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John O | October 2018

Siemens releases new thermal simulation tool to address electric vehicle design challenges

By Josh Perry, Editor


Siemens AG has introduced the Simcenter software tool to simulate and find solutions for thermal challenges in the design of autonomous electric vehicles (AEV), according to a report from EnterpriseInnovation.com.


Siemens said that thermal information “flows seamlessly” from ICs to printed circuit boards to system-level parts. (Siemens AG)


The article said that this is the industry’s first software tool to address the thermal challenges in designing AEV. The software helps engineers extend electric drive range, optimize in-cabin comfort, design sensors and ensure the reliability of autonomous drive systems.


“Siemens’ new thermal simulation solution, delivered as part of the Simcenter portfolio, is specifically designed to help design engineers overcome these challenges,” the article explained. “It unleashes the power of information-rich computational fluid dynamics (CFD) technology for mainstream automotive engineers, generating highly accurate thermal digital twin simulations of the powertrain, processors, sensors and other key enabling technologies powering next-generation AEV designs.”


The software also allows for co-simulation of thermal and electric powertrain performance to detail the connectivity between thermal management and performance of electrical systems. The software also connects to design automation tools and CAD design platforms to make the design process easier.


According to an article from Design News, “The new solution represents a departure from the status quo because it reduces the need for vehicle engineers to repeatedly call on specialists for advanced analysis throughout the course of a design.”


The software combines three tools, Simcenter FloEFD, Motorsolve, and Simcenter Flomaster, which allows engineers to analyze powertrain, batteries, PCB, IC, sensors, and vehicle interiors together.


The article continued, “Siemens promises that the new solution will reduce the engineering team’s reliance on physical testing and prototyping, while improving the performance and reliability of inverters, motors, and batteries. With it, design release engineers can view the thermal effects of design changes in software without having to ship the data to CFD specialists.”

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