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coolingzone technical newsletter august 04, 2015
top stories
dr. cliiff federspiel to speak on predictive analytics at cz2015
is your data center's cooling redundancy properly designed? with predictive analytics you don't have to guess about this.
coolingzone 2015 econference intro to program
what's happening at coolingzone 2015? thermal management from wearables to datacenter. watch to learn more!
dr. y.c. lee to speak on flexible thermal ground planes at cz2015
wearables are the next big thing and part of iot; learn how to cool them with flexible thermal ground planes
coolingzone-15 summit conference program announced
the coolingzone 2015 thermal management summit has announced their conference program and schedule of speakers
coolingzone 2015 thermal management econference
dr. rahul mulinti, ph.d. to speak at cz15 on heat pipe selection, bending and application strategies
this presentation will outline some of the strategies that can be used to select the right heat pipe for a specific application, including geometry,...
vineet barot to speak at cz2015 thermosyphons: how to properly size, choose and deploy in electronics cooling
in this 2 hour short course, we will focus only on the non-looped single tube, how to properly size, choose, and deploy for electronics cooling....
register today for coolingzone 2015!
in its 15th year, coolingzone 2015 thermal management econference has topics including immersive liquid cooling, best practice for temperature...
product & industry news
aavid thermalloy releases heat pipe exploration and discovery kit
aavids heat pipe exploration and discovery kits are designed for engineers experiment with heat pipes to get a feel for how they work, what they do,...
teca releases new pwm temperature controller for ahp-1200cpv cold/hot plate
teca has released a new pwm temperature controller for ahp-1200cpv cold/hot plate. the new temperature controller is a pulse width modulating (pwm)...
act receives lockheed martin contract to support missile development
advanced cooling technologies, inc. has announced that it has been awarded a contract from lockheed martin to help develop, test and ultimately field...
pentair acquires pigeon point systems to expand its schroff product portfolio for monitoring systems including shelf thermal management
pentair announces the acquisition of pigeon point systems, a producer of management components, focusing on open modular platforms as advancedtca,...
poweramerica and lockheed martin partner to accelerate the development of energy efficient electronics
poweramerica, the next generation power electronics manufacturing innovation institute, and lockheed martin are partnering to develop a new...
iceotope announces total liquid cooled mellanox-based switches
liquid cooling company, iceotope, has today announced that it has developed the first fan-less mellanox-based infiniband and ethernet...
dow corning introduces next-generation thermal interface material
dow corning, a developer of silicones, silicon-based technology and innovation, today unveiled new dow corning tc-3040 thermally conductive gel, a...
flir releases innovative thermal imaging moisture meter
the mr160 is the first moisture meter to be equipped with a built-in thermal camera and features infrared guided measurement (igm) technology driven...
furukawa stadium led heat sinks 70% lighter then conventional cast heat sinks with same effectiveness
furukawa electric co., ltd. (tokyo:5801) is launching sales of the new hyc series heat dissipation products for led lighting equipment. by achieving...
ats launches round and flat profile heat pipes to cool hot components
advanced thermal solutions, inc., ats, has introduced a series of copper heat pipes for transporting power dissipation away from hot electronic...
technology corner
graphene's thermoelectric properties to help cars recover lost thermal energy [the engineer]
charging bateries or running air conditioning could be assisted by energy from fuel normally wasted as heat emissions
white graphene structures can take the heat []
three-dimensional structures of boron nitride might be the right stuff to keep small electronics cool, according to scientists at rice university.
us doe's arpa-e funds study on smart fabrics that could maintain comfortable body temperature [azo network]
imagine a fabric that will keep your body at a comfortable temperature--regardless of how hot or cold it actually is. that's the goal of an...
demonstration of intelligent control and fan improvements in computer room air handlers [lawrence berkley national lab]
this paper demonstrates that upto a 66% savings in energy can be recognized through the deployment of intelligent conrols and fan improvements in...
thermal management techniques extend automotive ecu reliability [embedded computing design]
automobiles are extending evermore away from a status symbol to the state of being a platform, here are some techniques to cool the electronics in...
engineering how to
how to do heat transfer calculautions to size and deploy a thermosyphon [sponsored]
in this video, we discuss heat transfer calculations of a thermosyphon - how to size them and deploy them
dimensionless numbers in heat transfer
reynolds number, nusselt number, prandtl number, grashof number, rayleigh number explained and applied for thermal engineers
which materials offer the best thermal conductivity for heat sinks? [sponsored]
aluminum and copper are often the default choices for heat sinks but are there are other choices based on the metals ability to transfer heat? there...

conferences & webinars
coolingzone-15 thermal management econference
coolingzone thermal management summit | econference! is being held october 20-22nd, 2015. with cooling the internet of things in mind, we'll have speakers on cooling wearables, to predictive data center cooling to liquid cooling

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