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coolingzone tech newsletter 10/27/17 october 27, 2017
top stories
microchannels cool chips on underside
researchers developed a novel method with microchannels in the silicon interposer to cool chips from the top and bottom.
measuring thermal resistance of cold plates
a newly published white paper gives tips on how to measure the thermal resistance of a microchannel cold plates.
ceramic pump reaches record temperatures
a ceramic-based mechanical pump at georgia tech operated at a record temperature of 1,400 celsius (1,673 kelvin).
microsoft thermal solution for raspberry pi
microsoft research offered a solution to a raspberry pi overheating when pushed to its limits during ai computing.
coolingzone update
check out the new cold plate supplier directory
coolingzone introduced a new cold plate supplier directory to assist industry members looking for the latest developments in liquid cooling.
join supplier directory and promote your business
join the coolingzone supplier directory and promote your business to thousands of engineers from across the thermal management industry.
check out new videos on cooltv
cooltv, coolingzone's engineering and science information channel, has videos about the thermal management industry from product demos to webinars.
product & industry news
enerquip introduces new product line - compact heat exchangers
enerquip, a wisconsin company that specializes in a wide variety of shell and tube heat exchangers, recently added a new line of compact heat...
revolutionary crystal group force rugged servers debut at ausa
crystal group, a leading designer/manufacturer of rugged and reliable computer hardware, will unveil its revolutionary new crystal group force rugged...
spx cooling technologies announces expansion to marley md cooling tower line
spx cooling technologies, inc. announces an expansion of its popular marley md line of factory-assembled counterflow cooling towers.
faurecia and mahle to collaborate on thermal management of the cockpit of the future
mahle and faurecia, both leading global automotive systems suppliers, will collaborate for the development of innovative interior thermal management...
heilind electronics partners with standex-meder to expand sensor offering
heilind electronics, a leading distributor of electronic components, has added standex-meder electronics to its growing portfolio of sensor...
high temperature alternistor triacs from littlefuse simplify thermal management
with a maximum junction temperature of 150 c, the 16a qjxx16xhx series and 25a qjxx25xhx series are designed for use as ac switches, helping circuit...
hanon systems establishes joint venture with china south industries group corporation
global automotive supplier hanon systems announced its board of directors has approved plans to establish a joint venture with china south industries...
electrolube launches revolutionary new 2-part uv cure conformal coating
following the successful launch of their ground-breaking 2k conformal coating materials, electrolube, manufacturers of specialist, reliability...
superior graphite expansion and groundbreaking ceremony announcement
superior graphite announces the expansion and groundbreaking ceremony on monday, october 30 at 1 p.m. for the new specialty carbon plant adjacent to...
access fixtures launch new shoo led wall packs with photocell
access fixtures launches new shoo led wall packs with photocell, designed to replace hid lighting systems.
technology corner
carbon nanotubes make big push in plasmonic circuits [ieee spectrum]
researchers at peking university in china have gone back to single-walled carbon nanotubes (swnts) and used them as the active channel materials in...
liquid metal used to create 2-d materials not found in nature [coolingzone]
researchers at the royal melbourne institute of technology (rmit university) in australia have created two-dimensional materials that are only a few...
enhanced power cycling thermoelectric modules provide 1 million temperature cycles [electronics cooling]
global technology leader laird has improved its advanced pc series power cycling thermoelectric module (tem) for applications that require high...
even simple electronics are subject to chaotic oscillations []
it turns out that many simple electronic circuits behave in an extremely complicated, practically unpredictable manner despite being built of just a...
understanding id eddy-current inspection of heat exchanger tubing [process-cooling]
eddy-current testing can be a useful tool when it is planned for a specific purpose, and the manufacturer, fabricator and owner-operator communicate...
engineering how to
how to optimize microchannel heat exchangers
the thermal management challenge becomes even more complicated by the trend towards miniaturization and the prevalence of mobile electronics....
how to select a tec for thermal management
tecs have been on the market for decades and their application in component cooling can be attractive, if they are designed properly or chosen...
how to utilize microchannels in liquid cooling
to extend moore's law to the foreseeable future, it will require a change from mere transistor scaling to novel packaging architectures such as...

conferences & webinars
imece - international mechanical engineering congress & exposition
nov. 3-9, 2017 - tampa, fla. - asme international mechanical engineering congress and exposition (imece) is the largest interdisciplinary mechanical engineering conference in the world. imece plays a significant role in stimulating innovation from basic discovery to translational application. it fosters new collaborations...
automotive thermal management conference 2018
feb. 1-2, 2018 in berlin, germany - the conference will bring together all specialists in auto and truck construction with focus on automotive thermal management technology. the automotive thermal management conference 2018 will highlight the challenges, opportunities, and emerging innovations; alternative drive, enhancing...
international conference on thermal engineering theory and applications
february 25 - 28, 2018 - doha, qatar - the conference main objective is to bring together researchers engaged in the application of experimental, analytical, or theoretical thermal and energy engineering. the suggested topics link between conventional and emerging research areas in thermal energy. papers submitted to the...

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