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coolingzone newsletter may 9, 2013 may 09, 2013
top stories
thermal management of outdoor enclosures using phase change materials
thermal management of outdoor enclosures using phase change materials
are more efficient heat sinks really more costly?
do engineers really save money focusing on heat sink pricing instead of performance?
jet impingement cooling using fluorcabon material
direct cooling of high-power chips by using jet impingement via dielectric liquids
is thermal grease reliable over the long term?
should engineers be concerned with thermal grease reliability?
product news
new patented heat sink mounting system is industry first with secure click and latch
the new pem(tm) heat sink mounting system (patent pending) introduces an ideally engineered solution to securely attach heat sinks to circuit boards...
alpha novatech announces new "mini" heat sink with a 10 mm square base size
alpha novatech, a company specializing in high performance heat sinks and precision cold forging of complex light material parts has expanded their...
nsk's ball bearing features better lubrication performance for improved reliability in electronics cooling fans
nsk of japan has developed a high-performance ball bearing for cooling fan motors used in such applications as personal computers, data servers and...
oakton temp highlights their 9500 advanced pid benchtop temperature controllers
these temperature controllers can be used for a wide variety of applications including pilot process plants, r & d labs, or for oem requirements....
new precision temperature controller with user-friendly software and data retrieval
oven industries features a temperature controller with easy-to-use software
advancements in thermal management 2013 conference - june 6-7, denver. coloraso
the advancements in thermal management 2013 conference will be held june 6-7, 2013 in denver, colo. highlighting the latest advancements in...
thermacore division k technology highlights encapsulated graphite for thermal management
advanced solid conduction concepts from k technology are used in thermal applications all over the world. among its primary thermal solutions, k...
new heat sinks drastically increase the thermal performance of dc-dc converters
advanced thermal solutions, inc. ("ats") has launched a new product line of maxiflow heat sinks, specifically designed for cooling standard...
jaro thermal "skive" cooler combines copper skived heat sink with fan for small form factors
jaro thermal engineering team has developed a skived copper heat sink that is paired with leading edge 50x50x13 fan. the combination is ideal for...
laird acquires nextreme thermal solutions technology
laird plc ("laird") today announces the acquisition of nextreme thermal solutions, inc. ("nextreme"), the us based developer of...
technology corner
is thermal management a critical part of your company’s design process [coolingzone 30-second poll]
take our 30-second poll and we'll give you a free one-hour webinar on 3 methods of thermal analysis
the real reason arm will menace intel in the data center [wired]
researchers at hp, chipmaker arm, and facebook have dreamt up a new breed of server processor specifically designed to provide quick and efficient...
liquid cooling to improve solar cell efficiency output [ee times]
we are using the same water-cooling technology ibm developed for high-performance computers to attain a 10-fold decrease in the thermal resistance of...
new tech cools batteries 50-80% more than liquid cooling [extreme tech]
gcorelab’s system uses a combination of regulating sensors and cooling plates that transfer heat away from sensitive areas. if that sounds similar...
aluminum extrusions match ssl thermal management needs in many applications [leds magazine]
steve jackson explains that design teams working on led-based lighting products must consider aesthetics, cost, and quality when considering thermal...
engineering how to
how to measure pressure drop in a turbulent flow
in the last how to, we looked at pressure drop calculation for laminar flow in rectangular channels. here, we'll extend the calculation for turbulent...
how to optimise heat sinks in a confined flow
optimum heat sink design has grown to become a hot subject. the evident reason, of course, is that the heat densities in electronics steadily are...
how to specifiy filters for forced convection cooling
the importance and utility of air filters is often underestimated since it is typically an after-thought in the design cycle. the wrong filter is...

conferences & webinars
the thermal management industry international summit: coolingzone-13 (usa, ma | 10-21-2013)
join the thermal management industries leading companies to not just hear theory but solutions, from the industry's leading suppliers. you won’t leave with formulas, you’ll leave with answers from these leading suppliers and technologists in thermal management.
advancements in thermal management (usa, co | 6-6-2013)
the conference is designed for design engineers, system engineers, process engineers, material scientists and engineers, ctos and r&d managers with organizations in industries and markets whose products, operations and services depend upon sophisticated and precise control of thermal properties and states.
world conferences on experimental heat transfer, fluid mechanics and thermodynamics (portugal, lisbon | 6-16-2013)
the goal of this conference is to provide a forum for the exposure and exchange of ideas, methods and results in heat transfer, fluid mechanics and thermodynamics.
asme 2013 summer heat transfer conference (usa, mn | 7-14-2013)
asme 2013 summer heat transfer conference, 7th international conference on energy sustainability, and 11th fuel cell science, engineering and technology conference (htesfuelcell2013)
nasa thermal fluids and analysis workshop (usa, fl | 7-29-2013)
asme 2013 summer heat transfer conference, 7th international conference on energy sustainability, and 11th fuel cell science, engineering and technology conference (htesfuelcell2013)

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