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  • Researchers create new polymer films that conduct heat rather than insulate against it

    Typically, polymers are used as thermal insulators, but researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Cambridge, Mass. created new, thin polymer films...
  • Under pressure, thermoelectric properties of tin selenide displayed at room temperature

    Scientists at Helmholtz Zentrum Berlin (HZB) in Germany discovered that tin selenide could exceed the record-setting thermoelectric properties of bismuth telluride and can do...
  • New laser technique allows researchers to visualize dangerous hotspots in batteries

    Researchers from Stanford (Calif.) University and the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory used a new laser technique to visualize hotspots...
  • Physicists demonstrate new, powerful quantum optical cooling of isolated nanoparticles

    Physicists from the University of Vienna (Austria), the Austrian Academy of Sciences and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Cambridge, Mass. demonstrated a...
  • Researchers studying new ways of controlling thermal radiation at the nanoscale

    Researchers from several academic institutions are using the facilities at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley, Calif.) to study thermal radiation at the...
  • Physicists studying material that could make computer memory faster and cheaper

    Researchers at the University of Arkansas (Fayetteville, Ark.) are studying bismuth ferrite (BFO), which is a material that shows potential for storing information more...
  • U.K. researchers show high thermal conductivity of ultra-pure hexagonal boron nitride

    Researchers at the University of Bristol (U.K.) demonstrated a thermal conductivity of 550 W/mK, more than twice that of copper, in ultra-pure boron nitride, which could be...
  • New, more efficient method discovered for controlling magnetic circuits without electric currents

    Researchers from the New York University (NYU) Tandon School of Engineering in New York City discovered a new voltage-controlled topological spin switch (vTOPSS) that uses...
  • Study demonstrates the potential for mechanically-stressed carbon nanotubes to cool electronics

    Simulations based on the elastocaloric effect (ECE) performed at Agencia FAPESP, a research facility in Sao Paulo, Brazil, revealed that mechanical strain in carbon nanotubes...

ATS releases new, free Engineering eBook on Server Cooling

Advanced Thermal Solutions, Inc. (ATS), a leading-edge thermal engineering company based in Norwood, Mass., has compiled a series of Engineering eBooks on the thermal management of electronics. details>>

Asetek Gen6 Liquid Cooling Technology Powers Ultra High-End GPU Hybrid Cooler from EVGA

Asetek, the creator of the all-in-one liquid cooler and the global leader in liquid cooling solutions for gaming PCs and DIY enthusiasts, announced that its latest generation of liquid cooling technology powers the new EVGA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti K|NGP|N Hybrid GPU cooler. details>>

Liquid cooling for OpenVPX embedded computing development chassis introduced by Elma

Elma Electronic Inc. in Fremont, Calif., is adding liquid-flow-through (LFT) cooling to the company's line of OpenVPX embedded computing development platforms. details>>

CoolIT Systems Announces Liquid Cooling Solution for Intel Server System S9200WK

CoolIT Systems (CoolIT), global leader in energy efficient liquid cooling solutions for HPC, Cloud and Hyperscale markets, today announced an Intel integrated liquid cooling solution to support the Intel Server System S9200WK. details>>

Advanced Thermal Solutions, Inc. Honors Digi-Key with 2018 Distributor of the Year Award

Digi-Key Electronics, a global electronic components distributor, was honored with Advanced Thermal Solutions, Inc. (ATS)'s 2018 Distributor of the Year award at the 2019 EDS Banquet in Las Vegas, NV. details>>

Aismalibar Exhibits Products at 2019 Thermal Materials Summit

Aismalibar announced their first exhibition at the 2019 Thermal Materials Summit in Los Angeles, California. details>>

TT Electronics introduces new Pola Power connectors series

TT Electronics announced Pola Power, a highly diverse connector approved for use on rail and military vehicles that can also be qualified to suit other applications in the power distribution and green energy markets. details>>

Asura Releases Industry-Leading, Performance-Based SSD

Asura Technology, Inc., a world leader in prosumer technology products, announced the first addition to its SSD family, the Genesis Xtreme. details>>

Power Integrations Unveils Complete Range of Switcher ICs with Integrated 900 V MOSFETs

Power Integrations, the leader in high-voltage integrated circuits for energy-efficient power conversion, announced the release of a suite of offline switcher ICs incorporating 900 V primary MOSFETs. details>>

BorgWarner Announces New Joint Venture that Adds Battery Packs to its Propulsion Portfolio

With global expertise supplying combustion, hybrid and electric vehicle propulsion solutions, BorgWarner is continuing to build its electrification portfolio and systems expertise by agreeing to form a joint venture with Romeo Power Technology, a technology-leading battery module and pack supplier. details>>

Seeed Fusion Service Launches Free Assembly for 5 PCBs Offer

Established in the epicenter of high-tech design and manufacturing, Seeed Studio has been providing customers from all around the world with quality electronics and mechanical services. details>>

Micro-LEDs Achieve Superior Brightness with Picosun ALD technology

Picosun Group, supplier of the leading AGILE ALD (Atomic Layer Deposition) thin film coating solutions, reports superb results in boosting micro-LED performance using ALD passivation. details>>

nVent Offers On-Demand Industry-Leading Enclosures and Thermal Management Solutions

nVent Electric plc, a global leader in electrical connection and protection solutions, announced a program that helps ensure customers in the United States get the solutions they need when their business demands it. details>>

Pasternack Releases New Temperature-Conditioned, Low-Loss RF Cable Assemblies

Pasternack, an Infinite Electronics brand and a leading provider of RF, microwave and millimeter wave products, has introduced a new line of temperature-conditioned, high-reliability RF cable assemblies that are ideal for avionics, military electronics, IFF, SATCOM, ECM and other mission critical applications. details>>

Linear Systems Showcased New Testing Capability at DMEMS 2019

Linear Integrated Systems, Inc. (Linear Systems) will be showcasing its new large-scale sub-nanovolt parts testing capability at the Del Mar Electronics & Manufacturing Show (DMEMS) held May 1-2 at the Del Mar Fair Grounds, San Diego, Calif. details>>

Equinix Acquires Switch Datacenters AMS1 Data Center Business in Amsterdam

Equinix, Inc., the global interconnection and data center company, announced that it has closed a transaction for the purchase of Switch Datacenters AMS1 data center business in Amsterdam, Netherlands, in an all-cash transaction for ?30 million ($34 million). details>>

ANSYS Achieves Certification for TSMC Innovative SoIC Advanced 3D Chip Stacking Technology

TSMC certified ANSYS solutions for its innovative System-on-Integrated-Chips (TSMC-SoIC) advanced 3D chip stacking technology. details>>

SEMI Partners with Powerhouses imec, CEA-Leti and Fraunhofer to Energize Global Innovation

SEMI announced that in the three months since imec joined SEMI as a Strategic Association Partner under a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) announced at the SEMI Industry Strategy Symposium (ISS) in January. details>>

IoTize TapNLink for Instant NFC, Bluetooth Available for Shipment Worldwide through Digi-Key

The IoTize line of TapNLink products for Bluetooth and NFC communication is available to customers around the world from Digi-Key Electronics, a global electronic components distributor. details>>

Agility Unveils High-Performance Battery Packs and Electric Drivetrains for Trucks

Agility Fuel Solutions, a leading global provider of clean fuel solutions for medium- and heavy-duty commercial vehicles, introduced today at ACT Expo its high-performance battery packs and complete electric vehicle drivetrain integrations for medium-and heavy-duty trucks. details>>

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