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coolingzone technical newsletter june 03, 2015
top stories
conduction-convection cooling solution for 3d stacked electronics
3d stacking of ic's is critical for components to fit into small systems, but the thermal penalty is high, here's how to cool them
thermal management in microgravity; heat control in a floating world
with 450 degree c temps, no convection cooling, 1,353 watt per meter solar load how do engineers cool electronics in space?
how to increase a fuel cells efficiency by 85% with thermal management
the energy efficiency of a fuel cell is generally between 40 to 60%, but up to 85% is possible with passive thermal management.
uncertainities in thermal design
besides temperature there are a other problems engineers need to be wary of.
coolingzone news
coolingzone-15 thermal management summit, october 20-22
october 20-22, 2015 we'll be holding the 15th annual coolingzone thermal management summit, a live webcast!
teca thermoelectric ac and coolers with 100 to 6000 btu/hr, high effeciency
whether equipment and electronics require protection in small electrical enclosures or large teca offers comprehensive thermoelectric cooling products
superior heat sink attachment with clipkit
clipkit is available for 15 – 45mm component packages and is designed for industry standard heat sinks that have a base thickness of 1.75 to 4mm.
product & industry news
aavid acquires qfinsoft technology for software for the simulation of fluid flow, thermodynamics, and combustion processes
aavid corporation ("aavid") announced it has acquired qfinsoft technology inc. ("qfinsoft"). based in rossland, bc, canada,...
dialog semiconductor achieves highest power density and efficiency in powering future computing platforms
dialog semiconductor announces the da9312, a power management ic that enables the design of smaller, thinner notebook computers and tablets powered...
heat sink attachment system increases off the shelf heat sink performance
advanced thermal solutions, inc., has introduced clipkit, the ultimate heat sink attachment system that can be used with most industry standard, off...
fujipoly highlights sarcon spg-30a ultra low compression thermal gap filler
sarcon spg-30a is an easy to handle, high viscosity thermal silicone that is ideal for filing large gaps between delicate circuit board components...
jaro launches low noise, fluid bearing air movers for thermal management
due to a variety of potential mounting options, jaro's frame-less bracket fans offer an amazing level of design flexibility. they are ideal for ic,...
nasa high temperature thermoelectric material called skutterudite commercialized by evident technologies
nasa's jet propulsion laboratory, pasadena, california, has licensed patents on high-temperature thermoelectric materials to evident technologies,...
low profile full brick baseplate cooled ac/dc supplies need no external components
xp power's asb110 series provides a complete ac/dc power supply module requiring no external components. the full-brick sized power supplies offer...
laird tech releases coolzorb 400 series- a thermal conductive absorber
this hybrid materials product provides emi mitigation while moving heat away from sensitive electronics; laird has introduced the dual-function,...
himalay engineering co. offers die cast aluminum heat-sinks for low-cost cooling [video]
made from high quality raw materials himalay engineering company's custom designing of aluminum heat-sinks increases the efficiency life of devices...
versarien technologies' launches first range of 10 low profile air cooled heat sinks
versarien plc's subsidiary, versarien technologies limited, has launched a brand new range of 10 low profile air cooled heat sinks using the material...
technology corner
squeeze to remove heat: elastocaloric materials enable more efficient, ‘green’ cooling []
materials that change temperature in response to mechanical stress could make possible solid-state refrigerators that are more efficient than...
simple analog asic solves difficult thermal analysis problems [ep&t]
thermal test chips allow engineers to get ahead of the curve in semiconductor thermal design by thermally engineering their silicon before going to...
a comparison between a heat pipe and thermosyphon performance with variable length evaporator []
experiments by dr. hussain h. ahmad at the university of mosul show that a heat pipe can outperform a two phase thermosyphon
using viruses to augment boiling and condensation processes []
research on the tobacco mosaic virus reveals it can augment boiling and condensation, leading to more efficient heating and cooling.
advanced materials for magnetic cooling [sigma-aldrich]
a paper from 2007 that gets to the basics on the advanced materials for magnetic cooling
engineering how to
easy calculations for heat sink optimum fin spacing
if the fin thickness is small relative to the fin spacing, the following equation can be used for estimating the optimum spacing and the optimum heat...
understanding the effect on audible noise and the fan curve when reducing an air movers rotational speed (rpm)
is there a way an engineer can calculate the new operating point of an air mover at reduced rotational speed? and how much does the audible noise go...
how to do heat transfer calculautions to size and deploy a thermosyphon
in this 10 minute video, vineet barot, engineer at ats, a coolingzone media sponser, discusses heat transfer calculations of a thermosyphon.

conferences & webinars
coolingzone-15 thermal management summit | a live webcast
coolingzone thermal management summit | a live webcast! is being held october 19 to the 23rd, 2015. this years conference will feature both cutting edge and thermal management fundamentals topics

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