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coolingzone newletter for march 6. 2013 march 06, 2013
top stories

dimensionless numbers in heat transfer
understanding the meaning of reynolds, nusselt, rayleigh, and other dimensionless numbers read more
overcloocker heat sink incorporates heat pipes and vapor chamber
cooler master tpc 800 review shows heat pipes and vapor chamber for overclocker cooling read more
ats report on long term thermal grease reliability
should engineers be concerned with thermal grease reliability? [sponsored] read more
mit grid energy storage symposium considers battery alternatives
learn about the opportunities and technologies in grid-scale energy storage for cleantech read more
product news
cirrascale's vertical cooling technology removes hot-cold aisle problem
nuventix launches new led light 60% lighter and 33% smaller than its passive cooling equivalents.
touch screen operation simplifies temperature and air velocity scanner for thermal characterization
ipad applicaton gives handheld the capability to analyze thermo-electric cooler performance
intersil's "daq on a stick" provides complete thermocouple and strain gauge reference designs using usb and efm32 gecko mcu
polyonics announces expansion of its polyflex flexible substrates; new materials, colors, thicknesses, configurations and functionalities
niagara thermal products llc announces new asian vacuum braze facility
henkel debuts high-reliability pb-free solder alloy for high-temperature applications
fujipoly releases new form-in place thermal compound
semi-therm program announced with executive briefing on the thermal management market [sponsored]
technology corner
  do you choose partner or supplier companies based on niche oriented or generalist oriented? [coolingzone poll]
  analytical theory may bring improvements to lithium-ion batteries []
  new technology in the magnetic cooling of chips [science daily]
  stretchable batteries with self-similar serpentine interconnects and integrated wireless recharging systems [nature communications]
  the energy costs of cooling electronic systems - an engineering discussion [linkedin/thermal managemnet]
engineering how to
  a practical formula for air-cooled boards in ventilated enclosures
  how to remove tim from a heat sink
  component or pcb oriented thermal design

conferences & webinars
  semi-therm 29 (conference | 3-17-2013)
  world conferences on experimental heat transfer, fluid mechanics and thermodynamics (conference | 6-16-2013)
  asme 2013 summer heat transfer conference (conference | 7-14-2013)
  advancements in thermal management (conference | 8-15-2013)
  nasa thermal fluids and analysis workshop (conference | 8-12-2013)
editor's corner
data center cooling has evolved, so should design
designing data centers in that traditional manner can create a wide range of problems. for example, an undersized or oversized power and cooling infrastructure can limit operating capacity or increase capital expenses. inconveniently located structural elements can force containment ducts to bend and detour in ways that reduce their efficiency, and inadequate room dimensions can complicate server rack placement and produce wasted floor space. as a result, companies are increasingly recognizing the wisdom of designing data centers not from the walls in but from the server rack out.
» read more

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