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John O | February 2018

Lighting the Super Bowl with LED requires thermal solution

by josh perry, editor


all eyes were on u.s. bank stadium in minneapolis, minn. on sunday, feb. 4 when the philadelphia eagles beat the new england patriots to win super bowl lii. in order for the game to be an enjoyable spectacle for fans in the stands and the millions watching on tv a lot of work went into the stadium’s led lighting.


ephesus led lighting solutions, with ats thermal management design, will be used in the upcoming super bowl at u.s. bank stadium in minneapolis.
(advanced thermal solutions, inc.)


in 2015, when the stadium was under construction, syracuse, n.y.-based ephesus lighting, an innovator in led solutions, was chosen to produce the lighting, as it had for university of phoenix stadium in glendale, ariz. and for the 2014 super bowl.


“we take the light and purposefully model around obstacles that are on the field, players, the balls, so it’s like being in a portrait studio with lighting behind, lighting in front, and you look perfect,” ephesus chief technology officer joe casper said in a 2015 vikings.com article. “we take great care of taking light from various aspects of the catwalk, and it’s being aimed to create light from 16 different directions so it gives you the appearance that you’re in a studio.”


ephesus created a system that can be adjusted to account for the amount of sunlight in the stadium and the light’s color temperature, which ephesus gives recommendations for depending on the sport being played. the led solution also avoids the wait for reaching full brightness that typical stadium lighting requires, which is an important factor when justin timberlake’s halftime show is setting up and then restarting the game right after the show ends.


in order to keep this innovative led solution performing at its optimal rate, an equally innovative thermal solution was required. ephesus partnered with advanced thermal solutions, inc. (ats), a thermal engineering company based in norwood, mass., to design casted heat sink that would keep the lights cool.


according to an article from ats, “the casted heat sink design that ats devised had several advantages, including a reduced part count, having the enclosure and heat sink in a single unit, and reducing the manufacturing complexity of the thermal solution. with ats help, the lighting was able to be delivered and installed on time for the game, just as it was for the opening of the new stadium in minneapolis.”


for more about the thermal solution that ats designed, click https://www.qats.com/cms/2015/04/28/casting-a-light-on-led-cooling-with-die-cast-heat-sinks.

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