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coolingzone tech newsletter 1-5-17 january 05, 2017
top stories
early evaporation enhances boiling heat transfer
researchers discovered early evaporation of the microlayer at the base of a bubble in boiling water enhances chf.
atomically thin chips created at stanford
engineers created molybdenum disulfide crystals that are only three atoms thick but large enough to form a chip.
magnetic nanofluids used in thermal switches
researchers developed a new magnetically activated thermal switch that utilizes magnetic nanofluids.
lithium-sulfur could be future of batteries
the jcesr announced that it was on target to meet its five-year goal of creating better batteries.
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product & industry news
modine completes acquisition of luvata heat transfer solutions
modine manufacturing company, a diversified global leader in thermal management technology and solutions, announced the completion of its previously...
ericsson launches new dc/dc converter with hrr technology
ericsson has launched a low-profile, 450w dc-dc converter module that is designed to deliver a tightly regulated 12v output voltage at up to 37.5a to...
ii-vi marlow announces distribution partnership with digi-key electronics
the ii-vi marlow division of ii?vi incorporated a leading provider of high quality, high performance thermoelectric solutions, announced an...
mks announces launch of series 49 complete thermal management system
mks instruments, inc., a global provider of technologies that enable advanced processes and improve productivity today announced the introduction of...
advance riko introduces atmospheric thermoelectric module evaluation system
advance riko, a supplier of advanced thermal management and evaluation systems, has developed a new system which evaluates thermoelectric modules...
green revolution cooling gets new ceo and partners with heat transfer solutions
green revolution cooling (grc) announced a strategic partnership with heat transfer solutions (hts), the largest independent hvac manufacturers?...
amerlux upgrades chaperone led indirect garage luminaire
engineered to replace inefficient garage fixtures while transforming parking facilities into safe, pedestrian friendly areas, the amerlux chaperone...
linde and praxair announce intention to merge
linde ag and praxair, inc. announced that the companies intend to combine in a merger of equals under a new holding company through an all-stock...
penn state researchers introduce more stable polymers to electrical circuits
a team of researchers at penn state university have determined that by controlling the order and arrangement of fluorinated polymer chains in the...
technology enhances electrical and thermal conductivity of composites
collaboration between the university of surrey's (u.k.) advanced technology institute (ati), the university of bristol's (u.k.) advanced composite...
technology corner
squeezed states of light can improve feedback cooling significantly []
in recent experiments at dtu physics, researchers have employed a quantum-enhanced feedback technique to dampen the motion of a micron-sized...
thermal management in consumer-grade digital cameras []
in general, most digital cameras based on cmos imagers are uncooled. the camera body is utilized as a heatsink with minimal compensation for dark...
tiny laser created using nanoparticles [science daily]
researchers have developed a plasmonic nanolaser that operates at visible light frequencies and uses so-called dark lattice modes.
hpe's new chip marks a milestone in optical computing [ieee spectrum]
a team at hewlett packard labs, in palo alto, calif., has built a demonstration chip that could help push some particularly thorny computations into...
coupled thermal-electrical simulations shed light on led performance [thermal news]
zumtobel, a leading supplier of integral lighting solutions for professional lighting applications, has addressed this problem by investigating the...
engineering how to
how to perform thermal analysis of a thermoelectric cooler
selecting a thermoelectric cooler can be a difficult process. their performance depends on many variables including operating temperature, supply...
how to do thermal modeling of lithium-ion batteries
a discussion on the different aspects of lithium-ion thermal modeling. the 20-minute webinar runs from explaining why the thermal dynamics of a...
how to optimize heat sinks in non-confined flow
non-confined flow is, in this context, another way to express that a heat sink has an airflow bypass. some of the incoming air, therefore, takes a...

conferences & webinars
intersociety conference on thermal and thermomechanical phenomena in electronic systems
may 30-june 2, 2017 in orlando, florida - sponsored by the ieee's cpmt society, itherm 2017 is an international conference for scientific and...
2017 american society of thermal and fluids engineers (astfe) conference
april 2-5, 2017 in las vegas, nevada - the 2017 american society of thermal and fluids engineers (astfe) conference and 4th international workshop on...
joint european thermodynamics conference
may 21-25, 2017 in budapest, hungary - methods and concepts of equilibrium and non-equilibrium thermodynamics appear in various areas of physics,...

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