismalibar Increases Production Capacity for Fastherm Laminates

AISMALIBAR is pleased to announce it has significantly increased its production capacity for its line of FASTHERM laminates. details>>

OCF announce Iceotope as liquid cooling partner for research and academic market

Iceotope, the liquid cooling company, and OCF, a solution integrator for HPC, storage and data analytics, have today announced their partnership. details>>

XetaWave Announces XetaPAK, an Advanced Smart Battery

XetaWave, a Colorado-based wireless technology provider, announced the release of XetaPAK, an advanced, long lasting smart battery. details>>

Alpha Novatech Adds EZ Clip to Catalog

Alpha Novatech has announced that it has added an EZ clip series to its standard catalog. details>>

ATS offers portable chillers for precise conditioning of coolant in liquid cooling loop

The ATS-Chill V series is a portable re-circulating chiller system that offers precise coolant temperature control for liquid cooling loops using a PID controller. details>>

Cooliance Introduces New Range Of High-Power Passive LED Coolers

Cooliance announces the worldwide release of a new range of high-power passive LED Coolers ? the CHP Series ? which are used to efficiently dissipate heat for the newer generations of LED lighting arrays. details>>

Adcol authorized for six TEC patents

Adcol Electronic Ltd. in Guangzhou, China recently announced that it has received authorization for six patents. details>>

FLIR Systems Launches FLIR ETS320 Thermal Imaging Camera for Testing

FLIR Systems, Inc. announced the launch of the FLIR ETS320 thermal imaging solution for electronics testing in engineering benchtop environments. details>>

New Micro-Sized DC Blower from JARO Is Virtually Silent

JARO's new micro-sized Whisper Blower measures in at an impressively tiny 20 X 20 X 6 mm and offers a virtually-soundless operation. details>>

Fujipoly offering new thermal interface material with low thermal resistance

Fujipoly Sarcon GR25A-0H2-30GY is a 0.3mm thick, low thermal resistance interface material with a low-tac surface on both sides. details>>

Sanyo Denki Releases 120 x 120 x 25 mm Low Power Consumption Fan

SANYO DENKI has developed and launched the SAN ACE 120 9GA type 120 x 120 x 25 mm low power consumption fan. details>>

Nova Instruments Acquires Degree Controls

Nova Instruments LLC is pleased to announce the acquisition of Milford, New Hampshire based Degree Controls, Inc. with its division AdaptivCOOL. details>>

HeatsinkUSA announces a new heat sink profile

HeatsinkUSA is excited to announce its latest heatsink profile with serrated fins, as well as taller fin heights. details>>

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