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coolingzone technical newsletter october 15, 2014
top stories
dr. carl zweben to present at coolingzone 2014
learn to use polymer matrix-, metal matrix- and other advanced materials for your next new electronics enclsoure at cz14 summit!
advanced cooling technologies to present at coolingzone 2014
advanced cooling technologies (act) presents at coolingzone 2014 on heat pipes: fundamentals, design, modeling and more.
national renewable energy lab panel to present at coolingzone 2014
dr. ahmad pesaran, national renewable energy lab, tol lead a panel on "thermal management of batteries in automobiles"
coolingzone-14 thermal management econference program
this year's topics include ev/hv battery cooling, heat pipes, rack and server liquid cooling, data center cooling and much more!
coolingzone news
we don't want you to miss out!
in 4 days, on october 20-21, cz14 summit, a live webcast, will feature significant technical presenters on battery thermal management, heat pipes,...
cz14 summit preview
telecomm industry trends in cooling: where the technology is and where it is going; learn it live at cz14 summit
what are telecom trends relative to the effect that will have on infrastructure and equipment and their thermal management. new trends will be...
why using advanced materials for your next electronics enclosure will give you a better product. learn it live at cz14 summit!
are you still using conventional materials such as steel, aluminum and polymers? learn how metal matrix, carbon matrix and polymer matrix materials...
are quick disconnect fittings for liquid cooilng of electronics safe? learn it live at cz14 summit!
liquid cooling is seeing wider use in handheld and desktop systems, servers, racks and full data centers. but are they safe and if they are, how...
what are the latest technologies in lithiuim ion battery thermal management for ev and hev? learn it live at cz14 summit!
how did gm use the latest technologies in lithium ion battery thermal management for the chevy volt? what simulation tools can be deployed for...
what are the emerging trends in data center thermal management? learn it live at cz14 summit!
the u.s. data center power usage was 11.55gw in 2013 and outsourced data center utilization is at 90%. data centers powering cloud computing are...
heat pipes: from basics to advanced materials; learn it live at cz14 summit!
in this two hour track, advanced cooling technologies will cover a full range of topics in heat pipes. topics include: heat pipe fundamentals, heat...
technology corner
thermal-fluid modeling for flat thin heat pipes/vapor chambers [thermal news]
to better understand the performance of new heat pipe devices, there have been advances in the understanding of the importance of non-condensable gas...
adding natural uncertainty improves mathematical models [brown university]
ironically, allowing uncertainty into a mathematical equation that models fluid flows makes the equation much more capable of correctly reflecting...
thermal test chips streamline system development [edn]
recent technology advances and the proliferation of the use of thermal test chips is allowing semiconductor manufacturers and companies designing...
engineering how to
when to use 2-phase heat pipes, hik plates, vapor chambers, and conduction cooling
cz14 summit presenter act's advice on the choosing of a 2-phase heat transfer device. hear them live at coolingzone 14 summit
battery thermal management in evs and hevs: issues and solutions
cz14 summit presenter dr. ahmad a. pesara, gives recommendations on battery thermal management. hear him live at coolingzone-14 summit
what are composite materials and how to apply them in thermal management
cz14 summit presenter dr. carl zweben talks on composite materials and their application to thermal management. hear him live at coolingzone-14 summit

conferences & webinars
coolingzone-14 thermal management summit | a live webcast
featuring speakers from act, national science foundation, dr. carl zweben, national renewable energy lab, cpc, dantherm, dr. al ortega. covering new developments in data center cooling, heat pipe development and deployment, rack and server level liquid cooling, next generation materials, battery thermal management and more.

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