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coolingzone technical newsletter august 19, 2013 august 19, 2013
top stories
enhancing heat sink performance using thermoelectric coolers (tecs)
tecs can extend heat sink air cooling but their application needs careful implementation
coolingzone-13 welcomes dr. camil ghiu, member of technical staff, ats
driving to 0.1oc/w in compact air cooled heat sinks: flow management/air jet impingement
immersion liquid cooilng for servers in data centers
driving to a datacenter power usage effectiveness of 1.0 with immersion liquid cooling
coolingzone-13 welcomes dennis downs, colder products liquid cooling
the science and engineering behind good leak proof coupling in liquid cooling
product news
advanced thermal management with galinstan based cooling and oblique fin micro-/mini-channel heat sinks discussed at coolingzone 2013 - register today!
coolingzone 2013 will feature a number of topics on advanced thermal management. two of those feature dr. mark hodes of tufts university and dr. lee...
cree announces led module to replace 70w cmh and save 50% in energy
modular solid-state lighting (ssl) engines allow luminaire manufacturers to quickly add led technology to existing product families and the cree lmh2...
customizable pressure and thermal sensing solutions by honeywell
honeywell today announced that it has launched new customizable pressure and thermal sensor solutions including modules with multiple sensors and...
freezer 200 series active heat sinks released for embedded and industrial computing cooling applications
ztech, the taiwan-based thermal and metal products manufacturer, is pleased to announce the addition of the freezer 200 series - mobile cpu cooler...
3m releases new video on their dispensable thermal pad
dow has released a new video depicting the actual screen printing of their dispensable thermal pad onto the target location. the video is an...
ats introduces new thermal test instrument, fsc-200, fan speed controller
ats has just introduced a new lab instrument, the fsc-200(tm) fan speed controller. this device is designed to control the fan/fan tray speed in a...
pushing the limits of air cooled heat sinks focus part of coolingzone 2013 - register today
coolingzone-13 will present a focus on next generation advancements in air cooling with presentations from dr. camil ghiu of ats and dr. sukhvinder...
coolitdc v. 6.00 boosts modeling accuracy & ease-of-use
daat research corp. introduces a wealth of new enhancements for coolitdc, its powerful cfd software for data center design. the new features boost...
sapa's north american technical center develops new modular method to manufacture high ratio air cooled heat sinks - video
created by sapa's north american technical center (natc)-an internal research, design and development center that works to provide innovative...
t-global technology announces new thermally conductive liquid gap filling material
t-global technologies has released their latest thermal interface material, the tg4040-2k thermally conductive liquid gap filling matierial. the...
technology corner
copper? aluminum? composites or graphene? our latest coolingzone poll is curious as to your materials choice [coolingzone 30-second poll]
there are a variety of materials you can choose to fabricate a heat sink from. coolingzone is curious though, which one did you choose for your last...
zero-dimensional transistor harvests bubble energy wasted during water electrolysis []
when hydrogen is produced from water during electrolysis, some energy is lost as tiny bubbles. in a new study, researchers have demonstrated that...
back to basics: thermal management for power supplies [ee times]
one of the most important considerations in the design and selection of a power supply is its thermal management, says arun ananthampalayam of cui....
finding the keys to boiling heat transfer []
a team of mit researchers has succeeded in carrying out the first systematic investigation of the factors that control boiling heat transfer from a...
self healing solar cells channel natural processes [product design and development]
in a new paper, north carolina state university researchers orlin velev and hyung-jun koo show that creating solar cell devices with channels that...
engineering how to
how to choose the best heat sink attachment
there are many traditional as well as new attachment methods that the designer can choose from. in this article we will explore some of the commonly...
5 methods engineers can use to improve the performance of micro channel heat sinks
the increasing power density of electronic devices has pushed traditional air cooling technology to its performance limit. with air as a working...
how to perform a fan cooled enclosure analysis using a first order method
the design engineer should have a working knowledge of first order analysis methods in order to ascertain the magnitude of the thermal design problem.

conferences & webinars
coolingzone-13: the thermal management industry international summit (usa, ma | 10-21-2013)
join the thermal management industries leading companies to not just hear theory but solutions, from the industry's leading suppliers. you won’t leave with formulas, you’ll leave with answers from these leading suppliers and technologists in thermal management.

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