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coolingzone newsletter for november 28th, 2012 november 28, 2012
december 12 econference addresses advanced mechanical engineering for thermal management
coolingzone's december 12th econference features three outstanding experts in electronics cooling and heat transfer presenting on ultrahigh-thermal-conductivity; next generation data center cooling and alternatives to engineering correlations. read more
a miniature-scale linear compressor for electronics cooling.
the power density of electronic devices has increased to a level that requires new technology for heat rejection. an alternative to conventional heat rejection techniques is refrigeration. however, new types of compressors are needed for refrigeration in electronics cooling. read more
direct-bond-copper aluminum nitride microchannel heat sink for igbt modules
the advancement in semiconductor technology has coerced engineers into looking for more innovative and effective methods to cool semiconductor devices with increasing power density. direct-bond-copper aluminum nitride microchannel heat sinks is one such approach. read more
flat plate heat pipes: from observations to the modeling of the capillary structure
this paper presents a synthesis of observations made inside six different flat plate heat pipes (fphps). silicon and copper systems with different capillary structures and sizes are studied. estimates of the performance in a real application with several electronic components are considered read more
product news
fujipoly releases their zebra 2004 elastomeric connector for tight contact spacing
fujitsu introduces ultra-low-power 16kbit fram in new small son-8 package that maximizes battery life in portable, wearable, miniaturized systems
new advanced heat transfer material unveiled by versarien

found on the web technology corner conferences
  system level benefits of augmenting fan cooled servers with localized synthetic jets
  how to use synthetic jets for local thermal management
  langley research center workshop cfd validation of synthetic jets and turbulent separation control
  uncertainties in thermal design
  optimization of heat sinks in non-confined flow
  optimisation of heat sinks in confined flow
  heat sink and heat exchanger fin optimization
  advanced thermal materials, nextgen data center cooling & engineering correlations in the coolingzone december 12 econference (12/12/12)
  electronics packaging technology conference (12/5/12 - singapore)
  international conference on fluid mechanics, heat transfer and thermodynamics (12/24/12 - thailand)
editor's corner
coolingzone’s looking for your input for our 2013 elearning and econference plans
coolingzone is an active resource for everyone in the thermal management community. as part of our committment, we're asking you to partner with us for some of what we do. we are busy preparing our coolingzone 2013 elearning and econference plans and we would greatly value your input on our 7-minute survey. just fill out our 2013 survey on topics of interest and how we hold our webinars. it is completely anonymous, we won't ask for your email, ip address or name, we just value your input. click the link to help us out.
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