Dr. Kaveh Azar, Ph.D., President and CEO of Advanced Thermal Solutions

Kaveh Azar, Ph.D. Dr. Kaveh Azar is the President and CEO of Advanced Thermal Solutions, Inc. (ATS), a leading edge thermal management company involved in developing liquid and air cooling solutions for the telecomm and computing market sectors. Under Dr. Azar’s leadership, ATS has expanded globally with offices in Europe and Asia, and has become the leading supplier of cooling solutions and thermal management consulting to the telecomm market sector. Prior to ATS, Dr. Azar was the founder and manager of Lucent Technologies thermal management center, responsible for developing the next generation of cooling systems. In addition, Dr. Azar has authored Lucent’s thermal roadmap and served as the corporate thermal consultant. While at Lucent, he developed a state-of-the- art thermal/fluids laboratory for simulation of components, boards and systems. Since 1985, Dr. Azar has been an active participant in electronics thermal community and has served as the organizer, general chair and the keynote speaker at the national and international conferences sponsored by ASME, IEEE and AIAA. He has also been an invitee to national bodies such as NSF, NIST and NEMI for organizing government and industry research goals in electronics cooling. Dr. Azar has been an adjunct professor at a number of universities in the USA, and lecturers worldwide on different facets of electronics cooling. He holds more than 31 national and international patents, has published more than 73 articles, 3 book chapters and a book entitled, “Thermal Measurements in Electronics Cooling” and has edited a 5 book series, “Qpedia – Electronics Thermal Management.” In addition, he served as the Editor-in-Chief of Electronics Cooling Magazine for eleven years, and is currently the publisher of Qpedia, a monthly publication dedicated to thermal management of electronic systems. Dr. Azar has received several recognitions within Bell Labs and other entities that include Bell Labs’ President Silver Award, Strathmore’s Who’s Who, The Uptime Institute for Visionary Leadership and IEEE SEMITHERM Significant Contributor Award in thermal management of electronics systems.