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February 2018

TI wide voltage input synchronous converters feature industry-leading thermal performance

texas instruments (ti) introduced two families of wide-vinsynchronous dc/dc buck regulators with industry-leading electromagnetic interference (emi) and thermal performance.


the highly integrated 5-a and 6-a lm73605/6 and 2.5-a and 3.5-a lm76002/3 step-down voltage converters feature an optimized pinout and best-in-class thermal coefficient to simplify the process of achieving emi compliance and higher reliability for rugged industrial and automotive power supplies.


for more information, samples and evaluation modules, see www.ti.com/lm73605-pr.


ti’s 5-a and 6-a lm73605/6 and 2.5-a and 3.5-a lm76002/3 dc/dc step-down buck converters simplify the process of achieving emi compliance and high reliability for rugged industrial and automotive applications


the 3.5-v to 36-v lm73605/6 and 3.5-v to 60-v lm76002/3 buck regulators meet and exceed the demanding cispr 25 class 5 automotive electromagnetic compatibility (emc) requirements. these regulators' programmable output switching frequency can be set either above the am band, which eliminates am-band interference and reduces output filter size and cost, or below the am band to optimize efficiency.


the small qfn package with unique wettable flanks delivers an ultra-low thermal coefficient of 7.1ºc/w (ψjb) to improve reliability and enables post-solder optical inspection to simplify manufacturing. optimized package pin placement allows flexibility in board design to improve heat sinking, which minimizes radiated and conducted emissions.


key features and benefits of the lm73605/6 and lm76002/3


  • the new dc/dc converters provide up to 60-v operating input voltage range for nominal 12-v, 24-v or 48-v systems such as remote radio units, ultrasound scanners, motor drives, inverters and servo control units.
  • the new regulators offer up to 92 percent full load efficiency at 12 vin, 5 vout and 500 khz switching frequency. very low 15-µa standby quiescent current increases light load efficiency.
  • the automotive-grade lm76002-q1, lm76003-q1, lm73605-q1 and lm73606-q1 support compact automotive applications such as the infotainment head unit and front/surround-view cameras used for autonomous driving.


support and tools speed designs


  • read a blog post about how the lm73605 can provide a variable output voltage in an inverting buck-boost topology.
  • speed up the design process with ti's webench® online design tools and download a reference design:
    • "low-noise fixed drop-out ±2.5 to ±12-vout 3a power supply reference design for ultrasound cw pulse"
    • "dual usb car charger reference design with port power management"
  • order the evaluation modules:
    • lm76002evm-500k
    • lm76003evm-500k
    • lm73605evm-5v-2mhz
    • lm73605evm-5v-400k
    • lm73606evm-5v-400k


packaging, pricing and availability


offered in a 30-pin, 4-mm-by-6-mm wqfn package, the lm73605 and lm73606 are priced in small reels at us$2.93 for 1,000-unit quantities, and the lm76002 and lm76003 are priced at us$2.88. all products are available now through the ti store and authorized distributors.

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