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coolingzone newsletter for september 15, 2012 september 15, 2012
heat sinks and heat exchanger fin optimization
as the electronics industry continues to use components dissipating more and more power, new heat sink solutions must be able to accommodate large heat fluxes while keeping the same spatial dimensions. finned heat sinks and heat exchangers are largely employed in many engineering fields, and this... read more
low profile heat pipe, heat sink & green performance characterization for next generation cpu module thermal designs
increasing thermal demands of high-end server cpus require increased performance of air-cooling systems to meet industry needs. improving the air-cooled heat sink thermal performance is one of the critical areas for increasing the overall air-cooling limit. one of the challenging aspects for... read more
thermal management challenges in telecommunication systems and data centers
the framework for this paper is the growing concern about the worldwide increasing energy consumption of telecommunications systems and data centers, and particularly the contribution of the thermal management system. the present energy usage of these systems is discussed, as well as... read more
thermal analysis of a passenger-loaded vehicle in severe winter conditions
in this paper, a thermophysical model of the dynamic interactions between an automobile driver and a heated seat is presented. the contacting body is considered to be made of three layers core, skin, and clothing while the seat consists of several layers of fabric materials.... read more
product news
graphite specialist company georg h. luh gmbh has expanded their product range with new high-conductivity graphite product graphcond
bench wind tunnel test heatsinking up to 85c and 5m/s
exclusive heat exchanger mode a key feature of the new teca corporation's mew thermoelectric air conditioners

found on the web technology corner conferences
  microcontroller-based temperature sensors: accuracy considerations
  intel tests oil immersion to cool servers
  ambient air cooling in data centers
  thermal management: not just for computers but for automotives too
  measuring chip temperatures with thermochromic liquid crystals
  the thermal conductivity of ceramics
  advancements in thermal management 2012, (september 18-19, 2012, denver, co,)
  imaps advanced technology workshop and tabletop exhibit on thermal management (november 12-14, 2012, los gatos, ca)
  shanghai international electronic heat dissipation device and thermal conductivity heat dissipating material exhibition & forum 2012 (november 28-30, 2012, shanghai, china)
editor's corner
computers that work on heat currents instead of electricity? that's a possibility with new research in heat flow control for future nanoelectronics
what if the future brought computers that worked on heat currents instead of electricity? how about those massive data centers capturing waste heat now at the data center outflow but rather at the micro chip level? that is all part of what is possible from the ground breaking work recently published by tom ruokola in the department of applied physics at aalto university.
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dimensionless numbers top article in coolingzone library
of all the hundreds of articles in the coolingzone library, the article on dimensionless numbers has the most visitors. why is that? perhaps because the understanding of them is the key to understanding many of the important points in many thermal management articles. indeed, it is almost impossible to read an article or listen to a lecture on heat transfer without hearing names like reynolds. nusselt, rayleigh, etc. these names refer to very specific dimensionless numbers that are used to characterize and classify the heat transfer problems. our most visited article attempts to explain the meaning and significance of these numbers and help you to get used to them. have a read for yourself by clicking the link.
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