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coolingzone tech newsletter 9-14-17 september 14, 2017
top stories
examining how frozen droplets impact surfaces
researchers found that the thermal property of a surface affects how frozen droplets react on impact.
simulations give instant feedback on design
ansys announced the release of discovery live, a new technology that gives instant simulation results.
thermal benefits of pin fin heat sinks
article from ats explored the benefits of pin fin heat sinks in thermal management of electronics.
miniature heat pipes embedded in pcb
at&s announced that it is using embedded and inserted miniature heat pipes to provide thermal management for pcb.
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product & industry news
ats blueice heat sinks designed for high-performance in low air velocities
advanced thermal solutions, inc. (ats) has a line of blueice ultra low profile heat sinks that are designed for high performance in low air...
adasky launches thermal fir sensing solution to give vehicles 24/7 vision
adasky, a startup comprised of industry veterans from the israeli semiconductor and sensor market, launches the first far infrared (fir) perception...
delta launches hybrid inverter and all-in-one energy storage solution for residential solar
delta, a global leader in power and thermal management solutions, unveiled its hybrid inverter e-series (e6, e8, e10) line with feature-rich power...
dreamweaver files patent on a novel light weight current collector for lithium ion batteries
dreamweaver international announces the invention of a new current collector with the potential to dramatically increase safety while also reducing...
intersil announces first 15a, 42v analog power module in industry
intersil, a subsidiary of renesas electronics corporation, announced the first 42v single-channel dc/dc step-down power module that delivers up to...
enermax launches liqtech tr4, liquid cooler for amd threadripper processors
enermax, the designer and manufacturer of high-end psu and cpu coolers, announces the launch of liqtech tr4, the closed-loop liquid coolers that are...
tm4 expands its product offering with the launch of a bi-directional charger inverter
in a strategic move to broaden its product offering, tm4 announced the launch of a new bi-directional charger inverter, the bci20.
sunpreme launches its powerful next generation maxima hxb series modules
sunpreme, a u.s.-based solar company providing innovative high-performance, high-yield bifacial double glass pv modules, announced that it has...
rohde & schwarz showcases liquid cooled hd radio transmitter at 2017 radio show
premier transmitter, test and measurement, and studio equipment manufacturer rohde & schwarz will highlight the r&s thr9 high-power...
ibm team breaks thermal barrier in 3-d chip stacks with liquid cooling
researchers at ibm in new york and zurich have announced that they have reached a breakthrough in cooling three-dimensional chip stacks, breaking the...
technology corner
new 3-d printing process produces pure copper components [coolingzone]
researchers at the fraunhofer institute for laser technology ilt in aachen, germany will present a new selective laser melting process for copper...
thermal management and safety regulation of smart watches [electronics cooling]
a smart watch is one of the most popular wearable devices now. along with battery life and security, thermal safety is the most common concern. we...
new thermoplastic could reduce battery pack mass [design news]
the new material, known as bayblend tp4065, brings a new wrinkle to battery development because it can stand up to liquid coolants without degrading....
considering industrial cooling systems & heat transfer process improvement [water technology]
water plays a vital role in fossil and nuclear electric power generation plants, which require large quantities of water, primarily for cooling...
graphene single photon detectors []
considerable interest in new single-photon detector technologies has been scaling in this past decade. nowadays, quantum optics and quantum...
engineering how to
how to calculate the thermal characterization of active components
power consumption of semiconductor integrated circuits increases with integration and clock frequencies. thermal management is a critical ...
how to minimize acoustical noise in electronics systems
air-moving devices (amds), such as fans and blowers used for cooling in electronic systems invariably generate acoustical noise which must be...
how to use cfd to design enclosures for electronics cooling
this hour-long webinar is presented by hagerman & company and will demonstrate how engineers can use cfd to predict thermal performance, optimize and...

conferences & webinars
international symposium on numerical analysis of fluid flows, heat and mass transfer
25-30 september 2017, the met, thessaloniki, greece - understanding fluid dynamics and heat transfer has been one of the major advances of mathematics, physics and engineering. our symposium covers various subjects: from new numerical methods and fundamental research until engineering applications. this annual meeting is a...
thermal live
oct. 24-25, 2017 - online - thermal live is a 2-day, fully online, thermal management education and advancement event for attendees all over the globe, and major lead generation event for you.rn
international conference on thermal engineering theory and applications
february 25 - 28, 2018 - doha, qatar - the conference main objective is to bring together researchers engaged in the application of experimental, analytical, or theoretical thermal and energy engineering. the suggested topics link between conventional and emerging research areas in thermal energy. papers submitted to the...

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