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coolingzone newsletter for january 30, 2013 january 30, 2013
top stories
can cooling eectronic systems actually increase our energy usage?
ieee presentation details the energy costs of cooling electronic systems read more
ats releases patented cooling technology for arm microprocessors
ats's patented heat sink and attachment technology released for ti arm microprocessors read more
thermal design for a high powered, downlight, led
how does an mechanical engineer approach the thermal design for a high power, down light, led? read more
lithium ion battery overheating seen in boeing 787: why and solutions
what are the thermal challenges and cooling stratgies when deploying lithium ion batteries read more
product news
aavid thermalloy releases new line of dc brushless fans and blowers
dow premieres next-generation fluidfiletm software used to help choose best fluid for liquid cooling
sinkpad unveils best thermal management star pcbs for philips luxeon-t and cree mk-r high power leds
boulder wind power's modular full scale power converters set new precedent for high performance and low cost in wind power applications
thermaltake announces bigwater 760 pro
umc debuts thick plated cu process for monolithic pmic use
cambridge nanotherm launches a new design of metal-backed pcb made from a ceramic dielectric
teca introduces a benchtop liquid-cooled cascaded cold plate system for ultra-low temperature cooling
laird technologies expands emi metals product line with smd grounding contacts
technology corner
  laser cooling of semiconductors by annihilating excitations (ars technica)
  the technical details behind intel's 7 watt ivy bridge cpus (ars technica)
  electronics like it cold, and 30 k cryocooler delivers (
  how to treat heat like light (mit)
  keeping electronics cool: findings on modified form of graphene could have impacts in managing heat dissipation (science daily)
engineering how to
  how to apply the first law of thermodynamics
  the principal methods for measuring thermal conductivity in electronics cooling studies
  elements of device thermal characterization

  8th european advanced technology workshop on micropackaging and thermal management
  ichta 2013 : international conference on heat transfer and applications
  semi-therm 29
editor's corner
self-sensing semiconductors and smart thermal architecture mean systems run properly and safely
darvin edwards is an engineering fellow at ti. he recently wrote a terrific editorial for electronic design that we whole heartedly agree with. his basic point is that a combination of smart, thought through thermal design along with "smart" ic's that understand what is happening thermally, are critical for today's systems to run optimally and safely. his editorial covers a number of points that are worth hearing and learning from.

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