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  • Effective Thermal Management with Different Thermal Interface Materials for Different Applications

    Proper and effective thermal management and heat dissipation for electronic devices from computers to LED lighting to solar panels are critical for its performance and...
  • Heat Pipes: Review, Opportunities And Challenges

    A detailed overview of heat pipes is presented in this paper, including a historical perspective, principles of operations, types of heat pipes, heat pipe performance...
  • Microstructure Dependence Of Heat Sink Constructed By Carbon Nanotubes For Chip Cooling

    Heat sinks based on carbon nanotube (CNT) arrays or sponge CNT were found to have a strong impact on the heat sinks thermal performance by changing their coefficient of air...

Data Translation Releases The DT9828, A Low-cost USB Thermacouple Measurement

The DT9828 design sets the accuracy benchmark for thermocouple measurements. Combined with the included QuickDAQ ready-to-measure application software, the DT9828 is a powerful temperature data logger. details>>

AI Technology, Inc (AIT) Introduces 3D-TSV Ultra-Thin Wafer Processing Temporary Bonding Adhesive Film

AIT high temperature capable WPA removes easily with laser assisted and solvent assisted release separation de-bonding besides traditional heat-sliding processes. details>>

ATS offers Heat Sinks that Cool LEDs with High-density, Lighter-weight Zipper Fins[VIDEO]

Zipper fin heat sinks allow the combined use of copper and aluminum materials. In these designs, the copper base allows for optimal heat spreading while the aluminum fins ensure the heat sink will be lightweight. details>>

Tate Air Flow Releases The SmartAire MZ, The Next Generation in Airflow Management

The new SmartAire MZ offers four independent control zones, a simplified user interface on the unit and on screen, and greater integration with existing DCIM and BAS systems. details>>

AW-LAKE COMPANY Release Its Next Generation Line of Flow Meters[VIDEO]

This new generation of the Lake VA meters employs an improved calibration process with an integrated laser engraving system, providing precise scale locations and increments directly tied to calibration points on each individual meter. details>>

Wahl Instruments Releases New Heat Spy Thermal Imaging Camera [VIDEO]

The 150 Series Heat Spy models have a 160 x 120 detector for 19,200 individually calibrated pixels with a thermal sensitivity of 0.05c to highlight even minimal temperature differences. details>>

Vulcan Electric Launches Expanded Line of Application Specific Temperature Sensors

Vulcan Electric has recently released an expanded offering of application specific precision Temperature Sensors for use in many critical temperature processes. The new sensor products are presented on in a wide range of configurations, standard features and customization options. details>>

Itron Introduces The ITROM AXONIC, Intelligent Static Flow Meter for Thermal Energy C&I Applications

The Itron Axonic meter features the highest temperature and pressure ratings available and helps protect the revenue of district heating and cooling companies with exceptional performance, in combination with a connected Itron thermal energy calculator, the ultrasonic static flow meter features intelligent diagnostic functions to control and optimize the entire thermal energy system. details>>

ULVAC Release New Helito 900 Helium Leak Detector [VIDEO]

Fast response time, fast background clean-up and a 7" Android touch screen display/controller make the HELIOT a highly productive leak detection system. details>>

Fairchild Extends Its Mid-voltage MOSFETs Enabling Up to 85 Percent Greater Power Density

19 new MOSFETs between 30V & 150V-Bvdss range offering up to 85 percent improvement in power densities and 3X more reliable than MOSFETs rated to the 150c industry standard. details>>

Johnson Controls Introduces 3 Quantech Air-Cooled Chillers

Johnson Controls introduces Quantech Air-Cooled Chillers, now available exclusively through an independent sales network. Quantech chillers ship virtually immediately from inventory, making replacement available in as little as two days to minimize downtime and restore comfort quickly. details>>

Ammono Launches Fabrication of 2-inch Semi-insulating GaN Substrates for Space Application

The crystals possess a high structural quality, confirmed by narrow X-ray diffraction rocking curves (20 arcsec) and large curvature radius (reaching few hundred of meters). details>>

Solvay's Release of e-Xstream Engineering's Multi-Scale Material Modeling Software Adds 13 High-Performance Solvay Resins

Solvay Specialty Polymers, a leading global supplier of high-performance thermoplastics announced today at JEC Europe that 13 of its advanced polymer grades were included in the latest release of the Digimat platform, an expansive materials database and simulation tool from e-Xstream engineering. details>>

Harwin Delivers An Effective EMi/RFI Solution, The New EZ-BoardWare Low Profile Shield Can

An extension to Harwin's popular EZ-BoardWare range, S02 Series RFI Shield Cans are designed to be used with EZ-BoardWare RFI Shield Clips, and provide good protection against vibration due to their excellent retention. details>>

Vicor Corporation Expands its DCM DC-DC Converter Module Series

The DCM DC-DC series now covers critical applications in Aerospace, EV/HEV, Rugged Systems, Industrial, and Telecom/Datacom. DCMs provide nominal input voltages of 24, 28, 48, 270, 290, and 300 Volts with nominal outputs of 48, 36, 28, 24, 15, 12, and 5 Volts and are available in packages with up to 600 Watts of power. details>>

Fujitsu Develops 1mm Thick Loop Heat Pipe for Compact Electronics

Smartphones, tablets, and other similar mobile devices are increasingly multifunctional and fast. These spec improvements, however, have increased heat generated from internal components, and the overheating of localized parts in devices has become problematic. Fujitsu has developed a thin loop heat pipe, less than one millimeter thick, to solve this problem. This new device was developed using... details>>

Fujipoly Introduces Sarcon SG-26SL Thin Bond Line Thermal Interface Material

Sarcon SG-26SL, thermal interface material delivers consistent performance across broad temperatures ranging from -55C to 205C. Packaging options include pre-filled syringes and bulk jars for manual or automated dispensing applications. details>>

BorgWarner Introduces Durospeed 2-Speed Fan Drive for Off High-way Truck Applications

BorgWarner's new DuroSpeed™ 2-speed fan drive is specifically designed to deliver reliable cooling for severe operating and vocational truck applications such as construction vehicles and municipal trucks. While on/off models provide superb durability and fuel efficiency for over-the-road applications, details>>

Lennox Expands Its Range with New Release, The Aqua4 Chiller and Heat Pump with eDrive Technology

Lennox of Heatcraft Australia, has expanded its range of energy efficient commercial chillers with the introduction of Lennox Aqua4 Polyvalent Air Cooled Chiller and Heat Pump. With the ability to operate in extreme conditions cooling range from -15C to 45C and heating from -10C to 35C, capacity ranges from 50 to 320 kW, with heating capacity from of 50 to 340 kW. details>>

CAS Dataloggers and Lascar Introduce The EL-WiFi-DTP Thermistor Probe Data Logger for High-accuracy Temperature Measurement.

CAS DataLoggers and Lascar introduce the EL-WiFi-DTP+ Thermistor Probe Data Logger for high-accuracy temperature measurement. Featuring Lascar's free PC software ,wireless connectivity to PC via WiFi and an integrated display, these data loggers send their temperature data online to the free FilesThruTheAir Cloud Storage Service. details>>

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