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  • Study reveals new way to enhance or reduce adhesion of freezing droplets

    Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Cambridge, Mass. have discovered a new aspect of the mechanical process in which freezing droplets react...
  • New 3-D printing process produces pure copper components

    Researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute for Laser Technology ILT in Aachen, Germany will present a new selective laser melting process for copper materials at the upcoming...
  • Scientists test cooling system that works without electricity

    Stanford University (Palo Alto, Calif.) scientists continue to build on research that was originally published in 2014 by testing a new cooling system on the roof of the...
  • Experiment measures thermal conductivity in warm dense matter regime

    Researchers working at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) in Livermore, Calif. have developed an experimental platform, called differential heating, to measure...
  • What are the benefits of pin fin heat sinks in thermal management

    A recent article presented by Advanced Thermal Solutions, Inc. (ATS) looked at pin fin heat sinks, which have been a standard heat sink geometry for many years, to get a...
  • New study gives picture of thermal conductivity in complex materials

    Researchers from the Institut Laue Langevin (ILL) in Grenoble, France and the Laboratoire Leon Brillouin in Saclay, France used inelastic neutron scattering (INS) and neutron...
  • Scientists tweak thermoelectric voltage across atomic scale by mechanical force

    Researchers at the Tokyo Institute of Technology (Japan) have demonstrated precise and fully reversible switching of the polarity of voltage produced by the thermoelectric...
  • Research provides insight into atomic structure of next-gen superconductors

    Using neutron diffraction at the Australian Centre for Neutron Scattering, researchers have been able to clarify the absence of magnetic order and classify the...
  • IBM team breaks thermal barrier in 3-D chip stacks with liquid cooling

    Researchers at IBM in New York and Zurich have announced that they have reached a breakthrough in cooling three-dimensional chip stacks, breaking the thermal barrier with a...

ATS blueICE heat sinks designed for high-performance in low air velocities

Advanced Thermal Solutions, Inc. (ATS) has a line of blueICE ultra low profile heat sinks that are designed for high performance in low air velocities. details>>

AdaSky Launches Thermal FIR Sensing Solution to Give Vehicles 24/7 Vision

AdaSky, a startup comprised of industry veterans from the Israeli semiconductor and sensor market, launches the first Far Infrared (FIR) perception solution specifically designed for the automotive industry. details>>

Delta Launches Hybrid Inverter and All-in-One Energy Storage Solution for Residential Solar

Delta, a global leader in power and thermal management solutions, unveiled its hybrid inverter E-Series (E6, E8, E10) line with feature-rich power conditioning and energy management capabilities for the U.S. residential solar power backup market. details>>

Dreamweaver Files Patent on a Novel Light Weight Current Collector for Lithium Ion Batteries

Dreamweaver International announces the invention of a new current collector with the potential to dramatically increase safety while also reducing weight in lithium ion batteries. details>>

Intersil Announces First 15A, 42V Analog Power Module in Industry

Intersil, a subsidiary of Renesas Electronics Corporation, announced the first 42V single-channel DC/DC step-down power module that delivers up to 15A of continuous current. details>>

ENERMAX Launches LIQTECH TR4, Liquid Cooler for AMD Threadripper Processors

ENERMAX, the designer and manufacturer of high-end PSU and CPU coolers, announces the launch of LIQTECH TR4, the closed-loop liquid coolers that are custom-designed especially for the top-end enthusiast Threadripper CPUs. details>>

TM4 expands its product offering with the launch of a Bi-directional Charger Inverter

In a strategic move to broaden its product offering, TM4 announced the launch of a new Bi-directional Charger Inverter, the BCI20. details>>

Sunpreme launches its powerful next generation Maxima HxB series modules

Sunpreme, a U.S.-based solar Company providing innovative high-performance, high-yield Bifacial double glass PV modules, announced that it has commercially released its HCT-platform based Maxima HxB-400 product. details>>

Rohde & Schwarz Showcases Liquid Cooled HD Radio Transmitter At 2017 Radio Show

Premier transmitter, test and measurement, and studio equipment manufacturer Rohde & Schwarz will highlight the R&S THR9 high-power transmitter at the 2017 Radio Show. details>>

eATVS-8 from ATS is fully portable hot-wire anemometer system

The eATVS-8 Automatic Temperature and Velocity Scanner from Advanced Thermal Solutions, Inc. (ATS) is a portable, 8-channel hot wire anemometer system. details>>

Asetek Collaborates with Lenovo on Liquid Cooled Lenovo Legion Y920 Tower

Asetek announced that it is collaborating with Lenovo to cool its new Lenovo Legion Y920 Tower. details>>

APEC 2018 Sponsors Expand Student Travel Support Program

The joint sponsors of the Applied Power Electronics Conference (APEC) have announced the expansion of the popular Student Attendance Travel Support Program. details>>

Heat exchanger plates from Kelvion: highly efficient with particle-containing media

With its new NW150L stainless steel heat exchanger plates, Kelvion has complemented its range of heat exchanger plates for viscous and particle-containing media by introducing this new product in the lower range. details>>

National Graphene Association Launches with International Conference in Nashville

Innovators will gather in Nashville to share ideas and challenges related to the emerging technology for the first-ever Graphene Innovation Summit and Expo Oct. 29-31, hosted by the National Graphene Association (NGA). details>>

MaxQ Technology, LLC Acquired by Tie Down

MaxQ Technology (Tempe, Ariz.), the leader in Friction Stir Welded cold plates and cooling products, has been formally acquired by Tie Down (Atlanta, Ga.) to greatly improve production capacity and facilitate further technological developments. details>>

MAHLE: Balancing heat and cold to improve cruising range, performance, and comfort in EV

E-mobility will be a key component of CO2-neutral individual transportation over the long term and MAHLE aims to be one of the innovation drivers in this field. details>>

Easy to Apply Form-in-Place Thermal Gap Filler from Fujipoly

SARCON SPG-20A from Fujipoly is an easy to dispense, low-viscosity silicone compound that exhibits a thermal conductivity of 2.0 W/mK and a thermal resistance of only 2.1 Kcm2/W. details>>

Fluke expands the Condition Monitoring system to include Thermal Monitoring

Fluke Corp. has expanded the capabilities of its Condition Monitoring system to include thermal monitoring with the addition of the new Fluke 3550 FC Thermal Imaging Sensor. details>>

Nippon Avionics to Begin Sales of Its New Thermal Imaging Camera

Nippon Avionics Co., Ltd. plans to launch a new style of infrared thermal imaging camera Thermo FLEX F50 Series (F50) with a removable camera-head. details>>

Microsemi Awarded Contract to Accelerate Silicon Carbide Technology with PowerAmerica

Microsemi Corporation announced it has become a member of PowerAmerica to accelerate the commercialization and adoption of wide band gap semiconductors. details>>

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