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coolingzone newsletter for january 14, 2013 january 14, 2013
top stories
thermal design for a high powered, downlight, led
how does an mechanical engineer approach the thermal design for a high power, down light, led? read more
lithium ion battery overheating seen in boeing 787: why and solutions
what are the thermal challenges and cooling stratgies when deploying lithium ion batteries read more
pressure drop calculation in rectangular channels: p. 2 turbulent flow
an engineering "how to" discussion for turbulent flow and implementing the calculation in a spreadsheet read more
how to make an intelligent, multichannel, thermocouple
some notes on how to use and make simple and intelligent thermocouples read more
product news
laird technologies expands emi metals product line with smd grounding contacts
thermacore darpa mace contract with u.s. department of defense leads to breakthrough thermal technology
new microcool website unveils new standard cold plate products
technology corner
  jumping droplets help heat transfer (
  cooling methods for power semiconductor devices (
  magnetism confirmed to control the flow of heat (scientific america)
engineering how to
  sensor technical reference guide helps engineers to choose the right sensor or thermocouple
  some notes and tips on the proper use of thermocouples
  heat transfer measurements in electronics cooling applications: accurate temperature measurements require proper accounting for all heat transfer

  8th european advanced technology workshop on micropackaging and thermal management
  ichta 2013 : international conference on heat transfer and applications
  semi-therm 29
editor's corner
aavid thermalloy’s global lab network connects firms with best in class thermal analysis
coolingzone (cz) and aavid’s dr. sukhvinder kang (dr. kang) sat down to talk about aavid’s worldwide network of thermal analysis laboratories aavid has labs in the us, italy, china, taiwan, and india and each one plays an important role in bringing to their customers the capability to test a heat transfer solution. coolingzone has talked before about thermal analysis labs of course, most notably in our blog post, “how to set up a lab for electronics cooling thermal engineering“. but what if such an undertaking is beyond a design teams means or core design mission or funding? let’s cut to our interview with dr. kang to learn more:
» read more

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