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coolingzone newsletter for december 18, 2012 december 18, 2012
new method to enhance heat dissipation in microelectronics
modifying the surface of hexagonal boron nitride with a cold plasma process can enhance interfacial interaction and dramatically increase the thermal conductivity of composites. read more
design methodology for the micronozzle-based electrospray evaporative cooling devices
electrospray evaporative cooling (esec) is a potential package-level thermal management solution for the next generation of microelectronics. in this paper, a design methodology is presented. read more
history, advances, and challenges in liquid flow and flow boiling heat transfer in microchannels: a critical review
as the scale of devices becomes small, thermal control and heat dissipation from these devices can be effectively accomplished through the implementation of microchannel passages. read more
demonstration of passive fuel cell thermal management technology
a demonstration of a passive thermal management system that relies on heat conduction within highly thermally conductive cooling plates for aeronautic and space based fuel cell systems read more
product news
ge cooling technology, as thin as a credit card, enables ultra-thin tablets, laptops
mentor graphics launches new t3ster dyntim tester to deliver unrivaled thermal interface material
ohmite manufacturing announces cp4 series cold plate four-pass heatsink

technology corner engineering how to conferences
  boosting heat transfer with nanoglue (from
  what are the most common extruded aluminum alloy used in heat transfer? (an engineer to engineer debate from linkedin thermal management)
  lighting the way for led thermal management development (design world)
  how to ease the process of selecting the correct thermoelectric cooler through simulation
  ways to get bad thermocouple readings and not know it (and how to correct for it)
  visiting bernoulli: an equation defining a relationship between the pressure and the fluid velocity.
  international conference on fluid mechanics, heat transfer and thermodynamics (12/24/2012 - thailand)
  8th european advanced technology workshop on micropackaging and thermal management (2/6/2012 - france)
  ichta 2013 : international conference on heat transfer and applications (3/5/2012 - dubai)
editor's corner
anodized heat sinks, useful or self-defeating?
is anodizing heat sinks a self-defeating waste of time or a useful practice? this month's editorial covers that topic as long time coolingzone contributor tony kordyban stirs up this debate. he asks alot of good questions and other engineers chime in on the discussion. coolingzone media sponsor advanced thermal solutions has the last word on the topic through with a two part article they have on their blog entitled, "how heat sink anodization improves thermal performance."
» read more

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