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coolingzone newsletter for february 21, 2013 february 21, 2013
top stories

microthermal imaging in the infrared
ideas on using infrared imaging for accurate electronics cooling thermal analysis read more
how to water cool your desktop or tower computer
a beginners guide to using water to cool a desktop or tower pc read more
ten stupid things engineers do to mess up their cooling
these 10 cautions will help thermal engineers design better thermal management solutions read more
thermal management of smart phones and tablets
cooling handheld telecommunication products like smart phones and tablets read more
product news
henkel releases new thermal paste with enhanced thermal conductivity that can reduce contact resistance 20 percent
emerson network power expands offering of autodesk models with addition of liebert ds precision cooling system
pcanalyze by k and k asociates is an engineering application used to mathematically model and predict pcb thermal behavior
jaro's new 80mm x 76mm air mover spins at over 19,000 rpm to create industry leading fan flow
new thermal interface materials from apnt meet power semiconductors requirements
alpha novatech announces lpd / md / ub series additional low profile heat sinks
ats releases heat sink selection tool to cross reference semi conductors to heat sinks [sponsored]
laird acquires nextreme thermal solutions technology
semi-therm program announced with executive briefing on the thermal management market [sponsored]
cd-adpaco announces webinar: best practices for forced convection simulations, part 2 [sponsored]
technology corner
  darpa releases solicitation for icecool thermal-management program for embedded computing (military & space electronics)
  thermal management challenges (and solutions) in telecommunication systems and data centers (purdue university: cooling technologies research ctr)
  novel designs are taking wind power to the next level (mit technology review)
  multijunction solar cell could exceed 50% efficiency goal (
  new technique scales up production of graphene micro-supercapacitors (science daily)
engineering how to
  what are fan laws and how do you use them in themal management design?
  how to do electrical temperature measurement using semiconductors
  how to properly understand and apply bernoulli's equation

conferences & webinars
  best practices for forced convection simulations, part 2 (webinar | 2-21-2013)
  ichta 2013 : international conference on heat transfer and applications (conference | 3-5-2013)
  semi-therm 29 (conference | 3-17-2013)
  world conferences on experimental heat transfer, fluid mechanics and thermodynamics (conference | 6-16-2013)
  asme 2013 summer heat transfer conference (conference | 7-14-2013)
editor's corner
why is education important in thermal management, heat transfer and electronics cooling?
don't all mechanical engineers get ample traning in this topic at their universities? the answer isn't so simple and is an important reason why conferences, magazines and websites like coolingzone are so important. in this video interview with dr. kaveh azar, a noted worldwide expert in thermodynamics and ceo, founder of advanced thermal solutions and publisher of qpedia thermal e-magazine [qpedia is a media sponsor of coolingzone], he talks about the importance of continuing education and why every engineer should avail themselves of it.
» read more

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