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coolingzone newletter for february 28, 2013 february 28, 2013
top stories

intel i7 ivy bridge overclocking guide
this week we cover the high peformance pc junkies favorite topic: overclocking read more
advanced materials for thermal management -- part 1
in part 1, dr. carl zweben covers an introduction to this topic read more
rf semiconductor heat sink attachment recommendations
attaching a heat sink to an rf device can be a challenge, here are some approaches to try read more
thermal engineering challenges at the device and microprocessor level
a lecture from dr. medhi asheghi on microprocessor level thermal design read more
product news
stulz cybercon offers precision environmental control for containerized computer rooms
cd-adapco announces the release of star-ccm+ v8.02
tdk-lambda release compact convection-cooled high-efficiency 300w ac-dc power supply
jmc counter-rotating fan technology ideal for high density, small form factor, applications
pentair features an extended air conditioner product line
applied nanotech features carbal a passive thermal management material
arctic silver features its ceramique 2 tri-linear ceramic thermal compound.
ats releases heat sink selection tool to cross reference semi conductors to heat sinks [sponsored]
semi-therm program announced with executive briefing on the thermal management market [sponsored]
technology corner
  thermal analysis poll: which method do you use?
  video: the battery that might change everything (
  which one will cool faster? a vertical plate or a horizontal plate heated to a same temperature? (linked in: engineer to engineer debate)
  aluminum–germanium alloy forges tough, hermetic seal for electronics in extreme environments (
  new technology in the magnetic cooling of chips (science daily)
  thermometer measures temperature without contact (edn)
engineering how to
  how to apply natural convection cooling for the thermal management of electronics
  how to minimize acoustical noise in electronic systems
  an evaluation of different heat transfer coefficient definitions and how to use them

conferences & webinars
  ichta 2013 : international conference on heat transfer and applications (conference | 3-5-2013)
  semi-therm 29 (conference | 3-17-2013)
  world conferences on experimental heat transfer, fluid mechanics and thermodynamics (conference | 6-16-2013)
  asme 2013 summer heat transfer conference (conference | 7-14-2013)
  advancements in thermal management (conference | 8-15-2013)
editor's corner
arguments against liquid cooling are all wet
are customers asking you to put 10 pounds of electricals/electronics into a 5-pound bag? do they want you to double the functionality and halve the volume each time you turn around? and when you do that, is the resulting heat buildup greatly shortening the lives of your components or even killing them? if you are typical, you don't really have an electrical/electronic problem, you have a cooling problem. if you limit your thinking to common forced-air cooling, you don't have much wiggle room. don't fear liquid cooling to make those 10 pounds of electronics work.
» read more

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