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coolingzone technical newsletter september 30, 2014
top stories
advanced cooling technologies to present at coolingzone 2014
advanced cooling technologies (act) presents at coolingzone 2014 on heat pipes: fundamentals, design, modeling and more.
national renewable energy lab panel to present at coolingzone 2014
dr. ahmad pesaran, national renewable energy lab, tol lead a panel on "thermal management of batteries in automobiles"
coolingzone-14 thermal management econference program
this year's topics include ev/hv battery cooling, heat pipes, rack and server liquid cooling, data center cooling and much more!
select the proper fan for your application
how to determine how much airflow you need to choose the proper fan
coolingzone news
coolingzone-14 summit presenter: dr. carl zweben
are you using last centuries materials for your enclosures? advanced materials may make your designs lighter and cooler, learn how at coolingzone-14
coolingzone-14 summit presenter: national science foundation center for energy smart electronic systems
where is data center thermal management going? ambient air? sea air? full immersion in oil? this nsf panel reveals the trends.
coolingzone-14 summit presenter: cpc, inc.
would you bet your career on drip-less connections for liquid cooling? find out the answer from cpc, inc. at coolingzone 2014 summit
product news
techsil announces tim11021 and tim11123 thermal interface materials
techsil introduces 2 new one-component thermal interface materials to the market, the tim11021 and the tim11123. techsil tim11021 is a 1-part grey...
glacialtech launches two cold forging thermal module solutions: igloo fr210 and igloo fr210hp
glacialtech inc., an experienced technology manufacturer, launched two new cold forging thermal modules: igloo fr210 and igloo fr210hp. igloo fr210 /...
carbodeon develops nanodiamond composite thermally conductive thermoplastics with 20%-100% improvement in thermal conductivity.
carbodeon's udiamond nanodiamond materials can now achieve a 20 percent increase in polymer thermal performance by using as little as 0.03 wt.%...
flir systems announces ax8 thermal imager for industrial automation
the new flir systems ax8 thermal imager has 4,800 active temperature points per image, provides streaming temperature data over industry-standard...
henkel to acquire the bergquist company
henkel signed an agreement to acquire the bergquist company, a privately-held leading supplier of thermal-management solutions for the electronics...
thermal imaging and analysis for high speed semiconductor devices
microsanj announces the availability of a new high performance thermal analyzer in the thermoreflectance nanotherm series. the nt410a has a time...
act expanding high temperature heat pipe offerings [video]
advanced cooling technologies, inc (act) announced they are expanding their high temperature heat pipe products and service offerings. the new...
ats launches round and flat profile heat pipes to cool hot components
advanced thermal solutions, inc., ats, has introduced a series of copper heat pipes for transporting power dissipation away from hot electronic...
online calculator enables the rapid design and analysis of heat sinks
heat sink calculator's new online tool allows for thermal analysis of forced convection, natural convection, radiation, material properies and more. ...
cooler master product spotlight: heat pipe family: ultra-slim, dual-diameter and loop for oem's [video]
cooler master's heat pipe family includes 1mm thick "ultra-slim", dual diameter heat pipes and loop heat pipes. the ultra-slim products...
technology corner
accurate compact thermal models of three-die power packages [edn]
compact thermal models (ctm) of electronic packages how they are created, their purpose and use for thermal modeling.
hands on with seek thermal, the cost effective thermal imaging camera for your phone [pc world]
the $200 seek thermal imaging camera plugs in to your smartphone and turns a regular phone or tablet into a military-grade thermal camera
use bldc fans to create the next generation of thermal management [electronic design]
two-phase and three-phase bldc fans can be an excellent alternative to standard off the shelf fans; here is how and why to make them
engineering how to
how to use the air efficiency concept for front end thermal design estimates
air efficiency is helpful in many design situations and not the least for front-end estimates. here is how to do it.
how thermal conductivity relates to electrical conductivity
thermal conductivity affects electrical conductivity. here's how to understand it and get some ideas to apply it.
how to determine convection and radiation loss from a fin
how to calculate heat transfer from the fin to ambient air.

conferences & webinars
coolingzone-14 thermal management summit | a live webcast
featuring speakers from act, national science foundation, dr. carl zweben, national renewable energy lab, cpc, dantherm, dr. al ortega. covering new developments in data center cooling, heat pipe development and deployment, rack and server level liquid cooling, next generation materials, battery thermal management and more.

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