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coolingzone tech newsletter 03-02-17 march 02, 2017
top stories
researchers use heat to levitate objects
two students at the university of chicago demonstrated how to levitate objects using the movement of heat.
kinetics, not heat, used to create ceramic coating
ultrafine-grained coatings created by slamming high-velocity submicron ceramic particles onto a surface at room temperature.
dutch startup introduces immersed computing
asperitas introduced a water-cooled, oil-immersion system that relies on natural convection for circulation of the dielectric liquid.
new rubber is stretchable, thermally conductive
researchers developed a rubber material that demonstrated metal-like thermal conductivity and can stretch to six times its length.
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product & industry news
fujipoly offers reliable connection between pcb and lcd displays
the zebra 1002 carbon connector from fujipoly offers electronic device manufacturers an extremely affordable and reliable option for connecting...
alphacool presents the eiswand water cooling set for cpus
alphacool presents the eiswand, "ice wall," a water cooling set for your cpu that can also be expanded on through its two quick-release...
ek announces g-frost hybrid water block for gigabyte aorus z270x gaming 9
ek water blocks is proud to announce the all new aorus ga-z270x-gaming 9 motherboard, that is equipped with an ekwb g-frost hybrid water block.
thermalright announces new silver arrow itx-r processor cooler
in the revised version of the silver arrow, the itx-r is also compatible with the latest models of the asus m8i mainboard series.
phanteks launches glacier g1080 water block for nvidia gtx 1080 founder edition
phanteks, a leader in thermal cooling, is excited to launch its very first water block designed for the new nvidia gtx 1080 founders edition.
microsemi unveils industry-lowest power, cost-optimized fpga product family
microsemi corporation, a leading provider of semiconductor solutions differentiated by power, security, reliability and performance, announced the...
palit releases the silent 0db geforce gtx1050 ti kalmx
palit microsystems ltd., the leading graphics card manufacturer, releases a new line called kalmx and is consist of geforce gtx 1050ti series.
hanon systems wins ir52 jang young-shil award for automotive water-air cooled condenser
hanon systems has been named co-winner of the ir52 jang young-shil award with hyundai motor company for its water-air cooled condenser for passenger...
eaton delivers enhanced flexibility and efficiency with 5p rackmount compact ups
eaton announced the launch of its new 5p rackmount compact uninterruptible power supply (ups), delivering enterprise class battery backup power for...
danfoss introduces new optyma slim condensing units
danfoss has extended its line of fully-equipped condensing units designed for low-temperature and medium-temperature outdoor applications.
technology corner
ibm zurich researchers measure single quantum of heat [coolingzone]
for the first time, ibm scientists, along with students from eth zurich, successfully measured the thermal conductance of metallic quantum point...
'thermal metamaterial' innovation could help bring waste-heat harvesting technology to power plants [science daily]
researchers have used a 'thermal metamaterial' to control the emission of radiation at high temperatures, an advance that could bring devices able...
a novel approach to development of a thermal capacitor [electronics cooling magazine]
the lack of an effective thermal capacitor in the thermal domain has often led to designs that are oversized and focused on the peak worst-case...
keeping our cool in space []
using a loop with a transparent heating tube aboard the international space station, researchers will establish flow rate, heating power, ratio of...
dutch startup asperitas releases liquid cooled modular data center [coolingzone]
asperitas, a dutch startup company focused on finding environmentally-friendly solutions for the data center industry, has introduced the aic24, the...
engineering how to
how to integrate thermal and electromagnetic design in telecom systems
as the electronics industry relentlessly demands faster digital devices and higher power densities, managing thermal performance and complying with...
how to understand dimensionless numbers in heat transfer
it is almost impossible to read an article or listen to a lecture on heat transfer without hearing names like reynolds. nusselt, rayleigh, etc. these...
how to design a heat sink
in this two part lecture series, which is in an hour in total for both videos, dr. matthew inman, ph.d. provides an excellent introduction on how to...

conferences & webinars
semi-therm 33rd annual symposium and exhibit
march 13-17, 2017 - san jose, california - join us tuesday morning for the keynote speech where you can learn about industry trends, challenges, and opportunities. lunch speakers on tuesday and wednesday will present one topic each. the first topic discusses thermally related technical issues, while the second is an...
asian conference on thermal sciences
march 26-30, 2017 - icc jeju, jeju island, korea - to enhance more scientific interactions among asian researchers, scientists and practitioners working in the area of heat transfer, a regional networking system, asian union of thermal sciences and engineering (autse), was established in november, 2015. autse has decided...
power magnetics at high frequency- transforming the black magic to engineering
saturday march 25, 2017, tampa, florida - the psma magnetics committee and ieee pels are organizing a second workshop, "power magnetics at high frequency - transforming the black magic to engineering" to be held on saturday - the day before and in the same venue as apec 2017 at the tampa convention center.

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