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coolingzone newsletter may 2, 2013 may 02, 2013
top stories
accelerated reliability testing options and methods
learn about the various options for reliability testing and how to apply them
liquid cooling does not equal water cooling
liquid cooling brings fears of leaking water but liquid cooling's flexibility is wider
the fundamentals of ir measurement
learn how to correctly use infrared temperature measurement to see hot spots and more
is thermal management a critical part of your companys design process?
does thermal management go unnoticed in your company's design process?
product news
infineon launches thermal interface material
semiconductor manufactuerer infineon has launched it's own thermal interface material line. infineon's new thermal interface material is designed...
mikros highlights patented normal flow cold plates
mikros liquid-cooled, microchannel cold plates feature their patented normal flow technology. the normal flow technology is implemented with a...
increased performance from high aspect ratio heat sinks from ats
ats's high aspect ratio heat sink provide a greater density of fins in a given footprint than a more common sink, and/or stands taller than its...
enertron highlights stacked fins heat sink
enertrons stack fin heat sinks are composed of fins that interlock together to form a stacked fin array. this heat sink manufacturing method allows...
jmc 36mm 1u fan produces twice as much airflow as similar industry fans
jmc this 36mm fan produces twice as much air?ow against high static pressure as comparable 38mm and 40mm fans in the market place. with this type of...
orion fans develops ac and dc fans that resist salt fog& salt spray corrosion
orion fans, a leading manufacturer of standard and custom ac and dc fans, fan trays and accessories, has designed a series of ac and dc fans tested...
advancements in thermal management 2013 conference - june 6-7, denver. coloraso
the advancements in thermal management 2013 conference will be held june 6-7, 2013 in denver, colo. highlighting the latest advancements in...
jaro thermal "skive" cooler combines copper skived heat sink with fan for small form factors
jaro thermal engineering team has developed a skived copper heat sink that is paired with leading edge 50x50x13 fan. the combination is ideal for...
cirrascale's vertical cooling technology removes hot-cold aisle problem
cirrascale's vertical cooling technology removes hot-cold aisle problem. the high performance and cloud computing specialist's patented vertical...
3m features fluid for heat transfer with semiconductors
thermal management challenges are becoming increasingly important to semiconductor manufacturers. new equipment designs put more demands on the...
technology corner
is thermal management a critical part of your company’s design process [coolingzone 30-second poll]
take our 30-second poll and we'll give you a free one-hour webinar on 3 methods of thermal analysis
5 key data center cooling trends [tom's it pro]
quickly rising densities in data centers and an overall trend that does not foresee absolute data center power consumption to decrease anytime soon,...
boeing: new enclosure 'keeps us from ever having a fire' [design news]
the boeing co. took the issue of 787 battery fires head-on last night, definitively declaring that with pending modifications to its lithium-ion...
engineering mistakes become innovations: mars rover’s wheel drag exposes potential for life [coolingzone blog]
off the upper layer of the planet’s soil, uncovering a patch of ground that is believed to show evidence of a past environment that would have been...
sun catalytix seeks second act with flow battery [mit technology review]
the mit spin-off had hoped to enable the hydrogen economy in developing countries, but is now at work on a flow battery using “designer...
engineering how to
thermocouples for thermal analysis: what they are and how they work (part 1 of 2)
in part 1, ats covers the basics behind what thermocouples are and how they work. [sponsored]
thermocouples for thermal analysis: what they are and how they work (part 2 of 2)
in part 2, ats covers what thermocouples can be made of and how to select the right thermocouple for your project. [sponsored]
how to determine the percent error when comparing measured temperatures with cfd predictions
one way would be to compare the "error" between the prediction and the measurement to the measured component temperature. the second way would be to...

conferences & webinars
the thermal management industry international summit: coolingzone-13 (usa, ma | 10-21-2013)
join the thermal management industries leading companies to not just hear theory but solutions, from the industrys leading suppliers. you won’t leave with formulas, you’ll leave with answers from these leading suppliers and technologists in thermal management.
advancements in thermal management (usa, co | 6-6-2013)
the conference is designed for design engineers, system engineers, process engineers, material scientists and engineers, ctos and r&d managers with organizations in industries and markets whose products, operations and services depend upon sophisticated and precise control of thermal properties and states.
world conferences on experimental heat transfer, fluid mechanics and thermodynamics (portugal, lisbon | 6-16-2013)
the goal of this conference is to provide a forum for the exposure and exchange of ideas, methods and results in heat transfer, fluid mechanics and thermodynamics.
asme 2013 summer heat transfer conference (usa, mn | 7-14-2013)
asme 2013 summer heat transfer conference, 7th international conference on energy sustainability, and 11th fuel cell science, engineering and technology conference (htesfuelcell2013)
nasa thermal fluids and analysis workshop (usa, fl | 7-29-2013)
tfaws is an annual training and professional development workshop designed to encourage knowledge sharing, professional development, and networking throughout the thermal and fluids engineering community within nasa and the aerospace community at large.

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