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Thermal Design of Telecommunications Equipment

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Majid Safavi
Distinguished Member of Technical Staff
Alcatel-Lucent Technologies
ALU Representative at North American Telecom Standards, Telcordia and ATIS

Thermal design of telecommunications equipment poses challenges that are unique to the industry. In addition to common electronic thermal design considerations, telecommunications equipment has to be designed to specific and more stringent mechanical, thermal, fire, efficiency, reliability requirements which are defined by the service providers, standard bodies, and regulatory agencies such as FCC. A combination of increased thermal densities and the extreme thermal operational environment of telecom equipment leave very small margins of error in the design and analysis. A slight miscalculation in the design phase could cause result in costly re-designs or termination of the project. To successfully design a new telecommunications product, thermal engineers must work closely with other disciplines throughout the design cycle to ensure that the final product will meet the requirements and pass the compliance/qualification tests. This presentation will provide an overview of the industry requirements and an evaluation of their impact on the equipment design and the cooling strategies of environments such as central offices and data centers.

This video presentaiton was recorded during coolingZONE-11 Business & Technology Summit.  The video is 60 minutes long.