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coolingzone tech newsletter 3-9-18 march 08, 2018
top stories
powerful thermal imaging on mobile devices
seek thermal has line of professional-quality thermal imaging cameras that can be used with iphone and android phones.
new sensor shows true battery charge limits
a direct, precise test of the internal temperatures reveled that batteries can be charged five times faster than current limits.
heat carriers go for walk in polymers
researchers studied amorphous polymer chains to gain a greater understanding for how heat carriers move in the polymers.
laptop cooling from outer space
dell unveiled the high-performance xps 13, which boasts a thin design and gore silica aerogels also used in the mars rover.
coolingzone update
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explore the extensive coolingzone library to find loads of research, case studies, and technical articles on all aspects of thermal management.
check out the new cold plate supplier directory
coolingzone introduced a new cold plate supplier directory to assist industry members looking for the latest developments in liquid cooling.
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join the coolingzone supplier directory and promote your business to thousands of engineers from across the thermal management industry.
product & industry news
advanced thermal solutions, inc. unveils new heat exchanger selection tool
to make the selection process easier for engineers, ats has recently unveiled a new heat exchanger selection tool that will point engineers to the...
altair expands thermal capabilities and acquires tes international software
altair, developer of the popular hyperworks computer-aided engineering software suite, has acquired michigan-based tes international technology,...
shin-etsu silicones launches clg series gap fillers with improved resistance
shin-etsu silicones of america, inc. recently premiered its clg series single-component, pre-cured gap filler product line.
650 v silicon carbide fets offer simple silicon substitution to cut losses in power systems
unitedsic, a manufacturer of silicon carbide (sic) power semiconductors, has announced the uj3c series of 650 v sic fets as drop-in replacements for...
oclaro enables deployment of fully tunable dwdm technology over i-temp range
oclaro, inc., a leading provider and innovator of optical communications solutions, today announced production shipments of the first fully-tunable...
cyclone power technologies files for patents for thermal storage and thermal storage medium
cyclone power technologies has filed for patents for the cyclone thermal storage unit and the cyclone thermal medium.
boyd corp completes acquisition of action fabricators
boyd corporation, a global leader in thermal management and environmental sealing solutions, announced the acquisition of action fabricators.
kemet introduces kc-link capacitors for fast-switching wide bandgap applications
kemet corporation, a leading global supplier of electronic components, launched kc-link surface mount capacitors at apec 2018 in san antonio.
bel power solutions announces next-generation regulated bus converter
bel power solutions and protection has revealed its new regulated bus converted, 0rqb-x3s11bg.
technology corner
rotated at a perfect angle graphene can be an insulator or superconductor [coolingzone]
researchers from the massachusetts institute of technology (mit) and harvard university, both in cambridge, mass., have discovered that graphene can...
what a thermoelectric cooler is really good for [electronics cooling]
these are clever little gadgets that use the well-established peltier effect. they're kind of like reverse thermocouples. you've probably seen them...
cobalt could untangle chips wiring problems [ieee spectrum]
today's computer chips contain tens of kilometers of copper wiring, built up in 15 or so layers. as the semiconductor industry has shrunk the size...
how vr is shaping the next generation of electronics [vr focus]
devices such as daqri smartglasses are already starting to bring overlaid simulations into industrial settings, using ar to guide users safely...
google is testing a 72 qubit computer to chase quantum supremacy [the inquirer]
google has stepped-up its quantum computing game by testing a machine equipped with 72 qubits, sailing past the ibm 50-qubit computer.
engineering how to
how to calculate spreading resistance
besides the more obvious fin-side thermal performance, there is the question of how heat gets from the contact area of the heat source out into the...
how to calculate wind chill in fahrenheit
we know from experience that we feel cooler when winds blows over us. this is the so-called chilling effect of the wind. the effect is due to the...
how to model with finite element method
this is the first article of a series that will focus on proper application of the finite element method for solving engineering design problems. the...

conferences & webinars
march 19-23, 2018 - san jose, calif. - attendees include anyone interested in thermal design, management and characterization of electronic systems and components. semi-therm provides a forum for engineers, academics, and executives to learn, exchange ideas, and display the latest in thermal management techniques, products...
conference on integrated power electronics systems
march 20-22, 2018 - stuttgart, germany - we invite all engineers coming from industry and academia engaged in power electronics-related to system development, component development, reliability engineering, and research to learn more about the latest research and technical achievements by joining cips.
advancements in thermal management 2018
aug. 8-9, 2018 - hyatt regency denver tech center, denver, col. - advancements in thermal management educates attendees on the latest advancements in thermal management and temperature mitigation for electronics packaging, air and liquid cooling, thermal materials, temperature sensing and control, system design and...

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