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coolingzone tech newsletter 11-30-16 november 30, 2016
top stories
simulation shows potential for graphene tim
scientists recently published research on a new theory about using bumpy nanostructures and graphene as a tim.
gecko-inspired adhesive bonds at extreme temp
researchers develop a new dry adhesive that bonds even in extreme temperature, which could be used in space.
two-phase cold plates to cool ev battery
researchers developed a new, two-phase cold plate design for cooling automotive power electronics.
new method for cooling electronics
researchers modified the energy spectrum of acoustic phonons, confining them to nanoparticle semiconductors.
coolingzone update
register for free webinar on thermal management of medical electronics
on thursday, dec. 15, advanced thermal solutions, inc. (ats) will host a free, online webinar on "thermal management of medical electronics".
coolingzone announces new editor
coolingzone is pleased to announce that josh perry is the new site editor. contact josh at with press releases or story ideas.
check out new videos on cooltv
cooltv, coolingzone's engineering and science information channel, has videos about the thermal management industry from product demos to webinars...
product & industry news
siemens and vigilent target data center energy efficiency
siemens and vigilent announced a reseller partnership in north america to jointly provide customers with a comprehensive and unique thermal...
coolit systems to showcase hpc liquid cooling offering at sc16
coolit offers a rack mounted liquid-to-air cdu that allows users to realize the benefits of liquid cooling without the requirement of facility water.
gigabytelaunches geforce gtx 1050 series
gigabyte joins the party with the geforce gtx 1050 ti and gtx 1050 graphics cards, equipped with 4gb of 128-bit gddr5 memory.
siemens introduces new metal-enclosed interrupter switchgear
siemens has introduced siebreak,, the company?s new metal-enclosed interrupter switchgear, featuring a modular design that provides medium-voltage...
nec energy solutions to supply utility with plug-and-play energy storage solution
nec energy solutions announced that it is supplying southern california edison (sce) with its first grid energy storage pilot system under a...
osram expands automotive range with oslon black flat s series
osram debuted the oslon black flat s series, which the company says is the world?s first surface mountable leds comprising up to five individually...
world courier unveils lighter thermal packaging solution
world courier unveiled a new packaging solution for pallet-sized shipments that will reduce transport costs and maintain temperature up to 40 percent...
solvay launches new polyamide for thermal management systems
solvay launched its new technyl redx polyamide that integrates a smart molecule technology, which activates under high temperatures and leads to...
icecub is first home cooling solution with integrated energy storage
iceenergy, a leader in distributed thermal energy storage solutions, has introduced the icecub, a new cooling and heating solution for homes that...
royal dsm announces polyamides with advanced thermal properties
royal dsm, a global science company, announced at the recent k 2016 trade fair in dusseldorf, germany that it is releasing a new polymer that will...
technology corner
ibm is betting big on cognitive computing [tech republic]
ibm's mac devine spoke at the 2016 structure conference on how iot, big data, and cognitive computing are changing the way that enterprises are...
microorganisms in cow manure used to build rechargeable battery [tech xplore]
for the first time, researchers from wetsus, the european centre of excellence for sustainable water technology; and wageningen university, both in...
scientists find static 'stripes' of electrical charge in copper-oxide superconductor []
scientists at the u.s. department of energy's (doe) brookhaven national laboratory have demonstrated that static, as opposed to fluctuating, charge...
novel nanomaterial could yield lossless charge and energy transport [ieee spectrum]
researchers at the department of energy's lawrence berkeley national laboratory (berkeley lab), in cooperation with the max planck institute for...
intercalated water layers promote thermal dissipation at bio-nano interfaces [nature]
the increasing interest in developing nanodevices for biophysical and biomedical applications results in concerns about thermal management at...
engineering how to
how to calculate the effect of radiation compared to convection cooling
here's a handy trick for calculating the effect of radiation compared with convective cooling. it's especially useful for quick analyses in systems...
how to perform pci thermal management
so how can an engineer go about cooling a very hot pci based board? the following case study from qpedia thermal emagazine shows one such example.
how to apply thermal interface material: thermal tape
ats engineer greg demonstrates the correct way to apply thermal tape to your heat sink. it's one minute, 30 seconds in length and will help you get...

conferences & webinars
jsme-ksme thermal and fluids engineering conference
october 28-30, 2017, okinawa, japan - the time has come to announce tfec9. in keeping with the tradition of previous conferences, tfec9 will be open to those interested in the wide range of thermal and fluids engineering. the subjects to be presented at tfec9 are listed under the title of scope in this announcement. it...
international conference on thermal engineering theory and applications
february 26 - 28, 2017 in muscat, oman - the conference main objective is to bring together researchers engaged in the application of experimental, analytical, or theoretical thermal and energy engineering. the suggested topics link between conventional and emerging research areas in thermal energy. papers submitted to...
intersociety conference on thermal and thermomechanical phenomena in electronic systems
may 30-june 2, 2017 in orlando, florida - sponsored by the ieee's cpmt society, itherm 2017 is an international conference for scientific and engineering exploration of thermal, thermomechanical and emerging technology issues associated with electronic devices, packages and systems. itherm 2016 will be held along with...

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