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coolingzone tech newsletter 4-28-17 april 28, 2017
top stories
using heat to power computers
engineers created a thermal diode, which provides an alternative energy source for computing at high temperatures.
developments in district cooling systems
article outlines industry developments in district cooling systems to cool public structures like office buildings.
non-toxic thermoelectric material developed
researchers discovered a non-toxic material that generates thermoelectric energy through temperature gradients.
real-time observations of thermal runaway
researchers developed a technique for observing the behavior of lithium-ion batteries during short-circuit conditions.
coolingzone update
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cooltv, coolingzone's engineering and science information channel, has informative, interesting, and fun videos about the thermal management...
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explore the extensive coolingzone library to find loads of research, case studies, and technical articles on all aspects of thermal management.
product & industry news
alpha novatech adds ez clip to catalog
alpha novatech has announced that it has added an ez clip series to its standard catalog.
ats offers portable chillers for precise conditioning of coolant in liquid cooling loop
the ats-chill v series is a portable re-circulating chiller system that offers precise coolant temperature control for liquid cooling loops using a...
cooliance introduces new range of high-power passive led coolers
cooliance announces the worldwide release of a new range of high-power passive led coolers ? the chp series ? which are used to efficiently dissipate...
adcol authorized for six tec patents
adcol electronic ltd. in guangzhou, china recently announced that it has received authorization for six patents.
flir systems launches flir ets320 thermal imaging camera for testing
flir systems, inc. announced the launch of the flir ets320 thermal imaging solution for electronics testing in engineering benchtop environments.
new micro-sized dc blower from jaro is virtually silent
jaro's new micro-sized whisper blower measures in at an impressively tiny 20 x 20 x 6 mm and offers a virtually-soundless operation.
sanyo denki releases 120 x 120 x 25 mm low power consumption fan
sanyo denki has developed and launched the san ace 120 9ga type 120 x 120 x 25 mm low power consumption fan.
nova instruments acquires degree controls
nova instruments llc is pleased to announce the acquisition of milford, new hampshire based degree controls, inc. with its division adaptivcool.
heatsinkusa announces a new heat sink profile
heatsinkusa is excited to announce its latest heatsink profile with serrated fins, as well as taller fin heights.
medium temperature generating modules mars series from kryotherm
medium temperature range generating module (mars) produces more than 35 watt of electric power under the temperature difference 400 c.
technology corner
columbia researcher freeze lithium-ion batteries to make them safer [coolingzone]
researchers at the columbia university school of engineering have developed a new method using ice-templating to control the structure of the solid...
solar-powered device pulls water out of thin (and pretty dry) air [ieee spectrum]
a new device draws liters of water out of air, even in desert-like climates. and unlike that electric dehumidifier you might have running in your...
a brief overview of thermal management in printed electronics [electronics cooling]
this blog post presents a high level overview of thermal management problems design engineers encounter as pe rapidly approaches process maturity and...
new technique for designing and manufacturing heat shields under study
a fresh approach to designing and manufacturing heat-thwarting thermal protection systems (tps) for spacecraft is being developed and tested,...
commercialize quantum technologies in five years [nature]
masoud mohseni, peter read, hartmut neven and colleagues at google's quantum ai laboratory set out investment opportunities on the road to the...
engineering how to
how to model natural convection in heat sinks
analytical models, based on the fundamental formulations for conservation of mass, momentum and energy, provide distinct advantages over most other...
how to determine junction temperature in plastic semiconductor package
one of the primary tasks of the thermal engineer is to determine the temperature of the junction (active circuitry on an integrated circuit) for the...
how to design a heat sink
in this two part lecture series, which is in an hour in total for both videos, dr. matthew inman, ph.d. provides an excellent introduction on how to...

conferences & webinars
idtechex show! emerging technologies unleashed
10 - 11 may 2017 | berlin, germany - idtechex holds events on topics where we are subject-matter experts, presenting attendees with insights into the emerging technologies and their applications. our global events cover market requirements, technologies and development roadmaps with presentations from end-users and leading...
interpack - packaging and integration of electronic and photonic microsystems
aug. 29 - sept. 1, 2017 - san francisco, calif. - interpack is the premier international forum for exchange of state-of-the-art knowledge in research, development, manufacturing, and applications of electronic packaging, mems, and nems. it is the flagship conference of the asme electronic and photonic packaging division...
international conference on thermal engineering theory and applications
february 25 - 28, 2018 - doha, qatar - the conference main objective is to bring together researchers engaged in the application of experimental, analytical, or theoretical thermal and energy engineering. the suggested topics link between conventional and emerging research areas in thermal energy. papers submitted to the...

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