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coolingzone newsletter for august 15, 2012 august 15, 2012
coolingzone-12 thermal management of electronics econference (august 29th and 30th)
coolingzone-12 will address next generation challenges and solutions in thermal management and electronics cooling. the $495 on-line, webinar/live streaming, econference includes two days of technical presentations and unlimited viewing of the archives. to register and learn more click "read more" read more
theoretical study and review on the operational limitations due to vapour flow in heat pipes
vapor flow in heat pipes is subject to two operating limitations that can restrict the performances of such technologies. the first one is the viscous limitation: it occurs when the operating temperature is closed to the triple point and the pressure slope on the saturation curve, related to the... read more
advanced thermal management materials for electronics and photonics
this paper provides an overview of advanced thermal management materials, starting with a review of traditional packaging materials for reference. the new materials provide the packaging engineer with a greater range of options than in the past. read more
optimizing pcb layout for thermal management
many engineers feel pressure to discover or develop the latest and best high performance thermal design in order to deal with various electronic system heat problems. but what if the real way to cool your design wasn't a more efficient heat sink but a more efficient pcb layout? read more
product news
applied math modeling releases cloud-based, next-generation data center design software
electronic interconnect now offers powerlink plpcb
bergquist's liqui-formô 2000 thermal interface material has all your assembly angles covered

found on the web technology corner conferences
  time to streamline thermal management design and production
  spray cooling heat transfer: test and cfd analysis
  liquid cooling the wave of the present [for data centers]
  how to size or analyze heat sinks in natural convection
  how to calculate spreading resistance
  how to design liquid cooled heat sinks and cold plates (60 minute video)
  coolingzone-12 thermal management econference (august 29-30, 2012 on-line)
  euortherm 2012 (september 04 - 07, 2012. poitiers, france)
  advancements in thermal management 2012, (september 18-19, 2012, denver, co,)
editor's corner
coolingzone-12 moves to an econference live streaming format after multiple requests
we've been hearing two clear messages from prospective attendees over the past month and a half. first, coolingzone-12 has an outstanding technical offering that engineers want to hear. and second, engineering budget constraints and travel restrictions are putting unfortunate obstacles up for many engineers to attend coolingzone-12. to make this work for as many engineers as possible, coolingzone is moving to an econference live streaming format over the web.
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