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coolingzone newsletter for july 30, 2012 july 31, 2012
act now to learn the latest in thermal management technology at coolingzone-12
coolingzone-12 is one of the best places to learn the latest in thermal management and heat transfer technology. click to register and learn with hundreds of engineers about best practice in cfd modeling, accuracy in thermal measurement, advanced materials, liquid cooling and more.... read more
turbulent models for cfd simulation in electronics cooling
commercial cfd software solves both fluid flow and heat transfer throughout the system, which enable engineers to predict air flow distribution, chip junction temperature, local heat transfer coefficient and heat sink performance, etc. due to the complex geometries of components on pcbs and the... read more
advanced cooling of electronics using liquid metal as the coolant
in applications where air cooling is not adequate or not practical, liquid cooling can play a significant role. liquid cooling can be achieved either using conventional pumps to run some sort of liquid, such as water/ethylene, or by utilizing liquid metal instead of conventional liquids. using... read more
technology review of loop heat pipes, 2001 to 2005
in this issue, our spotlight is on loop heat pipes. there is much discussion about their deployment in the electronics industry, and these patents show some of the salient features that are the focus of different inventors. read more
product news
act's new cold plate designs receive strong industry support at the navy opportunity forum
extruded aluminum profiles offer cost savings for heat sink users
coolit systems releases rack direct contact liquid cooling for hpc clusters and data centers

found on the web technology corner conferences
  is there a difference in the thermal performance of copper plated through hole fr-4 boards and mcpcb for led lighting thermal management?
  student competitors sought for cool design (thermal management) challenge run by darpa
  mit and national science foundation video explains fluid mechanics in an accessible way
  some basic principles of wind tunnel design
  flat plate heat pipes: from observations to the modeling of the capillary structure
  all about fans: from fan curves to estimating actual airflow
  advances in computational heat transfer (july 1-6, 2012, bath, england)
  nasa thermal fluids and analysis workshop (august 13-17, 2012 pasadena ca)
  coolingzone-12 international conference and exhibition (august 27-30, 2012, cambridge, ma)
editor's corner
why attending coolingzone-12 is a great idea: from ee times
the team here at coolingzone couldn't have said it any better as to why you should attend coolingzone-12, so, we'll use ee times' words from their review of last year's coolingzone-11 instead:

"nearly every engineer worries system power consumption and availability. many of these engineers also have to worry about the inevitable consequence of this consumption: dissipation. that means cooling and thermal management issues which you can deal with anytime from the design phase (good) to qualification phase (bad) or in the field (very bad).at the 11th international business and technology "cooling zone summit" in cambridge ma, several hundred engineers and academics studied the topic in all of its aspects. tutorials covered all aspects of thermal management of electronics: analysis, modeling, simulation, fluid flow and analysis, corroborated and supported by the latest in advanced measurement techniques, as well as actual cooling components, subsystems, and systems."

if ee times liked coolingzone-11, then you'll love coolingzone-12! read the full article at ee times by clicking "read more" below or click this link to learn more about coolingzone-12 and register: click here to learn more about coolingzone-12 and to register

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