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coolingzone technical newsletter january 23, 2014
top stories
diamond-based thermal management systems
diamond's heat transfer of 2000 w/m-k making it a potential solution for tough thermal challenges
the performance of a heat sink with piezoelectric fins
led's can run to hot for passive cooling; piezo electric fans can be bring just the right amount of cooling
next generation processor cooling and power trends
cooling challenges in semiconductors: manycore chip multiprocessors and 3d integration
autodesk online sustainablity workshop for energy use, system design
a focused set of videos geared to helping engineers learn sustainable design practices
coolingzone news
coolingzone supplier directory features solutions providers in heat sinks, advanced materials and more!
the coolingzone supplier directory is a great way to find solutions for your next thermal management design. this focused directory helps you find...
coolingzone tutorials: what are the five critical things every engineer should know for thermal management?
there are five critical domains in thermodynamics that every mechanical engineer should understand. do you know them? read about there at the...
coolingzone bookstore features great learning resources for thermal management
the coolingzone bookstore features helpful books, like qpedia, and videos on a variety of topics in thermal management. click on the link to visit...
product news
fluids simulation advancements in ansys 15.0 bring faster and more accurate results to users [video]
with faster pre-processing, solver and optimization technologies, users of ansys release 15.0 for fluid dynamics simulation will be able to meet...
flir systems introduces first thermal imager designed for smartphones [video]
flir systems, inc. flir -0.58% announces the launch of flir one(tm), the first consumer-oriented thermal imaging system. introduced today at ces...
ge, aavid thermalloy partner to commercialize ge's dual cool jets (dcj) technology [video]
ge today announced it is partnering with aavid thermalloy, a world leader in thermal technologies, to commercialize ge's patented dual piezoelectric...
liquid crystal thermography system measures pcb and component temperatures [video]
the new ethermview™ liquid crystal thermographic analysis system provides precise, optical temperature measurements of active pcbs and components....
new instantfit led t8 from philips slashes conversion cost and time to replace fluorescent tubes with led technology
the instafit led t8 tubes save over 40 percent in lighting related energy costs- combined with their long lifetime, facility managers can recover...
flow electronic cooling module for solidworks released by dassault systems
product engineers can optimize the cooling strategy for electronic components concurrent to the design process using the electronic cooling module....
new version of nanoradian probe released
a new version of nanoradian probe is available from zebraoptical. the np-1 probe is designed to be used as a cost effective drop in replacement of...
future facilities has launched a significant update to its powerful, predictive modelling suite, 6sigmadc.
future facilities, the world's only provider of predictive dcim (data centre infrastructure management) software, has launched a significant update...
fluke 2638a hydra series iii data acquisition system provides best-in-class thermocouple accuracy in a portable system
fluke corporation introduces the fluke 2638a hydra series iii, the latest addition to the hydra line of data acquisition systems / digital...
space saving, energy saving thermoelectric air conditioners
teca corporation (chicago, il) introduces the largest flush-mounted thermoelectric air conditioners currently available on the market. for enclosures...
technology corner
a collaborative effort breaks fourier's law - mit news office [mit]
mit researchers find that fourier's law of heat conduction breaks down at lengths much longer than previously thought.
organic mega flow battery promises breakthrough for renewable energy [harvard]
harvard technology could economically store energy for use when the wind doesn’t blow and the sun doesn’t shine.
a new figure of merit for objectively evaluating electronics thermal management technologies [university of wisconsin]
could the shah et al. exergetic resistance be the tool necessary to fairly compare the many liquid cooling technologies available?
tools for designing thermal management of batteries in electric drive vehicles [nrel; pdf file]
this presentation describes the tools the u.s. national renewable energy lab (nrel) has used and that they believe are needed to design properly...
bae systems joins boeing in darpa program to advance electronics thermal management [military and aerospace electronics]
microelectronics experts at the bae systems electronic systems segment in merrimack, n.h., are joining a u.s. military research program to break...
engineering how to
cooling electronics at high altitudes made easy
high altitude air cooling has always been somewhat of a mystery to the uninformed. the first reaction to the situation is that there is just not...
the application of thermoelectric coolers for module cooling enhancement
thermoelectric coolers offer the potential to enhance the cooling of electronic module packages to reduce chip operating temperatures or to allow...
a simple method for estimating the strength of radiation compared to the other modes of heat transfer
here's a handy trick for calculating the effect of radiation compared with convective cooling. it's especially useful for quick analyses in systems...

conferences & webinars
9th european advanced technology workshop on micropackaging and thermal management
february 5 & 6, 2014 sandrine lelong-feneyrou (zodiac aerospace). the workshop will present cooling solutions for microelectronics packaging; micro-cooling solutions; heat conductive materials at chip, board, sub-system and system levels, advances in pcbs for thermal management; thermal modeling and simulation; heatsinks,...
semi-therm 30
march 9-13, 2014, san jose, ca the mission of the ieee semiconductor thermal management and measurement symposium or semi-therm is to provide an annual forum for the exchange of latest technical developments in thermal management of electronic devices, components and systems. semi-therm’s mission is accomplished by...
itherm 2014
may 27 – 30, 2014 • walt disney world swan & dolphin hotel, lake buena vista (orlando), fl usa - itherm 2014 is an international conference for scientific and engineering exploration of thermal, thermomechanical and emerging technology issues associated with electronic devices, packages and systems. itherm 2014 will be...

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