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May 2019

Falco eMotors Awarded Patent for Liquid Cooling of Direct Drive Motors for Electric Bikes

Falco eMotors, the leader in direct drive technology for e-bikes, e-tikes, cargo bikes, recumbents, tandems, and hand-cycles announced it has been awarded US Patent No. 10,305,352 from the USPTO for its unique approach to liquid cooling of gear-less, brush-less permanent magnet direct drive motors.


Leveraging their extensive direct drive infrastructure, Falco has developed the capability to automatically and transparently cool direct drive motors using unique liquid solution and mechanical architecture.


"Since the company's inception, Falco's innovations have focused on delivering strong, robust, reliable and fail-safe direct drive solutions for light electric vehicles," said Rakesh Dhawan, President of Falco eMotors.


"Our earlier patents are focused on unique motor and inverter architectures, which made us one of the only companies capable of offering exceptional torque and power and Zero free wheel resistance. This latest patent protects the years of investment and invention that we've put into our direct drive technology."


As thousands of new mid-drive and geared motors threaten the purity of cycling through an avalanche of full suspension mountain eBikes, Falco's direct drive hardware and software are continually being updated with new architectures, versions, and updates to thwart this challenge. Earlier direct drive technology solutions in the industry relied on three-phase motor architecture and struggled for balance in distinguishing suitable bike applications from the bad.


This trend resulted in a high rate of disappointments and acute need for Falco's five-phase architecture and liquid cooling technology. Falco's extraordinary suite of apps and software offers unlimited customization and storage of unique riding profiles into its eDrive technology. Falco eDrive has eliminated the need for multiple models and systems by offering customer-specific eBike behavior in a flash.


"This latest patent is hard evidence of Falco's truly unique approach to direct drive technology," said Rakesh Dhawan, President of Falco eMotors. "Through our extraordinary eDrive technology and delivery of the customer-specific eBike experience, we are the only company able to deliver strong challenge against inefficiencies and lack of reliability of mid-drive and geared motors."


Hx motor platform was designed to cover an extraordinary range of bike applications. Patented innovations such as Hx and its associated suite of applications and software allow Falco to provide the most durable, most reliable, and high-performance solution to demanding cycling applications.


Falco's eBike solution combines:


Falco's Unique 5-Phase Motor Platform, HxTM, delivers the strongest and robust solution by offering exceptional torque and power over 3-phase motors and zero free wheeling resistance. Hx uses a combination of motor, hardware, and firmware technologies to achieve excellent reliability and performance.  It is an exceptionally versatile platform and can be adapted to a fantastic range of applications from conventional bicycles to trikes, to recumbents to tandems.


Falco's Embedded Intelligence Engine inside the drive unit saves precious space on a bike and at the same time gathers, processes, and deciphers 16+ sensors associated with motor and bicycle functions. The engine automatically converts user intent into electric assist intelligence to keep cyclists ahead of their ever-evolving needs. Most of the battery management intelligence is also embedded inside the motor to allow for any suitable battery without any proprietary technology.


Falco's ANT+ & BLE Wireless Communication allowed Falco to be the very first to introduce smartphone apps to control the eDrive. Its remarkable wireless interface allows connectivity across all platforms - Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows. This unique capability also allows its eDrive technology to interface with virtual reality platforms such as ZwiftTM.


Falco Flash Apps and eBike Lab Software allow for control, monitor and customization of several eBike functions allowing for infinite accommodation of end-user behavior profiles. An end user can restrict and expand the eDrive behavior at will. One can use to limit the power and speed drastically to accommodate young riders or physically challenged individuals or allow for unprecedented speed and power for others looking for extraordinary fun.

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