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October 2018

Leading Edge Materials Signs with Graphmatech AB To Develop Graphene Production Joint Venture

Leading Edge Materials Corp.  is pleased to report the signing of a non-binding Letter of Intent with private Swedish company Graphmatech AB.


The LOI defines a pathway to form a binding Joint Venture ("the Joint Venture") between the companies to produce graphene at Leading Edge Material's Woxna graphite mine.


Graphmatech has developed Aros Graphene®, which prevents the agglomeration of graphene flakes.  Aros Graphene® can be therefore be mixed into metals, polymers and fluids without the loss of graphene's thermal, mechanical and electrical properties. Graphmatech co-develops products containing Aros Graphene® with industrial partners in the materials, energy, telecommunication and engineering sectors.


Leading Edge Materials and Graphmatech have independently produced graphene as proof of concept from Woxna graphite.  Following additional research, the Joint Venture envisages co-investment in the scale up of graphene production using Woxna graphite, to supply both Graphmatech and third parties should surplus material be available.  It is anticipated that the Woxna mine site will be the operating location, using proprietary graphite pre-treatment and exfoliation technology from Graphmatech.    


The volume of material contemplated under the LOI is commercially significant to both parties.  The prospective Joint Venture will provide Graphmatech with a secure graphene source from a local, environmentally sustainable supplier. For Leading Edge Materials, the Joint Venture delivers the opportunity for additional very high value add products manufactured from the Company's natural graphite.   


Mamoun Taher, CEO and Co-Founder of Graphmatech stated "Woxna, one of Europe's few fully built and permitted graphite mines, is remarkably close to our research base in Uppsala.  The proposed Graphmatech – Leading Edge Materials Joint Venture will construct a commercial graphite to graphene facility and provide Graphmatech with the secure, sustainable, competitively priced graphene supply we will need for our business in commercial graphene-containing products."


Mark Saxon, Leading Edge Materials' co-founder and Director commented "We are excited to partner with Graphmatech.  Their proprietary technology and close industrial partnerships are key to the Joint Venture's success. The Joint Venture has potential for another very high value add product from Woxna graphite in addition to battery anode materials." 


Graphene is a two-dimensional, one atom thick carbon structure, produced by the removal (exfoliation) of a single flake from graphite.  It is the strongest material known, has extremely high electrical and thermal conductivity, is ultra-lightweight and transparent. 


Graphene is forecast to revolutionize materials engineering as well as the power and electronics sectors, however industrial adoption has been slow since its first isolation in 2004 due to problems caused by agglomeration.  Graphmatech's Aros Graphene® technology has resolved this agglomeration issue.

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