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January 2018

FLIR Introduces Thermal by FLIR Program and First Four Partners

flir systems, inc. announced the thermal by flir program designed for technology partners who use flir thermal imaging sensors and its first four partners who will showcase their innovations at the consumer electronics show (ces) 2018.


the booth will feature products from partners that integrate flir’s microthermal imaging sensor, flir lepton, including arsenz, casio, panasonic, and tinkerforge.


thermal by flir is a new cooperative product development and marketing program that supports original equipment manufacturers (oems) and product innovators who use flir thermal imaging sensors in their products.


the program ensures that those oems that use genuine flir sensors can carry the thermal by flir brand and receive additional product development and marketing support from flir to build and market their products.  


the first partner innovations under the thermal by flir program include:   


  • arsenz thermoglass – a wearable augmented-reality device that mounts to glasses, the thermoglass allows the wearer to see a thermal image at a glance and operates hands-free.
  • casio ex-fr10 – demonstrating casio’s commitment to innovation, this proof-of-concept device is part of the exilim fr multi-camera family of digital cameras. the ex-fr10 separates the flir lepton thermal sensor from the camera controls and screen to allow users to take thermal photos from a distance via bluetooth.
  • panasonic thermal sensor – a thermal imaging attachment for the rugged toughpad fz-m1, a windows-based 7-inch tablet built for field service, construction, utility, and quality assurance workers, allows users to take thermal images on the go. the toughpad fz-m1 will be available in japan in the first quarter of 2018, and in the united states and europe later in 2018.
  • tinkerforge thermal imaging bricklet –  tinkerforge is a system of electronic building blocks for professional product makers. the tinkerforge thermal imaging bricklet with a flir lepton sensor allows makers to quickly build concepts for any project that need non-contact temperature measurements.


“we’re excited to announce a wave of innovative products and concepts from our partners under our thermal by flir program,” said james cannon, president and ceo of flir.


“our goal with this program is to expand the use of thermal imaging sensors to more applications and areas. the thermal by flir brand that appears on products indicates that the sensor installed is a genuine flir sensor and serves as a reminder to users that they are purchasing a device equipped with a thermal sensor from the world’s leader.”


the thermal by flir program builds upon previous co-marketing agreements with bullitt group on the cat s60 smartphone and dji on the dji zenmuse xt, both of which included flir sensors and branding.


flir is looking for the next innovative company to partner with in the thermal by flir program. to learn more, visit http://www.flir.com/thermalbyflir.

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