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Cold Plate Supplier Directory

The following is a list of companies that supply liquid cold plates for the thermal management of electronics. With the increasing popularity of liquid cooling solutions across a number of industries, including high-powered electronics, lasers, process cooling, medical equipment, military, and aerospace, among many others, cold plate technology and fabrication are advancing rapidly and these suppliers are on the forefront of the liquid cooling wave.


Cold Plate suppliers include:





Founded in 1964 as aavid engineering, aavid is the oldest and largest design engineering and manufacturing corporation focused on thermal management solutions in the world. for over 50 years we have consistently brought the most innovative new cooling solutions to market while also improving the efficiency and availability of conventional cooling technologies. liquid cold plates are the most effective way to optimize liquid contact with hot surfaces and have the highest heat transfer. aavid uses cutting edge technologies and offers the widest most innovative line of cold plate products from standard to fully customized solutions. Click here for more information about aavid cold plates.






in late 2016 aavid corporation acquired thermacore creating the subsidiary aavid thermacore.  aavid's 50 years of engineering experience and global manufacturing capabilities will enable aavid thermacore to further push the boundaries of highly-engineered thermal management systems. for thermal management solutions that match technical, space-saving, dimensional and many other specific application requirements, oems turn to aavid thermacore cold plate technology. as with our efficient heat spreaders, our cold plate solutions offer several options to help you obtain the optimum thermal performance for protecting high-tech equipment and electronics. click here for more information about thermacore cold plates.




advance cooling technologies  advance cooling technologies



advanced cooling technologies, inc. (act) is a premier thermal management solutions company. started in 2003 as a r&d company, act has grown into a competent manufacturer of thermal management products for diverse industries and applications. when designing a cold plate there are several challenges to overcome in order to create an optimal design. in many cases there are trade-offs between design options. act has significant experience in meeting thermal needs while minimizing operating and manufacturing costs. click here for more information about act cold plates. 




image result for advanced thermal solutions


advanced thermal solutions, inc. (ats) is a leading engineering and manufacturing company supplying complete thermal and mechanical packaging solutions, from analysis and testing to final production. ats provides air and liquid cooling solutions and laboratory-quality thermal instrumentation, as well as thermal design consulting services and training.  ats liquid cold plate technologies offer several options for obtaining optimum thermal performance. our extensive knowledge in solving today's toughest thermal problems, while still maintaining cost-effective solutions makes ats cold plates the right choice. click here for more information about ats cold plates.







ams technologies thermal management team focuses on three main areas: cooling of power electronics, cooling of optoelectronics and cooling and temperature stabilization of reagents, liquids, solids or gases. exceptional know-how and leading edge products from our principals are put to work for our customers. n array of different makes of cold plates enable ams technologies to swiftly meet specific fluid compatibility and performance requirements. for example, we offer friction stir welded (fsw) aluminium coolers suitable for glycol-water and high power semiconductor cooling needs, while our press-lock types with copper or stainless steel tubing are ideal for tap or de-ionised water, respectively. click here for more information about ams technologies cold plates.







with our success in heat sink design and thermal management experience with customers around the world, you can rely on baknor for innovative cooling solutions and packaging for the electronic industry. our outstanding engineers have special expertise in thermal and packaging technology that gets you to market with the best solutions possible.  custom designed aluminium or copper brazed cold plates overcome the “tube bending limitations” that are present with tube liquid cold plates. our precision design and superior technology eliminate leaks for a cost effective and hassle free solution. high performance cold plates for demanding applications. add internal fin structures to enhance heat transfer. design flexibility to minimise size and pressure drop. click here for more information about baknor cold plates.


image result for cool tec electronic gmbh


our know-how combines years of experience in cooling and the creativity of a young, modern and dynamic company striving to achieve the extraordinary. we build individual cooling solutions with precision and perfection using state-of-the-art production methods, at highly competitive prices.  in line with the latest technologies we create cold plates with press-fitted tube channels. we guarantee an ideal heat transfer between the tube and the plate by refraining from any use of adhesives and external media. comprehensive services such as thermal simulations and calculations enable your products to achieve the best possible heat conductance. click here for more information about cool tec cold plates.




d6 industries designs and manufactures high-performance thermal products for the power electronics industry. we offer a complete line of liquid cold plates, high performance bonded fin heatsinks and cooling assemblies. d6 offers a full line of standard and custom liquid cold plates. from standard performance hydrobloks liquid cold plates to high-performance hydrotrak liquid cold plates. d6 offers off the shelf solutions or can work with you to customize a solution for your specific application. d6 product lines were developed to offer cost effective standard solutions as well as customizing these products. click here for more information about d6 industries cold plates.



lytron - total thermal solutions



lytron specializes in custom liquid cooling solutions. we design and manufacture cold plates, chassis, chillers, cooling systems, and heat exchangers for some of the most demanding thermal management applications. our cold plate technologies range from tubed cold plates and flat tube cold plates to performance-fin cold plates and liquid-cooled chassis. in a world of compact designs with increasing power densities, cold plates are satisfying demanding contact cooling requirements in applications as diverse as high-powered electronics, lasers, power drives, medical equipment, and military and aerospace. click here for more information about lytron cold plates.






microcool® is an industry leader in base plate, cold plate and total cooling loop system designs.  we offer a myriad of fin and custom pin fin geometries designed to improve reliability and thermal efficiency in cooling electronic systems. these unique cold plates maximize thermal and pressure drop performance due to enhanced surface area, high fin density and distinctive micro-channel construction.  microcool® is a division of wolverine tube, a global leader in engineered heat transfer solutions including the design, development and fabrication of thermal management products. click here for more information about microcool wolverine cold plates.




image result for te technology, inc



te technology offers the highest quality thermoelectric coolers for all of your cooling needs. we design and manufacture thermoelectric cold plates, liquid coolers, and thermoelectric coolers for thermoelectric cooling applications that demand extremely high reliability. cold plate coolers are usually the best method of cooling an object when the object can be attached directly to the cold plate. the direct contact allows the heat to be efficiently conducted to the thermoelectric (peltier) modules. this keeps the system operating as efficiently as possible and improves the stability and accuracy of temperature control. click here for more information about te technology cold plates.





the thermal solutions wakefield-vette manufactures comprise a wide array of products, including thermal extrusions, led heat sinks, heat frames and pipes, fans, heat exchangers, coolant distribution units, liquid cold plates, etc., making wakefield-vette unique in its ability to deliver the increasingly complex thermal solutions required to meet the thermal engineering challenges of today's ever-higher electronics packaging densities. there are lots of ways to construct a cold plate and the methods can be driven by the level of performance needed, the materials needed or the environmental requirements. click here for more information about wakefield-vette cold plates.

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