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John O | February 2017

Dutch startup Asperitas releases liquid cooled modular data center

asperitas, a dutch startup company focused on finding environmentally-friendly solutions for the data center industry, has introduced the aic24, the first water-cooled, oil-immersion system that relies on natural convection for circulation of the dielectric liquid.



asperitas has created a modular data center cooling solution. (asperitas)


the self-contained, plug-and-play modular data center is based on what asperitas has labeled immersed computing, which is a concept of optimizing the work flow and deployment of data centers along with more flexible it and simplified data center design. read more about immersed computing in an interview with marketing manager maikel bouricius at https://data-economy.com/not-best-data-centre-regions-data-center-needs.


the asperitas aic24 completely immerse the it components to remove potential oxidation and, according to the company website, reduces the threat of thermal shock through the high heat capacity of the liquid. the description continued, “the immersed environment only has minor temperature fluctuations, greatly reducing stress by thermal expansion on micro electronics. these factors eliminate the root cause for most of the physical degradation of micro electronics over time.”


asperitas means for the aic24 to be easy to incorporate into a data center environment. it requires only power, access to a water loop, and data connectivity to work and because it does not require air to operate it can be stacked our side-by-side. this would allow many systems to be fit into small spaces.


“the aic24 allows datacentres to go to places which were inaccessible before,” the website explained. “whether it is an expansion of the existing datacentre space, inside an office building or closer to the edge of the network like a rural area. this opens up possibilities to integrate it into other industrial processes to address the global need for energy efficiency.”


an article highlighting the new modular data center on datacenterdynamics.com explained that the auc24 can support any type of server mainboard for a 1-u chassis and also support 22 kw of it power in a footprint of 600 mm by 1,200 mm.


in a white paper released by the company, it explained that the cooling liquid is medicinal quality oil, which is readily available at relatively low cost. it also has eliminated the need for pumps or apparatus to drive the circulation of the liquid. instead, circulation is driven by the thermal expansion of the oil and gravity.


“a double hull and cold shell protect the environment of the system from any leakage or additional heat,” the paper added. “the double hull is insulated and provides an optimal safeguard against leakage. the hull also prevents heat from escaping from the liquid. the only place for the heat to go is into the water circuit.


“this means that the result of immersed computing is water with the same amount of heat energy as the it consumption. simply put, 22 kw it equals 22 kw heat captured in water with minimized losses.”

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