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  • Researchers develop method for switching heat on and off in electronics

    A team of researchers developed a new technology that breaks the heat flow between a hotter region and a colder region, in effect allowing engineers to turn heat on and off. details>>
  • Improved fabrication methods developed for nano-structures for electronics

    Researchers created a more efficient fabrication process, called inverse metal-assisted chemical etching (I-MacEtch), to produce semiconductors that are more reliable and powerful nanotechnologies for numerous applications. details>>
  • Study looks into the physics-defying quantum properties of HOIP materials

    Researchers studied the semiconducting properties of hybrid organic-inorganic perovskites (HOIP) that defy physics by producing stable quantum properties despite intense molecular motion. details>>
  • Physicists discover new quantum electronic material, kagome metal

    Scientists have for the first time produced a kagome metal, which is an electrically-conducting crystal made of layers of iron and tin atoms. details>>
  • Scientists creating smaller nanoparticles have overcome thermal quenching

    Researchers believe that they have found a way around the fundamental physical restraint of thermal quenching, which has dimmed the brightness of ultra-small nanoparticles. details>>
  • Advances made in production of nanoparticles using plasma-based synthesis

    Scientists developed diagnostic tools to improve the production of nanomaterials with specific characteristics through plasma-based synthesis. details>>
  • Researchers create molecules in never-before-seen, complex structures

    Physicists worked on a two-year project to create Rydberg polarons from strontium atoms that were one million times colder than deep space. details>>
  • Gaps between layers of 2-D materials used to separate atoms at room temp

    Researchers discovered that there are naturally-occurring gaps between the layers of 2-D materials can be used as subatomic sieves to separate atoms and demonstrated this process by pushing hydrogen isotopes. details>>
  • Research reveals details about heat carriers in amorphous polymers

    Researchers detail their work on amorphous polymer chains to gain a greater understanding for how heat carriers move in the polymers and its effect on thermal conductivity. details>>
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