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coolingzone emagazine for october 3, 2012 october 03, 2012
the thermal resistance of microchannel cold plates (qpedia)
the trend towards ever higher power dissipation rates has pushed liquid-cooled cold plate designers to look for more effective methods and structures to transfer heat from device to liquid. this paper studies how the channel size and material affects the overall thermal resistance of cold plate.... read more
recent advances in direct solar thermal power generation (american institure of physics)
this paper is intended to present a thorough review on recent advances in developing the thermoelectric, thermionic, magnetohydrodynamic, and alkali-metal thermoelectric technologies for direct solar thermal power generation. both the fundamental issues and latest application research are... read more
detailed analysis of an endoreversible fuel cell: maximum power and optimal operating temperature determination (thermal fluid central)
producing electrical work in consuming chemical energy, the fuel cell (fc) is forced by the 2nd law to reject heat to its surrounding. however, as it occurs for any other type of engine, this thermal energy cannot be exchanged in an isothermal way in finite time or through finite areas. as it was... read more
numerical analysis of novel micro pin fin heat sink with variable fin density (rochester institute of technology)
numerical analyses to characterize and design micro pin fin heat sinks for cooling the 2016s ic chip heat generation are carried out in this paper. a novel design with variable fin density is proposed to generate a more uniform temperature of the ic chip junctions. the variable-density feature... read more
product news
marlow powerstrap technology delivers green alternative for oil, gas & industrial companies
visteon launches thermal management products for lithium-ion batteries in hybrid and electric vehicles
comsol multiphysics 4.3a released

found on the web technology corner conferences
  engineering debate: which interface conducts heat more efficiently: glued or bolted?
  thermal management options for electronics outdoor enclosures
  how to apply thermal tape for a heat sink tim
  how to improve your thermal measurement and analysis in electronics systems (video lecture)
  how to perform and understand temperature measurement in electronics systems (webinar lecture)
  automotive thermal management article library: liquid loop cooling, battery thermal management and more!
  imaps advanced technology workshop and tabletop exhibit on thermal management , november 12-14, 2012, los gatos, ca
  materials research society, november 25-30, 2012, boston, ma
  short course: thermal management of electronics - calculations, measurements, simulation, review and selection of cooling options, december 3-4, 2012 ma, december 6-7, 2012 ca
editor's corner
in honor of dr. richard chu, pioneering scientist in thermal and mechanical engineering
coolingzone would like to honor dr. richard chu, noted scientist, author and pioneer in the field of thermal management. dr. chu passed away on saturday, september 8, 2012 at his lakehouse on twin lakes in elizaville, ny. dr. chu has made significant contributions to the evolution of electronics cooling. his work pioneered many of the technologies used today in our industry, from thermal system for electronic equipment to enterprise class systems and over 200 patents.
» read more

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