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October 2005

thermVIEW™ Liquid Crystal Thermography System Enables High-Resolution Temperature Measurement

norwood, ma, october 2005 – advanced thermal solutions, inc. (ats) has introduced the thermview™ liquid crystal system for non-invasive temperature mapping to 0.1oc with one micron-level spatial resolution. the thermview technology can be used to thermally scan pin connector sites for excess heat resulting from loose metal connections or from higher amperage than the site is designed to conduct. in extreme heat circumstances, plastic housings and other materials may smolder or melt.

the thermview system uses the color response of applied thermochromic liquid crystals (tlc) to reflect visible light from target surfaces. as temperatures rise or fall through the tlc bandwidth, the reflected color of the tlc is changed and detected by the system’s optics. for deep set connectors, e.g. in the recesses of a rack system, the thermview system offers a system for remote, non-invasive thermal mapping across the length of the connector shell or pin grid.

thermview analysis tools provide users with dynamic data-probing capabilities with point value and linked x-y data profile displays. physical and thermographic images can be viewed simultaneously. the system’s processing tools allow users to extract a color or temperature image plane with region-of-interest control. thermview provides live image acquisition, along with frame grabber settings and disc archiving capabilities. other applications for thermview analysis include thermal control and failure analysis of components, microcircuits, modules and pcbs by pinpointing hot spots and defects.

the thermview system allows for color-calibration data to be acquired simultaneously using its integral camera to record color response while the tlc is subjected to successively higher temperatures on a solid-state, pid-controlled test surface. the system software then analyzes the color/temperature response and builds the calibration data.

the thermview analysis system includes a solid-state color camera equipped with micro and macroscopic optics, a flicker-free white light source, high speed frame grabber, and a supply of tlc materials. the system runs on all pc platforms with ats thermsoft™ image analysis software. starting price for a complete turnkey thermview system is $34,999. custom configurations and user training programs are available from ats.

more information about the thermview liquid crystal thermographic analysis system can be found on the advanced thermal solutions website, www.qats.com, or by calling 781-769-2800.

advanced thermal solutions is a leading engineering and manufacturing company supplying complete thermal and mechanical packaging solutions from analysis and testing to final production. ats provides a wide range of heat sinks and laboratory-grade thermal instrumentation, along with thermal design consulting services and training.

# # #

for technical information, please contact:stuart green, vp, customer affairs, advanced thermal solutions, inc., 89-27 access road, norwood, ma 02062 usa, tel: 781-769-2800, e-mail: sgreen@qats.com

please send inquiries to:

norman quesnel, marketing communications specialist, advanced thermal solutions, inc., 89-27 access road, norwood, ma 02062 usa, tel: 781-769-2800, e-mail: nquesnel@qats.com

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