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coolingzone newsletter for august 9, 2013 august 09, 2013
top stories
heat transfer in metal foam heat exchangers
understanding the underlying physics behind the mesh heat sink and heat exchanger
coolingzone-13 welcomes marie ross sr. apps engineer future facilities
how engineers can design next generation servers for next generation data centers
recent innovations in axial air movers
what new product developments are in the air for the air movers used in active cooling
coolingzone-13 welcomes dr. sukhvinder kang, cto, aavid-thermalloy
many engineers prefer air for cooling but what new technologies give air cooling a future?
product news
pushing the limits of air cooled heat sinks focus part of coolingzone 2013 - register today
coolingzone-13 will present a focus on next generation advancements in air cooling with presentations from dr. camil ghiu of ats and dr. sukhvinder...
emi tape company releases new.24/2- ul-94 v-0 silicon thermal pad equivalent to bergquist gap pad vo soft
emi tape has released a family of silicon thermal pad equivielnts to berquist product family.
coolitdc v. 6.00 boosts modeling accuracy & ease-of-use
daat research corp. introduces a wealth of new enhancements for coolitdc, its powerful cfd software for data center design. the new features boost...
isola introduces very low-loss materials for advanced automotive safety and driver assistance systems [video]
isola announces astra, a very low-loss dielectric constant (dk) product for millimeter wave frequencies and beyond. astra revolutionizes rf and...
sapa's north american technical center develops new modular method to manufacture high ratio air cooled heat sinks - video
created by sapa's north american technical center (natc)-an internal research, design and development center that works to provide innovative...
vincotech's modules with pre-applied phase-change material - video
vincotech offers modules with a layer of pre-applied pcm. the thermal interface material is applied in a layer with uniform thickness by a...
3 experts in cfd give a glimpse to the future in thermal management at coolingzone-13
coolingzone-13 will feature three experts in cfd. ruben bons from cd-adapco. marie ross from future facilities and yuya ando from cradle cfd. each...
cd-adapco releases star-ccm+ v8.04 for cfd
star-ccm+ v8.04 for cfd features these enhancements: dramatic improvements in the parallel scalability for complex multi-region simulations, multiple...
t-global technology are pleased to announce their new range of thermally conductive interface caps.
the thinc range of interface caps offer exceptionally low thermal contact resistance and electrical isolation which ensures maximum protection...
colder products connector family designed for liquid cooling of electronics
safeguard electronics and reduce downtime associated with installation, service and maintenance. quick disconnect couplings make maintaining liquid...
technology corner
second-law analysis of molten-salt thermal energy storage in thermoclines [purdue university & seriius]
today's energy use demands an
scientists create tiny bendy power supply for even smaller portable electronics [royal society of chemistry]
the tiny power supply measures less than half a centimetre across and is made from a flexible material, opening up the possibility for wearable and...
innovative technologies help ensure higher data center temperatures are safe []
as technology evolves, computer power density will increase, consuming more energy and generating more heat. in response, manufacturers will come up...
boron compound beats diamond for cooling electronics [the engineer]
a team of theoretical physicists at the us naval research laboratory (nrl) and boston college has identified cubic boron arsenide as a material with...
improving the heat removal qualities of graphene [ecn magazine]
the university of california at riverside receives funding to study the thermal properties of graphene, which is expected to lead to new approaches...
engineering how to
how to calculate the load for a liquid cooled system
this article presents basic equations for liquid cooling and provides numerical examples on how to calculate the loads in a typical liquid cooling...
what are the general methods for measuring thermal conductivity and how to apply them
this article provides an overview of the principal methods for measuring thermal conductivity, particularly in electronics thermal management....
how to apply the first law of thermodynamics in electronics cooling
applying the first law requires that we keep track of all forms of energy and make sure that every bit of energy is accounted for. in many cases,...

conferences & webinars
coolingzone-13: the thermal management industry international summit (usa, ma | 10-21-2013)
join the thermal management industries leading companies to not just hear theory but solutions, from the industry's leading suppliers. you won’t leave with formulas, you’ll leave with answers from these leading suppliers and technologists in thermal management.

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