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coolingzone technical newsletter septemer 5, 2013 september 05, 2013
top stories
coolingzone-13 welcomes bill pfeiffer of sp3diamond
diamond heat spreader material for thermal management/heat transfer challenges
next generation processor cooling and power trends
cooling challenges in semiconductors: manycore chip multiprocessors and 3d integration
coolingzone-13 welcomes mike tozier tech. dev. mgr. at sapa extrusions
lowering aluminum heat sink and liquid cooler thermal resistance with friction stir welding
liquid cooling for next generation smartphones
processor-intensive apps force some smartphone makers to move to liquid cooling
product news
coolingzone 2013 is just 6 weeks away! tech newsletter readers get 15% off till september 21st
coolingzone 2013 is just six weeks away. the summit features leading experts in thermal management and electronics cooling. topics covered include...
altair announces innovative cloud applications on amazon web services for mainstream cfd users
altair today announced the release of cfdcalc, an on-demand and affordable computational fluid dynamics (cfd) application, built on top of altair's...
new electronic temperature controllers provide user-friendly accessibility
oven industries announces a new electronic temperature controllers with easy-to-use software. the new open board units are ideal for thermoelectric...
fujipoly announces new low resistance tim delivers 6.0 w/m k performance
fujipoly announces the introduction of sarcon� gr45a-00 a very low modulus thermal interface material with a low thermal resistance. this new...
koolance has released three new multi-purpose cold plates
koolance has released three new multi-purpose cold plates for heat sources ranging from 25-50 mm/sq. all models use high efficiency copper microfins...
electronic enclosure air conditioner drip pan design eliminates condensate - protects cabinet contents, prevents rust and corrosion
eic solutions, inc., a leading manufacturer of thermoelectric air conditioners, electronic enclosures and transit cases, has introduced drip pans...
tglobal technologies releases ph3n high performance heat spreader
tglobal technologies releases their ph3n high performance heat spreader. the spreader has been tested to reduce junction temperatures by almost 20...
advanced thermal management with galinstan based cooling and oblique fin micro-/mini-channel heat sinks discussed at coolingzone 2013 - register today!
coolingzone 2013 will feature a number of topics on advanced thermal management. two of those feature dr. mark hodes of tufts university and dr. lee...
ats introduces new thermal test instrument, fsc-200, fan speed controller
ats has just introduced a new lab instrument, the fsc-200(tm) fan speed controller. this device is designed to control the fan/fan tray speed in a...
sapa group north american technical center develops new modular method to manufacture high ratio air cooled heat sinks - video
created by sapa's north american technical center (natc)-an internal research, design and development center that works to provide innovative...
technology corner
nec offers up cooling technology for racks in data centers [eweek]
nec officials say the company has developed data center cooling technology that can drive down the power consumption of air conditioners by as much...
new generation of embedded computing thermal management in development at ge [aerospace and defense blog]
high-performance embedded computing (hpec) designers may get a new tool over the next couple of years to in their quest to control the internal...
panasonic makes a 10 micron thick carbon phone heatsink [semiaccurate]
panasonic makes a 10 micron thick carbon phone heatsink. panasonic was showing off one of the most incredible heatsinks on the market, 10�m...
self-healing solar cells ‘channel’ natural processes [product design and development]
to understand how solar cells heal themselves, look no further than the nearest tree leaf or the back of your hand. the “branching” vascular...
simulation of two-phase flow and heat transfer in mini and micro channels for concentrating photovoltaics cooling
advances in concentrating photovoltaics technology have generated a need for more effective thermal management techniques. research in photovoltaics...
engineering how to
the fundamentals of infrared temperature measurement
the advantages of infrared thermometry play an important role in thermal management. consider the need to measure the temperature of an object...
how to optimize heat sink fin spacing
there is a definite optimum for the fin spacing, where the temperature difference (sink to ambient) is minimized. here's how to calculate it...
how to employ a fourier series solution to the problem of calculating the temperature distribution on a convection cooled plate
the use of the fourier series to the temperature distribution problem is by no means the only approach but at times it is nevertheless the most...

conferences & webinars
coolingzone-13: the thermal management industry international summit (usa, ma | 10-21-2013)
join the thermal management industries leading companies to not just hear theory but solutions, from the industry's leading suppliers. you won’t leave with formulas, you’ll leave with answers from these leading suppliers and technologists in thermal management.

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