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coolingzone technical newsletter february 24, 2015
top stories
thermal modeling for small form factor pluggable devices
communications devices are being stuffed into small, almost tiny packages like xfp, sfp's, here's how to model them
calculations for free convection cooled electronic enclosures
the better box analytical model developed by luiten is instrumental in doing quick calculations for convection cooled enclosures.
why led lighting needs thermal management
in this 10 minute webinar, osram sylvania gives an engineer's view on the why of led thermal management.
minimizing acoustical noise in electronic systems
how to keep electronics cool while keeping the noise within proper human limits
coolingzone news
save the date! coolingzone-15 thermal management summit
october 19-23, 2015 we'll be holding the 15th annual coolingzone thermal management summit, a live webcast! this year we'll be featuring two hour...
is there an optimum fin spacing for heat sinks?
yes there is! our handy analytical tools tells you how to do it and gives you a tool to do the calculations, see it in our design corner.
do you need a tec?
kryotherm is a supporter of coolingzone, checkout their extensive tec modules and drop them a line with any questions.
product & industry news
alpha novatech adds 120 mm pin fin series heat sinks to offering
alpha novatech has expanded its wide range of off-the-shelf products adding a series of 120mm products to its off the shelf offering. the larger...
aspen systems highlights their rugged, light weight mil spec air conditioner
ecu-chill 550 is a ruggedized air conditioning system for cooling electronics in mobile and stationary applications. ecu-chill 550 maintains sealed...
advaced cooling technology innovates heat pipe based energy recovery with new hvac thermal passive valve
act is introducing an industry first concept with its act-tpv thermal passive valve. thispatent pending development greatly enhances the energy...
mechatronix launches universal led cooler for bjb led module
the bjb led star cooler gh36d is specifically designed for luminaires using the bjb gh36d series led modules and various brands of cob led modules...
brass, plastic, and pem push pin heat sink attachments offer the right solution for almost any environment and application
brass, plastic, pem's and two different spring types are hallmarks of the ats push pin line of heat sinks. the wide array of material types and...
overset grid assembly in latest pointwise release
pointwise announces the latest release of its computational fluid dynamics (cfd) meshing software featuring direct integration with overset grid...
jaro's micro releases ultra-slim capillary heatpipes
new heat pipes from jaro feature mesh wicks, water as the working fluid, cooling capacity to 35 watts, and heat pipe thickness of .6mm, making...
reinforced nylon mesh inner layer; low-tac surface treatment characterize fujipoly sarcon 250g-hf2 tim
fujipoly's sarcon 250g-hf2d thermal interface material is manufactured with a reinforced nylon mesh inner layer as well as a low-tac surface...
glacialtech's stamped heatsink series supports 100-200w led floodlight designs
glacialtech, the diversified lighting and thermal solution provider, announces a new series of 100w-200w stamped heatsinks for flood lights and other...
furukawa stadium led heat sinks 70% lighter then conventional cast heat sinks with same effectiveness
furukawa electric co., ltd. (tokyo:5801) is launching sales of the new hyc series heat dissipation products for led lighting equipment. by achieving...
technology corner
one millimeter thick thermal groundplane made of polymer gives 100x greater thermal conductivity than copper [coolingzone]
the new technology is a one millimeter thick polymer ground plane encased in a nano-scale wicking structure in which distilled water is alternately...
lighting the way for a cool super bowl xlix [coolingzone]
the super bowl between the new england patriots and the seattle seahawks was played under led lights, the first time in super bowl history this has...
the history of cool [bbc]
this is the chilling story of men who changed the planet forever - by dropping the temperature...
sweden opens worlds first carbon negative data center [tech week europe]
the ‘climate positive’ data centre is powered entirely by renewable energy, including steam generated by burning wood chips
a nanoscale solution to the big problem of overheating in microelectronic devices []
plasmon energy expansion thermometry (peet)is a new technique that can be used to effectively measure the temperatures within a transistor by...
engineering how to
four questions to choose the right fan [ebm papst]
customers often ask what they believe to be a simple question: what is the most efficient fan? their logical goal? to identify the most efficient fan...
what is thermal resistance and how to apply it to thermal analysis
what is thermal resistance and applying to problems of conduction.
an analytical approach to choosing a tec for thermal management
tecs can sometimes be the single best solution to a cooling problem, using simple analytical models, you can now size them correctly.

conferences & webinars
coolingzone-15 thermal management summit | a live webcast
save the date! coolingzone thermal management summit | a live webcast! is being held october 19 to the 23rd, 2015. this years conference will feature both cutting edge and thermal management fundamentals topics

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