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May 2019

Cloud&Heat Technologies Announces Partnership with Mindspace

Cloud&Heat Technologies, builder and operator of the world's most energy- and cost-efficient data centers for cloud computing, announced its partnership with co-working startup Mindspace.


Mindspace's collaborative approach to workspaces has a global reach of over 140,000 members in 27 locations, including London, San Francisco, and Washington D.C. Mindspace community members will also receive a discount on Cloud&Heat's cloud services to incentivize environmentally-friendly methods of driving business forward across the world.


"We look forward to working with Mindspace to revolutionize how we do business on a global scale and improve the environment," said Nicolas Röhrs, CEO of Cloud&Heat. "Thousands of Mindspace community members will get increased access to our energy-efficient, scalable, and secure servers, which can save them thousands of dollars annually and slash emissions and energy usage."


According to the most recent study by the U.S. Energy Information Administration, buildings account for roughly 40% of total U.S. energy consumption. As major tech companies continue to expand their presence with new offices, "green" workspaces are increasingly becoming a larger part of the larger conversation around how best to combat carbon emissions.


The partnership between Cloud&Heat and Mindspace will inspire companies to rethink how they approach structuring their business to not only decrease environmental impact, but also reduce expensive space heating costs, which made up 25% of total energy use in commercial buildings.


"Energy efficiency and sustainability are two of today's biggest challenges," said Florian Fellmer, Site Manager at Mindspace's Frankfurt location. "We're proud to partner with Cloud&Heat to offer our members a discount on their sustainable cloud service offerings and empower companies to make eco-friendly choices for a sustainable future of business."


As part of the partnership, Mindspace's community of companies and entrepreneurs across all global locations will receive a 25% discount on Cloud&Heat's sustainable data center solutions built on OpenStack. This creates an energy-saving loop for cities and buildings by transforming energy-consuming servers into heat-producing assets.


By encouraging businesses to opt for an environmentally- and cost-friendly option to run their operations, the collaboration between Cloud&Heat and Mindspace sets the standard for the future of business.


Cloud&Heat servers currently provide the IT infrastructure and space heating to the building formerly occupied by the European Central Bank, where Mindspace's Frankfurt offices are located. The dual functionality of Cloud&Heat's servers, which redistribute waste heat from energy-intensive data processing to eliminate the need for expensive heat pumps, saves the building a total of $179,000 a year and reduces its ecological footprint.


This process is made possible by Cloud&Heat's proprietary water cooling technology, which uses hot water to cool the servers before exporting it at a temperature of 140 degrees Fahrenheit, which can then be used according to local heating needs.


In February, Cloud&Heat announced its expansion into the United States market with its first office located in San Francisco, California. The German-based company's worldwide expansion, in conjunction with its partnership with Mindspace, reflects an increased opportunity for Cloud&Heat to continue to define the future of data centers and pave the way towards a more sustainable future.


Cloud&Heat is a three-time winner of the most important award in the data center industry, the German Data Center Award, and recently also won the TechTour 2019 Growth & Innovation award, solidifying acknowledgement of their leadership and innovation in the space.


Most recently, Cloud&Heat partnered with Secunet Security Networks, the German market leader for IT security, on a joint venture called SecuStack, which provides security-hardened cloud solutions for processing data built on OpenStack. SecuStack is a game-changer for the public sector and other companies managing sensitive data, enabling them step into the cloud by maintaining critical security, compliance and data privacy while also offering the technical advantages of cloud infrastructure.


To learn more about Cloud&Heat, please visit www.cloudandheat.com.

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