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coolingzone tech newsletter 7-7-17 july 07, 2017
top stories
circuit board dissolves when it cools
researchers created silver nanowires embedded with a polymer that dissolves in water that falls below 32 degrees celsius.
beams can be thermometers or divert heat
researchers developed microscopic structural beams that work at room temperature to measure or divert heat.
cubesat features novel propulsion system
nanoavionics launched a cubesat with a novel liquid chemical propulsion system into polar sun-synchronous orbit.
survey asks engineers about video content
a quick survey asks engineers about the type of video content would be of interest and what they would like to see on youtube.
coolingzone update
celebrate national thermal engineer day
join engineers across the u.s. to celebrate national thermal engineer day on monday, july 24 to honor the achievements of thermal engineers.
explore coolingzone library for thermal management research
explore the extensive coolingzone library to find loads of research, case studies, and technical articles on all aspects of thermal management.
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product & industry news
ats offering atvs-nxt, fully portable scanner that supports up to 32 sensors
the atvs-nxt hot wire anemometer from advanced thermal solutions, inc. (ats) is a fully-portable scanner that provides rapid and highly precise...
aavid thermalloy introduces revolutionary online thermal design tool
aavid, the boyd corporation thermal product division, announced the launch of the aavid genie, a new web application.
fluorotherm announces introduction of new hybrid heat exchangers
fluorotherm polymers inc. continues to enhance fluoropolymer technology with its latest product?fluorotherm hybrid frame heat exchangers.
liquidcool launches 8kw edge appliance
liquidcool solutions has launched a sealed appliance that provides 8kw of computing power in a compact liquid cooled casing for data-intensive edge...
supermicro announces full portfolio of a-plus server solutions
super micro computer, inc. announces new dual socket servers and upcoming single-socket solutions supporting amd epyc.
toshiba adds dual-sided cooling to power mosfets for motor control, power supplies
toshiba america electronic components, inc. (taec) has extended its range of high-efficiency u-mos ix-h mosfets.
new isc icegard presented at autopromotec
modine manufacturing company launched the isc icegard line of machines for maintenance of vehicle air conditioning systems.
cambridge nanotherm partners with inabata for global sales and distribution
cambridge nanotherm, producer of innovative nanoceramic thermal management technology for leds and electronics, announced a partnership with japanese...
entegris increases manufacturing capacity for high-performance materials
poco graphite, a wholly-owned subsidiary of entegris, inc., is expanding its capacity to produce graphite material and specialty coatings for...
ams technologies opens design center in krakow, poland
ams technologies, a leading solution provider and distributor for optical, power and thermal management technologies, has established a design center...
technology corner
researchers use white graphene to build thermally stable, small sensors [coolingzone]
a team of researchers from delft university of technology (tu delft) in the netherlands and the university of cambridge (u.k.) has created tiny...
simulation driven design optimization for reduction of temperature on a high current density pcb [electronics cooling magazine]
with high current demand, joule heating in copper traces on the board is highly pronounced. managing heat dissipation from components and traces...
2-d layered devices can self-assemble with precision []
squid-inspired proteins can act as programmable assemblers of 2d materials, like graphene oxide, to form hybrid materials with minute spacing between...
3d electronic nose demostrates advantages of carbon nanotubes [ieee spectrum]
the new 3d architecture is based on novel devices including 2 million carbon nanotube transistors and over 1 million resistive ram cells, all built...
super batteries made from recycled glass []
as a solution to both our ever-increasing energy needs and the need to deal with glass waste, researchers at the university of california riverside...
engineering how to
how to minimize acoustical noise in electronic systems
quantitative measures for the description of noise, design guidelines for the selection of low noise air movers, upper limits for the noise emissions...
how to do heat transfer calculations to size and deploy a thermosyphon
thermosyphons are basically a heat pipe without a wicking structure. instead of a wicking structure, it relies on gravity to pull the liquid droplets...
how to analyze pressure drop coefficients for thin perforated plates
a plethora of graphs or equations - some of which are impossible to evaluate quickly - must then be addressed. to simplify this issue for the reader,...

conferences & webinars
international symposium on numerical analysis of fluid flows, heat and mass transfer
25-30 september 2017, the met hotel, thessaloniki, greece - understanding fluid dynamics and heat transfer has been one of the major advances of mathematics, physics and engineering. our symposium covers various subjects: from new numerical methods and fundamental research until engineering applications. this annual...
jsme-ksme thermal and fluids engineering conference
october 28-30, 2017. okinawa, japan - thermal and fluids phenomena are associated with a variety of interesting fields of science and engineering such as energy generation, conversion and transport, environmental pollution, and moving vehicles. the subject bearing such an importance to the welfare of mankind, many...
imece - international mechanical engineering congress & exposition
nov. 3-9, 2017 - tampa, fla. - asme international mechanical engineering congress and exposition (imece) is the largest interdisciplinary mechanical engineering conference in the world. imece plays a significant role in stimulating innovation from basic discovery to translational application. it fosters new collaborations...

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