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  • Is It Possible to Use Fractals to Understand and Improve on Heat Transfer?

    Researchers for the first time have applied a modern theory of heat transport in experiments with semiconductors used in computers and lasers, with implications for the...
  • Novel Electronics Cooling Solution Improves Power Handling of Small Packages

    As telecommunication and RF power electronics applications continue to push the envelope of waste heat dissipation, more and more, we see a need for active thermal control...
  • The Peltier Cooling and Mass Airflow Based Laptop Cooling Device

    Researchers at SRM University have taken a different and more efficient approach to cooling laptop computers. The team is proposing the use of peltier cooling for laptops.

Automated Temperature & Velocity Scanner with Data Acquisition Software Highlighted by ATS [video]

The ATVS-2020 features up to 32 sensor ports to measure both air temperature and air velocity with one sensor. The instrument is designed for engineers involved with thermal management development and characterization for heat sinks, PCB, electronic systems, surface and air temperature measurejment. The system includes data acqusition software which automates the entire testing and data... details>>

AISMALIBAR ramps up production of Bond Sheet Prepreg and Thin Lam Cores

AISMALIBAR has increased production of their HTC Bond Sheet Prepreg and Thin Lam Cores. Customers have been using HTC Bond Sheets to connect cutting edge high power LEDs mounted on MPCBs to heat sinks to allow for superior heat dissipation. They are also using both the Bond Sheets and Thin Lam together to press custom IMS multilayer builds providing industry leading dielectric strength, thermal... details>>

HDPLEX Unveils its Long-awaited 2nd Gen H5 Fanless HTPC case [video]

The chassis supports passive cooling of 95W TDP CPU via its flagship eight heatpipe CPU heatsink system and an optional eight heatpipe passive video card cooling system. It supports ATX, microATX, ITX motherboards. A pull open faceplate design, which allows easy access to front mounted device hidden behind the faceplate such as 5.25 inch optical drive and hotswap HDD cage details>>

Orion Fans Grants Global Distribution Agreement to America II

Under terms of the agreement, America II will have global distribution rights to Orion Fans' complete line of ac and dc fans, blowers, fan trays, filter fan kits, air flow monitors, and fan accessories. America II will open up new market areas for Orion that are under served and service their established business by offering fast response, short lead times and better inventory management... details>>

FLIR Releases Premium Imaging Moisture Meter and World's First Thermal Imaging Clamp Meter [video]

The new CM174 is the world's first all-in-one electrical clamp meter equipped with a built-in thermal imager. Designed for electrical professionals, the CM174 is the only clamp meter that visually identifies temperature anomalies before they become a major problem. When facing cluttered wires or scanning complex panels for hazards, IGM guides users without requiring any direct contact with the... details>>

Altair Adds CFD Capabilities to HyperWorks

The new capabilities add nanoFluidX and ultraFluidX to the HyperWorks portfolio, expanding capabilities for computational fluid dynamics (CFD). ultrafluidX is suited to predict aerodynamic properties for vehicles of all types as well as building and environmental aerodynamics. The software uses the Lattice Boltzmann method for simulation and leverages GPU (graphics processing unit) technology... details>>

Versarien Awards Exclusive World Wide Distribution Deal for Micro Porous Copper Heat Sinks with Mouser [video]

Mouser will forthwith stock Versarien's LPH00xx series of low-profile metallic foam heatsinks. Targeted at passive cooling in space-constrained electronic systems, where PCBs are packed with a multitude of semiconductor components, these heatsinks are based on the game-changing VersarienCu micro-porous copper material. This maximizes the available surface area for heat dissipation through its... details>>

New 136 mm x 28 mm Reversible Flow Fan Blows Air in Both Directions, Reduces The Required Number of Fans

Sanyo Denki has developed and launched the San Ace 136RF O136 mm x 28 mm Reversible Flow Fan that can blow air in both directions. Multiple fans are usually needed to blow air in both directions to ventilate houses, beverage vending machines, food display cases, and printers. With San Ace 136RF, fewer fans are needed in a given application. The fan has approximately the same airflow and static... details>>

More Compatibility in Latest Pointwise Mesh Generation Software

Pointwise's new production version of their software includes new native interfaces to three software packages: open source PyFR advection diffusion solver from the Vincent Lab, Department of Aeronautics, Imperial College London; backward compatibility with Pointwise's own Gridgen software with the inclusion of a built-in interface to the Gridgen Generic ASW format; support for ESP, the... details>>

