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coolingzone newsletter for june 20, 2012 june 20, 2012
application of a thermoelectric cooler in chip temperature reduction
thermoelectric coolers (tecs) are semiconductor modules which use the peltier effect to create a heat flux between the junctions of two different types of materials. because of their simplicity, reliability, and miniaturized size, researchers are finding intuitive ways to use tecs to lower the chip... read more
heat transfer in metal foam heat exchangers
metal foams have found increasing use in thermal management. their surface area is much larger than regular finned heat sinks, making the available surface area for heat transfer attractive. on the other hand, their increased pressure drop and interfacial resistance makes them vulnerable to not... read more
graphene fillers promise major improvements to tim thermal conductivity
traditional fillers, typically particles of alumina or glass, are inherently limited in their abilities to conduct heat. as a result, thermal transfer into spreaders is limited and chips may not be cooled to the levels they require. with power dissipation rising, there is a need for tims with... read more
technology review – liquid cooling, 2010-2011
this is the second article in the new series. qpedia reviews the different technologies that have been developed for electronics cooling applications. further, this series looks at the patents awarded to developers for liquid-air hybrid cooling. read more
product news
telect simplifies data center rack cooling with c degree flow strip
thercobond joins applied nanotech inc's growing inventory of nanomaterials for thermal management
coolingzone releases conference proceedings for 2011 thermal engineering summit; ideal for engineering training

found on the web technology corner conferences
  chris aldham of future facilities interivew on cfd for heat sinks on advanced thermal solutions blog
  darpa asks industry to develop microelectronics with cooling built right into the chip
  india institute of technology releases entire course on introduction on heat and mass transfer on youtube
  on-chip thermal management with microchannel heat sinks and integrated micropumps
  thermal testing of leds: emerging standards
  five steps to great thermal management design
  2nd international conference thermal management for ev/hev (june 27-29, 2012. darmstadt, germany )
  heat transfer 2012 (june 27-june 29, 2012, split, coratia)
  coolingzone-12 international conference and exhibition (august 27-30, 2012, cambridge, ma)
editor's corner
a novel approach to data center cooling chops energy use by 50%
data center cooling is a hot issue and we've talked a bit about it before here on coolingzone. and frankly many approaches are being tried today but one new approach is the use of pressurized air. this new approach is not only efficient at cooling, it can, "cut the energy use by up to 50 percent."
» read more
trends and challenges in thermal management field 2012, george meyer, coo and cto, celsia technologies
the field of electronics thermal management is in its middle ages and one would think that things would be getting a little boring. they are not! looking back at the history of thermal management of electronics one can find reference material dating to mid-century, 1900’s. seems odd saying mid-century when discussing electronics thermal management! the history of thermal management followed a pretty typical technology development. first engineers discovered heat was an issue, did some research and had something machined to fit. sometimes it worked, sometimes it failed.

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