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coolingzone tech newsletter 3-16-17 march 16, 2017
top stories
bubble-recoil cools microchips in space
scientists used the minuscule force of forming bubbles on a heated surface to cool high-powered electronics, even in space.
crystal dislocations affect quantum heat transfer
mit research showed crystal dislocations affect electrical and heat transport at a microscopic, quantum mechanical level.
two-phase cooling studied for space travel
two-phase flow investigation by jaxa and nasa is exploring two-phase boiling as a cooling solution for space exploration.
nanoislands provide thermal gateways
researchers detailed phonons of europium silicide (eusi2) change depending on the nanostructure on a substrate of silicon.
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product & industry news
psma announces apec 2017 industry session on 3d power packaging
the power sources manufacturers association (psma) packaging committee is sponsoring an industry session at apec 2017 titled, "component,...
cool technologies granted new patent for radial vent cooling
on february 24, 2017, cool technologies, inc., an innovator in mobile power generation, energy efficiency, and heat removal technologies received the...
ceramtec acquires uk electro-ceramics business from morgan advanced materials
ceramtec announced that it has agreed the acquisition of the u.k. electro-ceramics business, comprising two manufacturing sites at ruabon and...
global electric vehicle battery thermal management system market 2017-2021
the consumption of rechargeable batteries is growing globally, covering all major sectors, including consumer electronics, energy, automotive, and...
delta unveils pioneering agema data center and carrier-grade deep buffer white box switches
delta announced the launch of two switches from its agema product line for open networking solutions at the ocp us summit 2017.
corvus energy announces availability of liquid-cooling for orca ess
corvus energy, the world?s leading manufacturer of lithium-ion based energy storage systems (ess) for maritime industries, is pleased to announce the...
egide completes the acquisition of santier in the usa
following its strategy to concentrate on high-potential markets, egide, announces that is has acquired, as planned, the assets of tms llc (or thermal...
mediatek announces corepilot 4.0 technology for power efficiency in smartphones
mediatek announced corepilot 4.0, an advanced technology that intelligently manages smartphone tasks to deliver the perfect balance of processing...
amerlux introduces dosm led downlight optically sealed module for exterior fixtures
amerlux introduces the dosm led optically sealed module for exterior lighting fixtures that include a downlight component.
fujipoly offers reliable connection between pcb and lcd displays
the zebra 1002 carbon connector from fujipoly offers electronic device manufacturers an extremely affordable and reliable option for connecting...
technology corner
umass researchers develop surface treatment for conducting thin films [coolingzone]
engineers from the university of massachusetts amherst have reported modeling results for electrical surface treatment of conducting thin films as a...
bonding chips using inkjet printers []
a team of spanish researchers at the university of barcelona have demonstrated a new bonding technique for such chips, called smd or surface mounted...
new study will help find the best locations for thermal power stations [science daily]
a new research article, with lead authors from the university of gothenburg, gives indications of the best places in iceland to build thermal power...
thermal management of iot hardware: gateways [electronics cooling magazine]
in this blog, we will take a look at the internet of things (iot) gateways, in particular edge gateways which connect to various ?things? that sense...
fractus antennas pitches new ?antenna-less? smartphone technology [ieee spectrum]
fractus antennas wants to replace that antenna with a much smaller component called an antenna booster?a tiny lightweight cube made of a metal frame...
engineering how to
how to use finite element method for modeling
this is the first article of a series that will focus on proper application of the finite element method for solving engineering design problems.
how to use the first law of thermodynamics
what we want to learn in this tutorial is how to apply this simple law to problems in heat transfer. applying the first law requires that we keep...
how to cool 10 kilowatts of rack servers with water
the video goes through the test setup, the server load case and the results. a very interesting presentation and results at 270 watts per server, 38...

conferences & webinars
apec 2017
march 26-30, 2017 - tampa, florida - apec focuses on the practical and applied aspects of the power electronics business. this is not just a designer?s conference; apec has something of interest for anyone involved in power electronics. equipment oems that use power supplies and dc-dc converters in their equipment,...
international workshop on integrated power packaging 2017
april 2-5, tu delft, netherlands - papers ranging from core material technologies to power converters are sought that address important challenges and present solutions to increase reliability and manufacturability of power electronic components and systems while targeting increased performance and reduced system cost....
international symposium on numerical analysis of fluid flows, heat and mass transfer
25-30 september 2017, the met hotel, thessaloniki, greece - understanding fluid dynamics and heat transfer has been one of the major advances of mathematics, physics and engineering. our symposium covers various subjects: from new numerical methods and fundamental research until engineering applications. this annual...

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