Medical Open Frame Power Supplies Perform in Low Airflow Conditions

The Powerbox Medline series 150 and 300 AC/DC single output open frame (2x4 and 3x6) power supplies target medical type BF applications requiring high performance in low airflow conditions. Combining an optimized layout to facilitate natural air convection cooling with highly efficient switching topology, the OBM03 and OBP03 are designed for continuous output power operation of 100W and 200W,... details>>

Mentor Graphics Announces Flowmaster with Enhanced Multi-Arm Tank Component and 1D Pipe Stress Links

Mentor Graphics Corporation announced the newest version of the Flowmaster 1D computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software product for fast and accurate thermo-fluid systems design. The new Flowmaster solution features several key new and enhanced functionalities including an improved multi-arm tank component, and integration with complementary 1D pipe stress products such as CAESAR II and CAEPIPE... details>>

Push Pin Heat Sink Line Features 108,000 Possible Configurations, 3 Different Geometries, Brass and Plastic Push Pins

With 108,000 possible configurations, Advanced Thermal Solutions, Inc. (ATS) now provides the widest choice of push pin-mounted heat sinks for cooling BGAs and other hot components. More than 200 ATS heat sinks are available with convenient push pin mounting. The lightweight aluminum heat sinks include straight fin, cross-cut, and ATS maxiFLOW spread fin geometries. More than 100 fine- pitch... details>>

CRTech Announces the release of Version 5.8 with Compartments, Ports, Reducers and Expanders, and the Model Kicker

Version 5.8 is now available for SINDA/FLUINT, Thermal Desktop, RadCAD, FloCAD, TD Direct, and EZXY. With this version CR Tech have greatly extended functionality by introducing Compartments, Ports, Reducers and Expanders, and the Model Kicker. Additionally CR Tech haa made improvements to external model references, curved elements, and data mapping. details>>

Bosch Smart Thermal Management System Uses Heat Pumps to keep EV Batteries at a Constant Temp of 35 C

New thermal management system distributes heat and cold solely on the basis of the vehicle's coolant fluid. The combination of a heat pump with coolant pumps and valves makes this possible. Bosch's system features precisely controllable pumps and valves which collect heat and cold at source and transport them to where they are needed. details>>

New Liquid Filled Transformer Insulation from 3M Helps Improve the Transformer Performance [video]

3M has introduced an improved standard for insulating high-temperature, liquid-filled distribution transformers. New Liquid-Filled Transformer Insulation (LFT insulation) from 3M is designed to offer excellent thermal stability, low moisture absorption, high thermal conductivity, and long-term reliability. The need for new materials that can improve transformer performance comes as global... details>>

Toughest Z170 ATX Board with Innovative Cooling and Reliability, 5 Year Warrantly, Released by Asus Tech [video]

With a 5 year warranty, the new new Asus Tech Z170 ATX Intel CPU based motherboard ideal for rugged environment such as dusty shop floors, industrial applications or applications that require a long life support. Advanced thermal management features in both hardware and software make the board useful in applications where standard PC motherboards would be less capable. details>>

New Heat Spreader Solution Solders LEDs to Copper Substrate for 10x Improvement in Heat Dissipation

Europe's leading providers of contract design and manufacturing services, will be launching its solution to the challenge of effectively cooling high brightness LEDs on its stand E8 at the LED Professional Symposium 2015 in Bregenz, Austria on 22-24 September 2015. The Novel technology can cool up to 1000W and involves soldering LED to a copper substrate. details>>

Delta Showcases a Complete Line of Telecom Power and Thermal Solutions at OSP Expo 2015

Delta Products Corporation is showcasing a complete line of innovative telecom power and thermal management products and solutions that maximize energy efficiency for the telecom industry at OSP Expo 2015. These include Delta's new Advantage 1kW power supply, an outdoor naturally cooled power supply with 96 percent efficiency for 4G LTE outdoor applications. Delta also displays its complete... details>>

World's First Integrated Thermocouple Electromotive Force to Degrees Celsius Converter From Microchip Saves Design Effort, Space and Cost

Microchip Technology today announced the MCP9600, the world's first thermocouple conditioning integrated circuit to combine precision instrumentation, a precision temperature sensor and a precision, high resolution analog to digital converter (ADC), in addition to a math engine preprogrammed with the firmware to support a broad range of standard thermocouple types (K, J, T, N, S, E, B and R). details>>

WesTherm Product Highlight Complete Line of Thermal Interface Material [video]

WesTherm, thermal management product line consists of multiple product families that include thermal pads, phase change materials and thermal interface materials. The thermal management materials have been engineered to provide an effective thermal interface between heat sinks and electronic devices. WesTherm's materials are thicker, thermally conductive, gap filling materials are available in... details>>

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