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February 2018

Renesas Electronics Unveils Fully Encapsulated Digital Power Modules

renesas electronics corporation, a premier supplier of advanced semiconductor solutions, announced two new fully encapsulated digital dc/dc pmbus power modules that deliver the highest power density and efficiency in their class.


the dual isl8274m operates from a 5v or 12v power rail, provides two 30a outputs and up to 95.5% peak efficiency in a compact 18mm x 23mm2 footprint. the new zl9024m operates from a 3.3v rail and outputs 33a of power in a 17mm x19mm2footprint.


they deliver point-of-load (pol) conversions for advanced fpgas, dsps, asics and memory used in servers, telecom, datacom, optical networking and storage equipment. both devices are easy-to-use, pmbus-configurable power supplies that include a controller, mosfets, inductor and passives encapsulated inside a module that increases available board space and reduces bill of materials (bom).


the isl8274m and zl9024m digital power modules leverage renesas’ patented chargemode™ control architecture, which provides the highest efficiencies with better than 90% on most conversions. the power modules also provide a single clock cycle fast transient response to output current load steps common in fpgas and dsps that process power bursts.


their compensation-free design keeps the modules stable regardless of output capacitor changes due to temperature, variation or aging. eliminating the need for an external discrete compensation network also saves board space and additional bom cost. the isl8274m supports input voltages from 4.5v to 14v, while the zl9024m accepts input voltages from 2.75v to 4v. both modules offer adjustable output voltages as low as 0.6v.


the encapsulated modules use renesas’ proprietary high-density array (hda) package, which offers unmatched electrical and thermal performance through a single-layer conductive substrate that reduces lead inductance and dissipates heat primarily through the system board.


the hda’s copper lead-frame structure allows the modules to operate at full load over a wide temperature range with no airflow or heatsinks. the isl8274m and zl9024m also provide several protection features that ensure safe operations under abnormal operating conditions, further enhancing their robustness and reliability.


“the isl8274m and zl9024m expand renesas’ portfolio of encapsulated digital power modules and provides customers the first digital dual 30a power supply and first digital 33a power supply,” said philip chesley, vice president of industrial analog and power business division, renesas electronics corporation. “their power density, high efficiency and fast transient response address our customers demanding single and multi-rail power requirements.”

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