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coolingzone-14 technical newsletter august 12, 2014
top stories
thermal management of electronic/telecom systems with pcms
a tutorial on pcms, phase change material, for the thermal management of electronic systems
design, construction, and modeling of micro heat pipes
professor s. dasgupta, of iit, presents a tutorial on micro heat pipes, design, construction
optimization tecs for best cooling effect
thermoelectric cooler optimization for deployment in electronics thermal management
select the proper fan for your application
how to determine how much airflow you need to choose the proper fan
coolingzone news
coolingzone 2014 thermal management econference registration open!
this year's coolingzone 2014 thermal management econference will be october 20-21. coolingzone econference is an engineering and technical...
nrel to lead battery ev/hv track at coolingzone 2014 thermal management econference
coolingzone 2014 is pleased to announce the national renewable energy lab will be leading our battery ev/hv track.
coolingzone library revamped for ease of use!
coolingzone's deep library of technical articles has been revamped for ease of use! don't miss this great free resource for thermal management.
product news
thermal bridging guide released to help building thermal management [video]
morrison hershfield, an engineering and technical advisory firm, announced the release of the building envelope thermal bridging guide - analysis,...
thermoelectric devices turn waste heat into electricity [video]
thermoelectric generator created that fits into one-square inch, quarter-inch thick module. the device turns waste heat emitted by vehicles into...
degree c introduces next-generation multi-point airflow measurement instrument, with enhanced accuracy and mobile access [video]
the degree c port3600 aggregates up to 36 sensors designed for minimal airflow disruption and can simultaneously measure air velocity, air and...
greenshine new energy solar street lights see deployment in saudia arabia
greenshine new energy llc (greenshine) is delighted to announce its most customized solar street lights yet. fifty-six custom-made solar street...
cooler master product spotlight: heat pipe family: ultra-slim, dual-diameter and loop for oem's [video]
cooler master's heat pipe family includes 1mm thick "ultra-slim", dual diameter heat pipes and loop heat pipes. the ultra-slim products...
applied math modeling releases coolsim 4.3 next - generation data center design software
applied math modeling inc., a leading provider of data center design optimization software, announced today coolsim 4.3 - the next revision of the...
new igbt and rectifier diode modules from littelfuse combine high operating efficiency with wide choice of package designs
littelfuse, inc., the global leader in circuit protection, has added two products to its power control semiconductor line., the igbt and rectifier...
elite thermal engineering has introduced the ocp-300l thermoelectric cooling plate and hs-004l high-power heat sink for laboratory and oem applications.
elite thermal engineering has introduced the ocp-300l thermoelectric cooling plate and hs-004l high-power heat sink for laboratory and oem...
teca introduces new 3-phase thermoelectric air conditioners
teca now offers thermoelectric air conditioners for systems with 3-phase power. reliable thermoelectric technology is maintenance free and does not...
sanyo denki launches 120 x 120 x 38 mm ac dc fan with energy-savings and industry's leading lifespan
sanyo denki has developed and introduced the san ace 120ad. this cooling fan delivers energy-savings, extended operating temperatures and lifespan in...
technology corner
facebook slashes data center power consumption [light reading]
facebook is developing a new traffic management technology called autoscale to optimize energy consumption by 10-15% at its data centers.
a critical review of thermal issues in lithium-ion batteries [journal of the electrochemical society - pdf]
a review and analysis of the major thermal issues regarding lithiuim-ion batteries. special attention is given to the effects of temperature and...
experimental study on active cooling systems used for thermal management of high-power multichip light-emitting diodes [scientific world journal]
the objective of this study was to develop suitable cooling systems for high-power multichip leds. to this end, three different active cooling...
how japan plans to build and orbital solar farm [ieee spectrum]
imagine looking out over tokyo bay from high above and seeing a man-made island in the harbor, 3 kilometers long. a massive net is stretched over the...
the four myths of about active and passive cooling of high power led [edn]
active cooling can bring the weight and size of a total led fixture down. but what are the myths that make engineers shy from using them?
engineering how to
what new heat spreader options and materials are worth considering?
what are some of the newest options for materials for heat spreaders? our article from the cz library outlines some of the options.
how to do natural convection modeling of heat sinks analytically
analytical modeling is often a quick way to obtain a sense on if you are on the right track in your thermal design. learn how to do this, and use...
web based tools for thermal engineering
we've revamped our web based thermal calculation tools so you can have each tool running in its own window, giving engineers an easy way to do...

conferences & webinars
coolingzone 2014 thermal management econference
coolingzone econference is an engineering and technical conference for all professionals in thermal management, electronics cooling, heat transfer and energy transport. the event is in its 14th year.

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