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John O | February 2017

EVGA releases closed loop liquid cooling CPU coolers

EVGA announced several new projects at this year’s CES2017 and the release that has drawn a lot of attention is the new EVGA CLC120 (single fan) and CLC280 (dual fan) Liquid CPU Coolers, which are closed loop liquid cooling systems with built in fans that promise improved flow rate and surface area for more efficient heat transfer.



EVGA has released new CPU coolers with liquid cooling loops and new fan designs. (EVGA)


According to the EVGA site, the systems utilize sleeved tubing that runs the liquid from the radiator to the CPU block and a wiring system that gives it a “sleek” look. There are also newly designed fans in the radiator block (CLC120 has a single 120mm fan and CLC280 has a pair of 140mm fans) with a curved housing to reduce noise and a “unique” blade design that improves cooling performance. EVGA also noted new Teflon nano-bearings that will improve the fans’ lifespan and reduce noise.


The system uses a copper base to maximize heat transfer and the fans are on a variable controller that changes fan speed based on the CPU temperature. Using liquid cooling allows the fans to run at lower speeds, which will also reduce the noise level.


The system is intended to be plug-and-play and EVGA claims that it requires no filling, no custom tubing, and no maintenance.


Not yet released is EVGA software that will allow users to control the system by altering fan speed, changing the RGB lighting (in partnership with EVGA graphics cards), pump power, and more.


A recent review from PCWorld.com added about the software, “EVGA will also offer free AM4 mounting brackets when AMD’s Ryzen chips launch, and plans to release ‘EVGA Flow Control Software’ that provides finer control over your cooler’s behavior soon. Think of it like EVGA’s vaunted PrecisionX overclocking software for graphics cards, only for your all-in-one CPU cooler instead.”


The article explained that EVGA is also planning on introducing a quick-release cooling (QRC) system that will offer customization by experienced users who want to expand on the all-in-one system.


“EVGA's venture into CPU cooling is further evidence that the enthusiast sector of PCs is thriving,” the article concluded. “Indeed, the AIO coolers are just the tip of the iceberg for EVGA, which is poised to meet the cooling needs of more sophisticated users, as well.”


An article on TomsHardware.com added, “The all-copper CPU block can be mounted on Intel LGA 2011/1150/1151/1155/1156/1356 and AMD AM2, AM3, FM1, and FM2 motherboards, in addition to upcoming variants (including AM4--EVGA said that a free bracket would be coming soon).”


The EVGA CLC120 retails on Amazon.com for $90 and the CLC280 for $130.


Learn more about the CPU coolers in the video below:

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